Monday, June 29, 2020

Yawn Inducing Weekend Recap

This weekend was about as slug-like as it gets.  I placed a few pick up orders and going to pick them up along with takeout was the extent of our outdoor life. Friday we got a free trial subscription to Shudder and basically crammed as much of it into our brains as we could.   Friday, throughout the day we watched the 7+ hour documentary Crystal Lake Memories.  It was interesting to see all of the behind the scenes stuff and see what some of the people look like now.  It always makes me shake my head when the few people who got their big starts in movies like that (Kevin Bacon, Tony Goldwyn) don't participate.  Oh, too big of a star for that, eh?  *shaking head*  It was a good one for any Friday the 13th fans. 

The Mr took his second (and last) practice test Saturday morning and passed but has some studying to bone up on before his real test in a few weeks.  I will be glad when that crap is over with because for basically a year by the time this is done, he will have been studying for tests in some form.  Once he gets his certification, he can actually start doing his job which will make him feel better.  Hopefully he can stop worrying if the boss is worried he made the wrong decision since he hasn't really felt part of the team these past months due to studying.

We watched this series called Cursed Films that was super interesting and heart wrenching.  I am a huge fan of The Crow and seeing all of that and reliving the story of Brandon Lee's death was hard.  There were a whole slew of things we didn't know about The Omen and The Exorcist that were so creepy.  Worth the watch if you're a behind the scenes kind of person.  We also watched the Kane Hodder documentary which was the guy who played Jason multiple times and wow, his life story is truly amazing.  He's such a survivor and teddy bear.  The things he has overcome and still has to deal with from a traumatic stunt gone wrong is just so heartbreaking but he ended up having a fulfilling career from it that is still going strong.  I'd recommend the free trial of Shudder for the documentary alone whether you're an 80's horror fan or not but quite a few good ones. 

(Source   The breathing is how you know it's Kane playing Jason)

Sunday was basically more of the same with some laundry sprinkled in for good measure.  We got in everything on the watch list from Shudder.  We finally saw Prom Night but my God, the other ones were AWFUL.  Pieces (which the Mr used in a media violence piece back in high school- one of the worst horror films ever), Mausoleum (which was one of those ones we always saw in high school at the video store but never rented and now I know why), and rounded things out with The Changeling with George C. Scott.   We'll cancel the trial before it ends since it doesn't look like they add much on the regular.  I don't have a problem with 80's slasher films and love the mid-90's ones but once you got into the whole Saw, Hostel and crap like that, I'm out.

I know, that sounds like a snoozefest of a weekend and it was.  Next weekend is 4th of July and we'll break out our Portillo's from the freezer and we're picking up some cookout food tonight so that we don't have to go out the rest of the week. 


How was your weekend?

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  1. It was pretty sloth-like but not sure what else we could really do anyway. Especially when I have to spend 4 hours Saturday morning taking a practice test. I will be sooo glad when I can finally put test prep behind me.

  2. Same here, although most of my weekends are like this because of work. lol It was hot, hot, hot, so we stayed inside most of the time. Grocery shopped, did laundry, and grilled out steaks yesterday, which was delicious. We'll be hunkering down this week because it's supposed to remain hot. All 4th of July festivities have been cancelled here so it'll feel like a regular weekend.


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