Friday, January 7, 2022

What I'm Reading This Week #1

Finally Friday!  Week number one.  A whole new adventure *looks around* maybe not.

This week has been ungodly long and I'm over it and all of the poopy first world problems I've been dealing with.  It doesn't help it's post holiday detox week and that Aunt Flo and Uncle Red are in for a visit for the annoyance factor.  (Oh look a euphemism for my period that a younger person stumbling upon this blog for the first time might be tempted to gripe about since I'm failing as a woman to "normalize" the monthly bleed.  Nope.  Save your digit strength for texting and move on to a blog where the person's ovaries aren't shriveling as you read.  I've earned the right to describe it however I please.)  


So that all about describes my mood this week!  Bwaaahaha!  

I think watching old episodes of The Real World LA didn't help things along.  1) You realize just how good we had it back then as far as all of the available music, the lack of internet, much more patience and problem solving, etc.  2)  People really haven't changed very much (also watching the Homecoming reunion as it's released) so it makes me question how much change I've really gone through when I feel I have and do we ever have the capacity to change who we really are at the core.  (Rhetorical.)  3) Just how much your lens changes over 30 years and how you can be both grateful and sad about it at the same time.  Pretty sure I'm the only person who can make watching nostalgia TV depressing.  😆
Anyhoo...enough of the "real" world and let's get to...

Stop Cooking with Coconut Oil  (I don't but an interesting read.)

Decluttering tips for your big New Year purge  (In case you gots da urge to purge)

Patients in comas could be conscious, but are left ignored  (It's not just the movies that says you should talk to them when they're out should you ever be in the situation.)

Mel Brooks on the Making of Spaceballs  (LOVE this movie!  Time to give it another watch.)

Nothing on the agenda that I'm aware of.  It seems like everyone has gotten snow but us so I'm very tempted to just hop in the car and keep driving until we hit some.  We might get to installing the replacement blind we got to block out the construction in the back.  I'm tired of keeping the sheers closed so they can't look in.  Now if we could only get a bubble on the outside to block out the noise too!

Anything on tap for you guys this weekend?

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  1. Watching the old Real World shows and of course their reunion shows has been quite eye opening. A lot of the social struggles are still there but amplified by social media and seeing how certain people have not evolved in 30 years made me really have to sit and think about myself and whether or not I am stuck on the treadmill of life without really evolving to meet the world. Pretty deep stuff this early in the year but worth thinking about for sure.

  2. I'm all for normalizing periods, having one shouldn't make me feel ashamed. But, I'm also fine with euphemisms (my favorite it shark week). Too many people are just looking for reasons to be mad.

    I'll do my big purge this summer. I should pick a small project to do every weekend to keep up on it, but... well... I don't want to.

    Spaceballs is a favorite of mine. I love Mel Brooks.

  3. My week has basically consisted of hunkering down in bitter cold temperatures. Last I checked last night the wind chill was at -23, so I stopped looking after that. One thing I can say about looking back from 30 years ago, is when I was 20 I had this vision in my head of what 50 would/should look like. I looked around at my parents and other people of that age and my overall view was 50 was of "advanced age" and that all my current problems (primarily insecurities/self-esteem issues, etc) would be such a thing of the past that I really looked forward to turning 40 and 50, assuming I'd have my life so together that those sad self-beliefs couldn't touch me. Fast forward three decades...SNORT!!! What a crock that was! I look at myself at 50 and think there's no way I can be that old because I mentally feel much the same as when I was younger and my parents seemed so OLD at that age. Now I look ahead to 70 and think what the heck is that going to be like?!?!? The only caveat to that being I never, ever believed older people when they said your body really does start to rebel and change on you once you hit 40 and you have aches and pains you never saw coming. Boy, were those true statements that I have since come to fully embrace. LOL

  4. Heading to Iowa, lost a cousin yesterday in a tragic accident at 59.
    Life is short.
    Have a great weekend


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