Monday, April 18, 2022

Productive Easter Weekend Recap


Hello Monday!  Hello beautiful people!  Happy Easter food hangover day!  Actually we did that Saturday.  It was just going to be us again and while I made an effort the first two Easters of Covid to attempt to make things special, now we're just like 'get the ham slices out of the sleeve."  I didn't even bother to clean off the table all the way.  So yeah, we're cemented in it now.  😆 

As I mentioned last week, I started cleaning up my nightstand.  I got the organizers for the drawer and was able to divide things up so that all of the crap left after a mini purge of the drawer and top were all able to to fit in there nicely.  You can see by the top pic that everything is wrangled but it probably looks junky to someone who doesn't use the drawer.  The bottom pic shows the way the dividers are in there with the left side being closest to the bed.

The stuff I use most often like lotion, potions, sex toys, foot files, etc are in the biggest bin that I can just reach in there and have it at my fingertips.  Then lesser or rarely used things the farther from my reach.  It's really nice to have some calmness where that's concerned as it's the first thing I see every day and not a good way to start the morning or end the day.  

Then there was what to do with the lamps that were on the nightstands.  They're pretty but I know there is an impending bedroom redo and the colors no longer match what I want.  More than that though is they take up about a third of the surface of the nightstand.

We were already going to be dropping off some belts we got for a friend and I asked him last minute if he had any use for these lamps.  I didn't know that they were his style but they were Pottery Barn and I didn't really just want to donate them if he could use them.   He said they would gladly take them and I was so happy.  He was also the recipient of a special lamp my grandma got me that really went with his décor when I was changing mine that he features prominently in his living room so he's my light guy.  We went to his place midday to drop that off (with some Easter treats) and then went to a local beach to just talk and look at the water.  

Then we went back home and watched a bunch of crap.  

The night we met my friend last week, when we came home and were about to go upstairs, the A/C came on and we heard what sounded like a broken fan blade meeting rocks.  I turned it off but just before I did, the noise stopped.  The Mr went out to see what the damage was and it turns out with the construction going on continues to drive field mice our way and Mickey went on his final tilt a whirl ride.  The next day he was buried at sea and we ordered this cover for the top of the unit.  I have never liked that when we replaced the HVAC a few years ago that the top of the unit had a pretty open cage over it.  We could easily stick our hands down there if we wanted to and I always worried about something bigger getting in there despite us having a "critter" barricade around the bottom of our fences but obviously they still find a way in.  The Mr put it on Saturday when it arrived so that will hopefully keep everything from taking any final whirls into the afterlife.

Sunday we got up and around.  I made some sloppy joe's which we sometimes had at Grandma's, not necessarily for Easter but I grabbed some Manwich on a whim at some point and throwing it in with some 93% beef seemed like it would be good on Easter day.   We went to Grandma's to walk and we enjoyed her favorite Russell Stover maple egg to celebrate the day with her.  Then we came home and it was time to get the new ceiling fan up in the bedroom.  This is what we were replacing:

Your typical "boob lamp" ceiling fan.  (Actually, you may remember it's sister who got the DIY treatment 10 years ago whose time is coming this week for replacement.)  I wasn't even in the market for one but some dude was talking on his site about redoing a room in their new to them home and had a flush mount ceiling fan on his mood board and suddenly I'm on Home Depot ordering it.  It just pushed me after the past few weeks lamenting that I felt like I was going to get my fingers clipped off when changing my clothes after workouts or in the morning.  I got one that doesn't really match right now but will eventually and I get an extra few inches of clearance.  

These are the choices of blade color for the new fan:

Apparently, some ceiling fans don't even have light bulbs anymore!!

There are three modes to choose from on these LED's.  Blinding daylight with that blue cast (output 5,000K), soft white (3000K output) and what I chose, warm white (2700K output).  There's also a remote so you can just click the light or fan on or off and there are three fan speeds with the highest setting being called "Dutch oven dissipater."  (Maybe not but it should be.)

Here's the before and after:

That was our big weekend.  Thanks to the Mr for standing uncomfortably on the bed whilst installing the fan!

How was your weekend?

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  1. I really enjoyed the weekend. Loved all the candy and the food was awesome. I am impressed by that ceiling fan. Really great instructions came with it and that made it easier to put up, especially being the first one I have ever installed. It also puts out a lot more light than the old one so makes up for the lamps being out of there, which also saves a ton of otherwise wasted space on the nightstands for sure. Hope everyone has a great week ahead!

  2. Like that fan! The weekend was pretty good. While the hubs was at work yesterday I spent a good amount of time sweeping up mini crab apples that were all over the sidewalk and then decided to take my giant branch cutters and cut down all the random weedy trees around the perimeter of the field because the leash keeps getting stuck when we walk the dogs out in the field. This will help greatly come summer when we have weird overhangs of leaves and thistles. I was very tired after that. I somehow managed to hurt my neck and shoulders the day before and have no clue what I did but the pain is excruciating. I did not use a pillow last night and that helped, as did the various heating pads I used throughout the day. And yet picking up very heavy dead fruit of the sidewalk and wrangling tree branches still seemed like a good idea. Idiot. I made a yummy taco tortilla bake for dinner and the hubs really liked that. This morning we woke up to a winter wonderland. I had to shovel the deck when I took the dogs out. It looks beautiful out without question, just not what I was expecting on April 18th! And my new whiskey barrel planter was patiently waiting for dirt and flowers and not I need to empty it of snow! LOL


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