Friday, April 1, 2022

What I'm Reading This Week #13

Good Lord fools, how are we in the first Friday of April already?  I hope people are smart enough not to prank people today.  The last two years (and counting) have been prank enough without breaking someone's last straw.  

This week has oddly gone by fast and slow.  The Mr kicked butt on the garage on the days we were able to get paint going.  I painted the wall and he got the trim and such.  He hung the massive Elfa system we got years ago rehung and actually into studs instead of relying on failing molly screws.  Nothing will ruin your day more than 3/4 of your garage contents falling onto your car so I'm glad we avoided that disaster.  I guess we can thank Hyundai for that one with not being able to park the car in the garage so we had no more excuses except for laziness.  We chucked some stuff along the way but most stuff that came off went back on except you know, in an order that isn't "throw it and see where it lands."  I spied some unused space above the garage door that might be able to fit coolers and such so we ordered these shelves to make some breathing room.

Now let's breathe in...

Vibrating platforms could have some of the same benefits as exercise  (I guess we should pull ours out from under the pantry shelves in the workout room.)

What To Know About Bananas' Sugar Content  (Pretty sick of people demonizing FRUIT.  Diet culture at its 'best!')

11 Reasons Your Teeth Hurt—And What To Do About Each One  (I'm hoping the Risewell I bought will help a bit too after blasting my enamel off with a new toothbrush head that was like a jackhammer.  This stuff is comparable price/ingredient wise.)

How to Hang a Barn Door  (Our tip:  Don't!  This may seem like a real space saver and it might be for something like a closet but if you respect your family or your guests, you won't use this for a bathroom.  ZERO privacy.  You might as well just crap with the door open because everyone in 25ft is going to hear you anyway.  But if you really want one, here ya go.)

Google issues emergency security update for all Chrome users, zero-day  (Don't forget to restart and update when available, especially right now.)

Person Wonders Why Nobody Asks Men What Their Favorite Flowers Are, So This Twitter User Did And Got 35 Colorful Answers  (I'm a little embarrassed to say I think the Mr's are carnations or roses but I don't know that I've ever asked in 30 years!  *shame*)

‘Everybody Wants to Rule the World’ Defined the 1980s. And Then It Wouldn’t Let Go  (No other song will turn me to a puddle in three notes.)

Dog owner dressed up as dog's favorite toy and his reaction was seriously adorable (Watch all of the videos...society needs this right now)

Our garage shelves will come tomorrow so I'm sure those will get hung and then move some stuff over to them.  Other than that, we'll try to get out of the house a bit until people tick us off and send us back to the cave.  

Any plans for you this weekend?

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  1. I am so glad to have the first part of the garage done and I'm looking forward to getting those new shelves up so we can have even more storage. While I may not be looking forward to painting the ceiling as much, I know it's all going to look great in the end and I am all for that! Have a great weekend everybody!

  2. We had two grocery stores to go to this morning and were all done by 10:34am which felt wonderful. Then I worked on paperwork and laundry while the hubs did the vacuuming. Tomorrow is a meeting, pool with the dogs, and then work the rest of the weekend (with some March Madness games thrown in). lol Have a super weekend!!

  3. So... what is your Mr's favorite flower?

    I lived in a rental house that had a poorly fitting pocket door on the bathroom. It was such a pain in the ___ that we ended up hanging a sheet in the doorway and calling it good. After that experience I don't think I'd ever want another pocket door or barn door despite the potential space savings. Maybe on a closet like you said, but as a last resort.

    1. Dang it, this somehow went to spam! He said he guessed carnations but I sent him some roses on April 1st and he seemed to like those pretty well! :-)

      Ugh, that stinks that you had to put a sheet on it but it probably had just as much sound dampening as a pocket door! LOL I remember my aunt's first house had a plastic accordion door on the bathroom between the kitchen and the main living room. It was like the Squid Games in there every time someone walked by the door would sway in the wind and felt like you might as well be peeing in a bucket in the living room for entertainment. Lord forbid you had to do more than that!


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