Thursday, June 4, 2020

Gone Walkabout

I don't even know what to write so I'm just going to share a few pics from our walk the other night.  

The moon was making an appearance in the light orange clouds.

By the time we were finishing our last lap, the clouds were fiery streaks.

Sadly the last two nights have been way too hot to enjoy so we did Turbo Fire Sculpt and T25 to work back into a regular exercise routine which we've abandoned over the past month.  I'm pretty sure the downturn in my mental state can be traced back to our downturn of regular exercise.  Now our endurance is way down and we need to build it back up because as I'm sure you know, a workout a day helps keep Covid away.  (Or at least your lungs in better shape to deal with it.)

Have you been enjoying the late spring weather lately or is it too hot?

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  1. It was nice to see the sky lit up like that on our walk. I hope we can get a few more walks in this summer. Nothing beats fresh air.

  2. I've been enjoying the weather, but I think it is still much cooler here than where you are at. We have only had two or three really hot days so far, and not yet hot enough to drive me inside. My partner and I have been enjoying walks with our neighbour's dog in the evenings, after he arrives home from work, but before supper. On the few days that it has been hot, we have just delayed the walk until later in the evening, after supper.

  3. Oooh, that's such a pretty sunset! We had a nice one yesterday with mammatus clouds that was very striking. The heat had a lot to do with that. We've had some lovely weather days this spring whre it's been an absolute pleasure to be outside. We haven't sat outside very much yet though and we still need to bring the chiminea up from downstairs so we can enjoy that some nights. Now that the grill is going again, we will probably enjoy eating out there more this summer, so long as the bugs aren't lurking. We just cut the lawn a little while ago and it was HOT. There was a really good breeze though and that was a pleasant surprise. I'm glad we got it done before noon so any naps in my immediate future will be guilt free. LOL

  4. We are supposed to break 100 tomorrow, and we've been hovering in the 90s for about 2 weeks now. All this week has been 97-99ish so any outside stuff has to happen ridiculously early or late evening. I did get yard work done Monday, but have been hiding in the A/C the rest of the week.

    I ordered a new stand mixer so I've been entertaining myself with that.


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