Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Hump Day Poll: A bear and a rabbit...

...are taking a sh*t in the woods.  The bear looks at the rabbit and says "excuse me, do you have problems with sh*t sticking to your fur?"  The rabbit says "no."  So the bear wiped his butt with the rabbit.  Thanks Eddie Murphy for a joke I told from age 11 on.

So that brings me to today's hump day poll: Where is the strangest place you’ve peed or pooped?

The one that comes to mind for me is in 2nd or 3rd grade and my mom and I were waiting for fireworks in our small town.  We couldn't find a restroom and all of the roads were blocked.  We were parked in a bank parking lot trying to figure out if a place was open for restrooms I could get to in time.  Mom's like "just squat behind the car."  I was in too dire of a place to argue so I ran behind the car, whining how gross it was the whole time.  (No, no one was around, this wasn't near the fireworks.)  Then my mom yells "hurry up!  Someone's coming!!!" and I screamed dribbled as I rushed to drip dry and pull up my pants.  As I got in the car, she was busting a gut laughing and no one in the area.   Yeah...wonder why I have trust issues.  😐

So...where is the strangest place you’ve peed or pooped?

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  1. Weirdest place that comes to mind for me is when we were checking on the progress of our condo - new construction. I had one of those sudden urges that just wasn't going to let up but our place was still basically without any toilet yet. Thankfully the building across the street was further along and wide open. With nobody around (it was night time) I went in one of the units in the dark (no electricity yet) and wrecked the thankfully working toilet.

  2. We did lots of camping when I was a kid so lots of peeing in the woods which I actually preferred to the pit toilets available some places. There was one time that we pulled over to the side of the road in the middle of nowhere (mom and dad have this thing against freeways so we always took back roads everywhere - which means almost no traffic and no rest stops) and there was this rock there with a hole in the middle. It was like a naturally eroded toilet seat into open air behind some bigger rocks.

  3. That's my favorite joke! I used to tell it to my bestie's now deceased husband all the time. I was always laughing so hard I couldn't give the punchline and we would be rolling around laughing our heads off. Great memory we still talk about today. My aunt had a real outhouse complete with a quarter moon cutout that I used often because she had 9 kids so the bathroom was usually busy. The weirdest is when I go to the lake with my friend. Everyone anchors their boats and we stand in waist high water. I have had people tell me they just peed while talking to me! Yuck! I at least walk away to go.

  4. I know I've pooped in the woods before on camping trips but I have a vague memory of doing so in a bucket somewhere as well. Just can't remember the circumstances. LOL


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