Monday, June 22, 2020

First Weekend of Summer Recap

I know you long term folks won't be surprised I'm keeping track...

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Saturday we got out of the house for the aimless driving around I spoke of.  We grabbed lunch at a burger place that we immediately regretted but we were getting hangry and it was going to have to do.  Thankfully, we found a remote area of a park to eat it which kind of made it taste better.  (Not really.)

We went through a bigger town and just kept heading north with no destination in mind.  Anywhere but home was our motto for the daylight hours.  We passed a lot of countryside we've never seen before or at least not in a long time.  Traffic and burb living is so confining so I am always glad to see long stretches of green still exist somewhere out there.  (Beneath the pale moonliiiiight.)  The Mr crossed his chest and hung his head at this sight.

One one likes to see their first car sitting in a heap for mother nature to consume.

Then every now and then, you'd drive by some beautiful house of a bygone era.

Man, I hope those people appreciate that house.  Because I go through salvage shops, I immediately see all of the things the salvage vultures would pick at if they ever tore this place down for the land.  About $2500 in corbels alone at the top.  Those window trims and door gable for sure.  I hope these people never sell or are never booted out by greedy developers.  Some of us would love to be in a house like that in the middle of nowhere with no neighbors and an historic home.  Le sigh.

We headed home and got on a kick of some truly bad 80's horror movies.  We watched House and both of us remember it differently.  It was SOOOO bad.  We tried to watch House 2 which we both saw and we didn't remember any of it and it was so bad we actually turned it off.  I saw this movie Deadtime Stories was free on Amazon Prime so we watched that because I saw Nick from Family Ties was in it.  (Bootie shot!  SCORE!)  That was the only good thing about it it was so bad it was funny and it was a fun way to end the night before both of us conked out on the couches.

Sunday I slept in longer than usual since the couch naps had me up for 3 hours in the middle of the night.  It was another scorcher so no desire to be outside.  I did an order for late pickup and I made lunch.  We sat around talking about the worlds problems, family issues and then decided it was time for a workout so we did Leslie's Firm 30, ate dinner which consisted of Food Saved beef and noodles and I threw together some mashed potatoes.  Then it was time for grocery pickup and headed home.  Another Sunday sucked down the time warp.


What did you get into this weekend?

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  1. Not a bad weekend actually. It was nice to get out and drive to areas we haven't really seen before. Watching the old B horror movies is fun too. It takes a really bad one for us both to just turn one off and House 2 was it. OK, The Stuff was too but I was more into watching it just to see how much of it I had forgotten over the years.

  2. I didn't realize there were only 94 days of summer, which as a kid would have depressed me, not because I like summer, but the anxiety of going back to school. Now 91 days til Fall sounds a lot better! =o) Weekend was good. Typical stuff of chores and work, with some rest in between. We grilled steaks for Father's Day, which turned out great. I'm halfway through my work week, so I'm calling this my hump day. LOL

  3. Saturday was a scorcher here too. We had a lazy Saturday morning, ran errands in the afternoon, and had BBQ steak dinner with the neighbours to say thank-you for some assistance they gave us earlier now that we are allowed to socialize without social distancing in groups up to 10 people.

    On Sunday I spent all afternoon scraping paint off of the stairs and railings that lead from our deck to the backyard. The paint was really peeling off. I worked so hard for what felt like very little gain. I still need to sand and then prime them before re-painting. I'm hoping to make the treads last another few years before replacement becomes absolutely necessary.


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