Tuesday, July 23, 2019

What Made Me Happy

If you've been following along for a while, you know we do One Happy Year, where every day we write what made us happy each day.  I have to say lately, it helps a lot because, with all of the crap flying from different directions, it can make me focus on something other than all of the bad.

Yesterday, all of the stresses of the past few weeks caught up with me, and I had vertigo for most of the day.  I used to have it a lot when I was overstressed, but thankfully, it now just happens when something pushes me over the edge.  We were dealing with another BS red tape issue with trying to change the Mr's doctor to one we actually trust.  You know how you just don't see something coming and when it does, all you can do is sit there with your mouth agape and question the corruption of our broken health care system?  I'll go into it when I'm sure the new appointment is secured, and another shoe isn't going to drop.

Focusing on the things that went right or were nice about my day helped me to stop shaking and screaming at my laptop.

1)  Drawings

The Mr has an audit this week and has to be in the office a few days that he usually isn't.  I was goofing with him yelling NO! before he went to bed, and it was making him laugh.  So I drew three different notes of me yelling no and put them in the medicine cabinet, on his lunch in the fridge and his seat at the table.  He got a kick out of them, and I asked what he thought when he saw the first one, and he said 1) the amount of detail I used and 2) he knew it wasn't going to be the only one.  He knows me too well.

2)    Chatting with the Mr. at lunch

He got away from his desk and went out to the car to call me.  We chatted about the medical crap, and it was just nice to vent to each other, especially since we don't really call each other when he's at work.  Messages and emails are nice, but there's nothing like hearing your honey's voice unexpectedly.

3)  When our workout was over

They look so damn innocent, don't they?  I was so dreading working out and thinking of alternatives like walking the neighborhood instead.  But honestly, the workout is what stopped the spinning for good, and I always feel whipped, accomplished, and better when it's over.  Just over a week of LIIFTformation month two left under our belts.

4)  Movie night

We had a free Redbox rental from the side of a Jolly Time Healthy Pop box, but the movie rentals have been abysmal the past few months.  I was seeing if anything was appealing and remembered we thought the trailer for Little looked good.   We didn't expect too much, and if it was bad, at least it was free.  Thankfully, it was a good movie and somewhat of a spin on Big but different.  Cute and good laughs.

5)  Trailer for Mr. Rogers movie with Tom Hanks

While I'm mixed on my feelings of the portrayal, what made me happy was actually when he said: "Sometimes we have to ask for help, and that's OK."   It's very true and something we all need to remember no matter what we're going through in life.

Sorry if this had a bunch of typos, I did it after my proofreader went to bed.  😁

What made you happy yesterday?

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  1. Those notes made me laugh hysterically and made it into my own One Happy Year entry for the day. Even as I write this, I have a feeling one note is still waiting for me to find it!

  2. Love the support you show each other!
    Yesterday the heat finally broke and we had a beautiful weather day. I was able to walk the poppers which I haven't done in about a week. Have a great day!

  3. We got a new toilet that I really really like.
    The weather was gorgeous -- in the 70's.
    Despite the change in my schedule and the scrambling I had to do to get to an appt, I let it ride without blowing it out of proportion. I'm always happy when I meet life on life's terms instead of trying to force my will on something, which is futile.
    Happy drive with the dogs in the late afternoon.


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