Friday, April 15, 2022

What I'm Reading This Week #15

Happy Friday all!  Hope it's a good one for you.  Those who celebrate Easter will see what I did there and give it a hearty 


We had all cold weather last weekend so no painting was accomplished since it never got over 40 degrees.  But the Mr did work on that yesterday so there was progress made.  I actually cleaned off my nightstand and threw away stuff so I could use organizers to get things in some kind of order.  We did go to my old elementary school last weekend and it was just really sad.  A big warehouse is being built not too far away and the country won't be country much longer.  There is truly nothing worse than watching your whole life be erased.  I rattled off a list of things that were gone from my childhood (including most of my schools and this one is waiting to be torn down) as well as our dating life and it was friggin' depressing.  We were both swirling the drain all last weekend so it was better not to do a weekend recap of any kind because no one wants to heat about that crap and I didn't care to relive it or try to bedazzle a turd of a weekend.  We did meet a friend of mine there Tuesday night for a 3 1/2 hour chat in nice cool temps.  It was good to see her especially since she's been having a rough year.  I do wish I weren't such an empath though because dang, there was a lot of emotions to absorb and try to wring out of my sponge self that night and all of the following day.

Now let's follow...

Prebiotics vs probiotics: differences, benefits and foods  (Always good to get a variety in all the time but especially if you're trying to rebuild your immune system after antibiotics)

11 Benefits of Stretching That Will Make You Want to Move Your Body  (My body is in CONSTANT need of stretching but I only do it after a workout or while brushing my teeth.  Might need to keep a yoga mat in the living room for some nighttime stretching)

Psoas Stretch: 3 Hip Flexor Stretches & Anatomy  (OMG, mine are SO tight and I highly recommend these over having an LMT dig at it.  If you're fat and they go digging, they could actually hurt you.  I've never been so close to smacking mine a few years ago and I said "don't ever touch me there again, that HURT."  So yeah, do these instead!)

5 Tips for When You Can’t Fall Back Asleep After Waking Up to Pee  (Gee, I don't remotely know what this is like *hard eye roll*)

Your Ex (And Everybody Else) Can See You Looking At Their LinkedIn Profile  (I don't use LinkedIn but this is scary especially when you see how the chick got busted.  Change your settings if you think you're being stealthy checking people out or create a scroll account for Seymour Butz or I.P. Freely)

Why You Should Stop Calling Things You Enjoy ‘Guilty Pleasures’  (I say this to anyone who tries to call something I like a guilty pleasure.  Actually I say "no guilt, all pleasure."  My friend loves to dump on the movie Staying Alive (the sequel to Saturday Night Fever) and I always proudly tell her it's one of my favorite movies ever.  That movie got me through countless forced visitation as a kid and is like a security blanket to me.  Plus anyone who can't see that it's a story of a man who finally grows the hell up and puts his future in motion with a rather bangin' bod to admire can't be reasoned with.  With 4 1/2 stars on Amazon, I'm obviously not alone.)

Kurt Loder on infamous 1998 Jewel interview: 'I've been ashamed of having done it ever since'  (I'm not a Jewel fan but this is an interesting story behind the meaning of her first hit.  Incidentally, I remember this clip and I never could stand Kurt Loder because he was such a pompous ass and brought down MTV's vibe.  His opinions were always wrapped in a bouquet on condescension that made his face figuratively "very punchable" as they say.  I hope he truly has been ashamed of the way he spoke about her and isn't just ashamed because she called him out.)

Guy Shares 27 Things He Wished He'd Known Before Hitting 30  (There's actually some good stuff in here!  Hey Mr, we should probably do #8 pretty soon and soak them in CLR.  Didn't know #12.  Now I want to drive a freeway and I'll be doing #17 soon!)

We are ready for the Easter bunny over here.  (Any other adults still do baskets?  No?  Just us?  As you were.)  We've got some ham to pick up tonight after work then going to keep it relatively simple with ham sammies, beans, mac and cheese and a baby cheeseball.  At some point we'll drop off something to my friend and that's about all we have planned.  Might drive over to Grandma's and have a Russell Stover's maple egg in her honor but other than that, same ol' poo.

Any plans for the weekend/holiday?  If you celebrate Easter, what do you usually have on your Easter table?

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  1. I am really looking forward to our Easter plans. Can't wait to eat my bunny and I haven't had ham in a long time either so that is gonna hit the spot. Happy Easter everybody!

  2. No big plans this weekend other than a vet appt today, a meeting tomorrow and swim for either one dog or both dogs, and then house stuff. Have a great holiday weekend!


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