Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Gift Ideas for the New (to them) Homeowner

We are a rarity.  The Mr and I have been in our home our whole married life.  (We closed two weeks before our wedding and our first night in the home was our wedding night.)   We fantasize about moving and what that might entail and the things we 'd want to do or need if moving into a previously owned home.

I love a practical gift and I think most people appreciate the thought that goes into that even if they're not the most glamorous thing out there.  I'd rather give something someone can actually use than a trendy gift that's going to sit in the corner collecting dust, whipping up guilt for not using it or get donated.  Most people move into a home that has been previously owned and they might appreciate the following ideas for a new homeowner gift basket to give them a nice housewarming gift.

The Squeaky Clean Gift Basket gives them everything they need to deep clean their house before moving in (or as they go.)  Start off with this foldable storage bin to hold everything.  Go with a neutral color so they can use it where they see fit whether under the sink, in the garage, in an armoire, etc.  If you've confirmed they're inheriting the appliances, they're going to want to clean those asap.  No one wants someone else's hardened oven gunk to cook their first pizza on move in day and that's where this fume free oven cleaner comes in.  No noxious fumes, wipe it down and they're ready to make their very own oven messes!  This deep clean set of brushes will help them get into those nooks and crannies that they can't quite get to with any other brush or scrubber.  Bar Keepers Friend is seriously the best cleaner ever.  It cleans everything from grout to tubs to cookware!  Dishwashers harbor all kinds of gunk and having other people's food scunge on your dishes is no bueno.  These dishwasher cleaner tabs should do the trick and freshen things up.  Throw in a Swiffer Wet and Dry so they can clean up the aftermath of moving day from kicked up dust to dried dirty shoe prints.  These microfiber cloths are perfect for quick dry off of wet dishes, cleaning or whatever else they might need them for.  The scalloped edge means they're nice enough to leave out.

Half the fun of a new house is to get everything all organized and finding new homes for your stuff.  These cupboard shelves are great gifts!  I have several in cupboards to organize cookbooks with a tea chest underneath, glasses and in the linen closet.  People LOVE these!  These under the sink storage drawers work well regardless of which sink they'd choose.  They can wrangle brushes, lotion, potions, razors, shave gel, etc. in the bathroom or sandwich bags, sponges, cleaners or whatever under the kitchen sink.  Maybe even in the laundry room for stain sticks, dryer sheets/balls, water bottle for the iron, etc.  Broom/utility tool organizers will get their garage, closet or mud room off to a great start!  It allows them to have all of their cleaning tools like brooms, mops and such at their fingertips.  Or if they want to use it for gardening tools like a rake, hoe, and hooks for gardening gloves in the garage.  Wrangling things in the fridge and freezer also makes you feel organized which is where these clear fridge/freezer bins come in.  Perfect to hold those stray things that end up getting pushed to the back!  This closet organizer is great for those first weeks in their new place to throw some tees, undies, socks to have at the ready while they're still unpacking.  It's also perfect in the laundry room to hold extra sets of sheets, tablecloths, utility towels and microfiber cloths.  Obviously, you need something to hold all of these goodies and that's where this collapsible laundry basket comes in!  It collapses down super slim so they can store it under a bed, in between spaces and don't have a huge basket to find space for.


If they are moving to a new city, it's time to put your sleuthing hat on.  Gift cards are always appreciated especially to new to them places.  Look up the top rated restaurants that would fit their vibe.  (Don't get cards to a place that's so fancy they wouldn't be able to find something they want on the menu if fancy dining isn't their thing.)  Look across multiple platforms (Yelp, Tripadvisor and Google) if you find a place you think looks good to verify it's good then see if they do gift cards.  A local sweet shop or bakery is a good idea too.  Pick a well reviewed pizza place and/or a chain restaurant you know they like.  A gift card to the nearest grocery store so they can pick up some basics on your dime is always appreciated.  Even $20 goes a good amount to get some eggs, milk, bread and the like.   Maybe there's an attraction their new city is known for and a gift card to go toward admission would be a welcome date/family night idea.  Consider loading the cards up in this card holder so that they can have them all in one place.  You can put a card in one slot then on a piece of paper in the next slot write down what are the popular items at the new to them restaurants.

I hope this has given you some fun ideas to get or to mix and match to come up with your own basket for someone starting a new chapter in their lives!

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  1. There are some awesome ideas here and a few things we have used extensively so they're properly vetted!

  2. I have and love three (versions) of those items - broom/mop holder which is in garage right outside backdoor with the vacuums parked below it, clear bins for regular refrigerator and more importantly the under counter refrigerator where the bins turn into drawers, and the shelf organizers which I use in the pantry.

    I am eyeing those under sink drawers.

    I ordered the snow athletic shoes yesterday, very excited to see them, thanks.

  3. These are great ideas. Practical is always best for new homeowners because there's a lot of stuff they might not think about needing from the get go.


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