Wednesday, January 5, 2022

Hump Day Poll: There Goes the Neighborhood

I saw this question and thought it was interesting.

Do you seek out contact with your neighbors or try to keep to yourself?

I thought I would love to have the kind of neighborhoods we had when I was a kid where you knew a few and they all looked out for each other, I know that isn't realistic without a whole lot of nibby BS that accompanies it in today's society.  I mean have you seen the crap on the Next Door app?  (Just Google it, no need to sign up for that poop fest!)

Our immediate next door neighbor on one side got the SWAT team called a month into the pandemic for threatening his girlfriend with a gun and menacing six cops while they were here.  He's almost 60.  Charges dropped after 5 months.  Thanks. The one on the other side has lived here as long as we have and pretty sure her picture is next to the word two faced in the dictionary.  We'll wave or chat from a distance but nothing meaningful or prolonged because she's shown her true colors enough over the years to keep things surface.  

When the pandemic started, we began walking our neighborhood after a few months and got to say hi to some regulars that we passed with dogs. Since our run in with the lunatic in June, we haven't walked our neighborhood which we were going to stop anyway due to too many cars and no sidewalks.  But I do miss one lady and her pups and that's about it.  She said some people asked if she still saw "that nice couple that always walked" so at least our neighborhood stock is up with some people.  We make a point to smile and wave to others but that's the extent of it.  We keep to ourselves otherwise because we are surrounded by busybodies.

Do you seek out contact with your neighbors or try to keep to yourself?

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  1. I wanted to have a good healthy relationship with neighbors but we got what we got unfortunately. That next door app is a nightmare as far as I'm concerned and it only leads to certain neighbors having power over others in a popularity contest - no thanks!

    1. I use the Nextdoor app and like it - quick info for accidents, lost dogs, break ins, etc. If there is anything inappropriate, can report with the click of three buttons and it is removed very quickly.

  2. I have 2 neighbors i am close to and several i just say hi to. I would love a closer community for sure.
    Not sure if that's a thing anymore.

  3. When we moved on our next door neighbor was crazy (literally). His sister ended up putting him in a home, the house got flipped, and a nice younger couple moved in. A nice couple our age moved in on the other side of them. That's really all we know - we aren't buddies but I do feel better knowing someone is keeping an eye out when we're out of town etc.

  4. The neighbors on our street have never been interactive and while they'll wave in their cars, are more likely to put their heads down if they walk by your house and you're standing outside. There's a couple of really nice neighbors right next door and across the street, so that's helpful. I have a friend who's lived in her house for over 30 years and she said the only reason she does not move (outrageous taxes) is because her neighbors are amazing. They all help each other cut lawns, shovel snow, walk dogs, make meals, drive to appts, etc, etc, etc -- and half the time she said it's without even being asked! You wake up and someone has cleared your driveway for you. I've told her I've always been envious of that because that's what I envisioned when we bought our first house, but that's far from the reality.

  5. We are a bit of a combination. We have ones we try to avoid, ones we smile and wave at but never really speak more than a few pleasantries with, and we have others where we will help shovel their driveway, help with yard work, or walk their dog.

  6. The neighbors on one side are not great. To be fair, it's actually mostly their adult son (who lives the next street over) that is a passive-aggressive jerk. The ones on the other side are pretty nice, and have watched my house in a pinch when I've been out of town but I don't know them super well. Mostly it's a smile and wave - but I think that's mostly my fault. I'm not good at reaching out and meeting people and I've lived here too long to start now. I should have made the effort when I first moved in (I've been here almost 20 years, and 4 of my near neighbors were already here when I moved in).

  7. We have been in this house for over 20 years. Previous house 15 years. Both neighborhoods we have known lots of people.

    We know all our current neighbors, our street and the street behind us. I send Xmas cards to most of them. I have most of their cell phone numbers.

    My husband has played tennis with two current neighbors for 35 years. Some others we have also known 25+ Years.

    Our conversations/contacts for the last two years have mainly been text. We keep each other alerted, pass on info.

    I have been cleaning out for three years, so often I am texting what is available for rehoming. We are older, several still have kids at home, it is a good system. I put things on porch, they pick up/rehome.

    When the weather is nice, short daily conversations across the lawn.

    I watch one of the neighbors dogs if she goes in the office or on vacation, at my house, for free, love those Goldens. I use to have them every work day, but she has been working from home now the last two years. I helped her with a new puppy 4 years ago. (To give you an idea, I had one of her current dogs for the month of November, when she traveled with the other dog to help her daughter in the east coast with a new baby. The one she took is super good. I kept Golden rescue she got this summer, he is still learning.)

    We have been home, my daughter had Covid over Xmas. My backdoor neighbor checked on us, via text, every day for two weeks.

    So I probably have what you would like to have.

    One thing that I think makes a difference. We are in a large neighborhood with big houses and very very strict rules. So a lot of the things that cause problems are not here. No one can park/store anything like campers, boats. Garbage cans must be in the garage. No detached buildings/sheds. Lawns must be maintained. Ever single thing must be approved (fences, paint colors, remodeling, swing sets, etc). So property values stay high and the neighborhood stays beautiful.


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