Friday, June 19, 2020

What I'm Reading This Week #25

It's Friday!  Just in case you needed to know what day it was!  I could've used that reminder yesterday when I thought it was Friday all day.  😫  It's surprisingly been a somewhat pleasant weather week given what the forecast was a week ago but it looks like it's going to cram in a weekend of misery to make up for it.  

Now let's cram in...

The #1 Worst Thing You Can Do at a Reopened Restaurant  (Just hold it.)

Seniors are becoming COVID-19 collateral damage. They're dying because of it, not of it  (So sad)

5 Ways The Pandemic Wrecked Your Weight Loss Efforts  (Yes to all but #5 for us)

8 Strategies to Manage Overwhelming Feelings  (Where is throwing water balloons at people on this list??)

10 Things You Should Never Store in Your Basement  (So, basically nothing?)

Do Certain Sounds Enrage You? Neurologists May Know Why  (I love jazz but repeated notes usually heard in a trumpet or drum solo after about 4x will make me want to hurl an armoire.   The same with chewing on period week (this week) when my hearing goes from supersonic to "did a flea just fart?"  Last night I wanted to throw a plate across the room.)

How to Delete 99 Percent of Your Digital Footprint   (Good info.)

Meet the 6-year-old drummer getting university attention  (OMG, the sweetest lil face ever and such talent!)

The History Behind 8 Famous Tongue Twisters  (Pretty cool info to whip out on virtual trivia night.)

Being Bill Murray  (We have a pic of him in the basement that says WWBMD.)

It's too hot to paddle so I assume at some point we'll drive around aimlessly for hours to get out of the house.  I've got some homemade ice cream on tap to use up the ingredients I had from last weekend and that could be the highlight until I go back to the highlight being what the delivery drivers take out of the snack box.  Sigh.

You got anything going on this weekend?

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  1. Sheesh. One more week and we're at the halfway point already!?! The year is a blur, even more so since we are mostly stuck at home with nothing to show for it. Still, I am looking forward to driving around aimlessly. Sure beats babysitting a laptop all week!

  2. I have a few errands to run today and I want to get the laundry done for the week. Tomorrow is grocery shopping and then it's a working weekend. It's extremely hot outside so we'll be indoors as much as possible. Have a good weekend!

  3. Yesterday was the coolest it's going to be all week, so I took advantage and did that yardwork for the week. That's pretty much the high point of my whole weekend.

    My efforts were definitely derailed by all but #5 as well. I also have about half of the things on the basement list stored down there. I have no other storage so I'll just have to be ok with it - books, toys, clothing, extra furniture, some food - no firewood or propane tanks though.


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