Monday, January 17, 2022

Blast Off Weekend Recap

Guess what it is?


Pretty sure all Mondays would be awesome if we went into them like Bastian and Falcor!

This weekend was low key as predicted.  We went back to pioneer drying...week 2.  When your stocking hangers become something else...

This is going to suck because the one thing you don't think about is how a dryer makes your clothes soft.  When you hang them up to dry, they are stiff and like you left them outside to freeze into a board.  The towels which are typically soft and fluffy are rough and horrible.  Even tried the vinegar trick to soften line dried towels...nope.  Given our cases just doubled after doubling before Christmas, we're not out of this 'fun' way to dry clothes anytime soon.

We decided it was time to start the binge of season 3 of You on Netflix since we're done with Dexter.  Got through the first part of the season Saturday and the rest Sunday.  We walked at Grandma's cemetery in what was supposed to be snow but started as ice pellets then changed to rain.  I hate all of our meteorologists...NONE of them know what the hell they're talking about.  Nothing shows up on the radar...looks outside...all the weather. 


Other than that, we just stayed in, had leftover tuna casserole and I stared out the window waiting for it.


What did you do this weekend?

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  1. Low key indeed - but woke up today with a blanket of snow so that's nice. Time for us to put on our snow sneakers and go walking in it while we still have it!

  2. I grew up without a dryer, I didn't know any different. Even now my mom chooses to line dry everything. I never knew there was a difference until I got used to doing my laundry at a laundrymat in college and then did some while visiting home. The stiffness (jeans and sweatpants are the worst I think) and the lint. I still maintain that as far as appliances go, the dryer is the easiest to live without. At least in my climate. It's been super dry and windy here. My *favorite* combination. We might get a bit of snow of Wednesday, but I'm not holding my breath.

    Have a good week. I hope you got to enjoy the snow you did get.

  3. That stinks about the dryer. It would have been so much better had it been the warmer months where you could hang your clothes outside and have a natural breeze to help dry them a bit softer.

    Weekend was very busy with grocery shopping, swim class for the pupper, and working long hours while covering for a coworker's vacation. I leave for my mammogram and ultrasound in a little bit here, and then I'll come home to celebrate our other pup's 14th birthday!! They will enjoy some doggie ice cream cups as a treat. =o)


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