Monday, July 1, 2019

Ups and Downs Weekend Recap

How the heck is it JULY!?!?!

Y'all, it was a weekend.

Saturday we got up and around and went out to lunch on the other side of town.  I asked the Mr if we could swing by my new gynie's office so I knew how to get there since he wouldn't be with me this time.  He usually goes because who doesn't like to take a half a sick day but 1) he's got a doctor's visit of his own the day before and 2) he's in the middle of a big work project and doesn't want to miss any more time than he has to.  We swung by then I saw a huge Asian market and wanted to peruse and we found all kinds of fun stuff.

(This looks like Science class)

On our way there, we passed some home improvement-y looking store and I asked what it was and he said he didn't know.  I said we were going to find out after the Asian market.  Well, what lay inside was enough to get BOTH of our home improvement itches flared.  Flooring galore and it sucks because we know that redoing the living room floor our friend put in for us five years ago has got to go.  We both got really bad bumps in our eyes within 6 months of it being installed.  We did formaldehyde tests on it and it was high in outgassing of it.  We knew we would go with an eco floor next time and saw some bamboo floor that would likely be our choice and they had a good selection to look at.  Who the hell knows when that'll be done but I'm basically an allergy ball whether I'm kicking up dust in the basement or sitting here in the living room since the floors got installed.  Plus, everything about that install just wasn't right on so many levels.  We learned a lot of lessons.

We have really grody carpet that is 23 years old going up and down the stairs and all over the second floor.  We've often thought of ripping up the carpet on the stairs and painting the risers and staining the treads and then saw these:

("I believe in miracles...where ya from?  You sexy thing?")

We both got quite excited and wanted to go home and rip the carpet off of the stairs immediately but contained ourselves.  We duly noted this would be an option and that we can't put the cart before the horse and get the floors down first before going there with the treads.  We marveled at how real the wooden porcelain tile looked there too and if we had an application for it, would love to use it.  Sadly, we are not delicate people and know it would end up chipped or something but it was still neat to look at that and the various backsplash tiles.  Then we walked next door a little haul and just before bursting into flames in the 96-degree heat, we were in this furniture warehouse.  It's a snooty store and they apparently think that their $8000 couches are still worth $4000 even with rips and child footprints all over them.  It was awful.  We were sitting on a couch and I looked at the Mr and said: "this place is a dump" and with that, we left.  We headed over to Hobby Lobby and picked up a sheet of posterboard we needed for a potential project and I got a few more things.  Then it was back home for cauliflower pizza for dinner and brownies for dessert because balance.

We kept thinking about that nagging garage project, well, I did, and come to find that the Purple SoundBreak board I'd been hearing so much about wasn't available in our area which was a huge disappointment.  We filled in our bare outside wall with insulation just before the trip and were frankly disappointed that it seemed to do zilch for temperature control and not too much on the sound control issue.   After much research, it looked like we should use this RockWool Comfort Batt which is insulating and sound dampening for the purposes we were thinking for next year.  We were still puzzled over why the heat issue, I mean the attic over the ceiling was insulated, wasn't it?  The Mr said the only way was to look and did I want to.  He backed the car out and I got down the ladder and he was shimmying up to see what he could see.  I got him our super bright LED light so he could see (seriously, these things are awesome).  He moved some stuff we had stored right at the opening and then said, "yeah, we have zero insulation up here."  Well, that solves the mystery as to why it was 100 degrees in there that day.  Now our attention turned to we should focus on getting people out here for a quote to blow in insulation if we want any chance of the garage feeling more comfortable.  (Or is that a job we can do ourselves?)  If any of y'all have any experience about that making a difference, please let us know so we can try to make an informed decision.  I could see the Mr mentally freaking out and he said he didn't know how all of this was going to get done in addition to the windows getting replaced and the tests he has to study for that are a part of his job requirements.  I told him I would take care of the basement remodel as much as I could and he just needs to focus on studying at this point.  This means I'll have to get the bedrooms together so we can get this dude out to give us a quote on the windows and such which in turn started freaking me out.

Sunday morning, I was chatting with a friend early and she was telling me about her remodeling escapades and I think it brought me down to Earth.  They ripped everything apart, have a baby on the way and I see zero way it's going to be done before he gets here.  I hope I'm wrong but yeah.  I went in and out of consciousness and finally got up at 10am.  Then I came down to a messy kitchen and my mood tanked.  I was not in the mood to cook (but did), I was not in the mood for the Hobby Lobby purchase to give me issues (it did) and I was not in the mood to workout (but did).  I was drowning in a wave of depression which was such a change from the day before.  Then everything that is happening this week sucker punched me and suddenly I had zero interest in doing any of the projects we talked about 12 hours before. 

All of the things I was feeling positive about the previous day, all went back to negatives and worse.  Tapes played in my head during our early-ish workout and I was counting on endorphins to pull me out of it but they didn't.  The particular track playing was as I was catching glimpses of my arm fat/loose skin doing wall push-ups.  One day with my mom and aunt here, I was playing with my arm flab and said I couldn't wait to lose more to show the muscle underneath and my mom said:

"That'll never go away, you know."

She said it 9 years ago and I remember it like it was yesterday.  Why do people open their mouths?  I'm sure she was just trying to be "real" with me especially since she had the surgery to remove that same skin.  Honestly looked no different because she wasn't done losing weight, it left huge scars and gave her nerve, no thanks.  I know I will never have taut skin there but there is still fat covering that muscle so I know I still have work to do.  I'm quite aware of what I've done to my body and that I'll look like a cross between a melted taper candle and E.T. with every lost pound.

Welcome to the life of a fat lady with issues.

Sunday just felt like an utter waste and I wanted to cry for most of the day.  I'm hoping its hormones or something and that it doesn't last long.  I'm leaning that way given all of the zits I've got right now and they didn't get the memo I'm skipping this month.   PFFFT.  We went to our last grocery stores and got our produce for the week.  The Mr cut it all up for me while I made dinner.  We had Nashville BBQ Chicken, sweet potato half with some Beekman cinnamon honey and veggies.  That put us at 8pm and the end of our weekend.  A quick check of the forecast shows 90+ degrees from now until the Earth implodes.

83 days.

How was your weekend?

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  1. It is hard to believe it's July already. That is partially why I'm feeling the crunch now cause I know I have just enough time to start studying big time and take the test before we get to October where things get too busy. That doesn't mean I can't help out on some projects here and there but I need to prioritize better.

    Your Mom's comment actually sticks in my head too because I have some of that skin hang under my biceps as well and I was hopeful to see that go away with muscle tone but she made it sound impossible. Well I don't know but I think it's worth a try regardless and I plan to just keep working no matter what. Sometimes family can be the harshest on your mellow but all we can do is have faith in ourselves and move on.

    Have a great week everyone!

    1. We'll do what it takes to make sure your tests come first. I remember she told me about the skin and then made a comment about how "aww, look he's getting more mature with the wrinkle around the eyes." It was "okay" (not) for her to say something for me but when she said that about you, I said "wow, it's gonna be a great day! "You're OLD and you're BAGGY. Ready to go?"" and my aunt busted out laughing. Then she looked all shocked that I called her out and that's not what she meant. You may *think* that about someone but what on Earth makes you think it's okay to say it regardless of if you think the person can take it or not.
      Luckily, you've got very little of that arm skin so I have zero doubt you will make that happen! I believe in you!

  2. It's interesting the roller coaster our minds can take us on. I left work Friday feeling very sad due to some coworkers I really enjoy moving on to other positions. That took me to thinking about where my career is going or not going. Then I got bombed wondering if I could continue to do what I'm doing for the next 15 years. Then I got to thinking about a new job and how I was unmotivated to work more than the standard 45 hours a week. It's like I want change but I don't want to put in the effort. My brain changed when I picked up my little sister to take her to a semi-pro baseball game. She had never been to a baseball game and it was so fun to watch her discover everything. I completely lost Saturday and can't really tell you what I did. And yesterday I took the dog for a walk early to beat the Heat. There are two lines I always admire on my walk and I was trying to find out why I love them so much. Edging! So then I got it in my head that I needed to Edge my lawn / side walk. I proceeded to get busy doing that and I'm thrilled with the results. Then the sky went from bright and sunny to the heavens opening up for a hellacious storm. Was pretty sour because I was on such a roll and plan to go in the pool to cool off after my hard work. Decided to go in and take a nappy and didn't wake up until 7 p.m. got my Bubbly Bath in so ended the night on a good note. Waking up this morning I realized when flipping the calendar that we don't have another free weekend until Labor Day weekend. That feels very overwhelming. All these are events that will be fun, I'm still bummed that there will not be a free weekend this summer. Oh, the ebb and flow of life. Have a fantastic week

    1. Wow, talk text does not understand me LOL

    2. Don't you just love that rabbit hole we go down? One thought leads to another and another, etc. I don't blame you and you shouldn't have to work more than a 45 hour week (when did work weeks go over 40!?) I know you will make the right decision for you. Good on you for tackling that edging and how satisfying to see results that make you so happy! YAY!

  3. The mind is a fickle thing and sometimes there is no rhyme or reason for why my mood is either up or down, along with energy or stress levels. Weekend was low key. The hubs had to work so I went to a grocery store at 7am to pick up some things only that store carries before going to my hair appt. Then I did some computer stuff and did laundry. Sunday I took the dogs for a drive before it got too hot and I picked the worst time to go because we got caught in a nasty storm that was blowing tree limbs everywhere. We went grocery shopping, then I finished the laundry for the week which always feels good to see empty laundry baskets. lol Then it was some puttering stuff around the house before sitting down to finish a book I was reading. More rain possible this morning and very hot and humid all week. My plan is to cut the lawn when I get home from my MD appt because the rest of the week has rain every afternoon. Fingers crossed I can get it done-- hopefully with some shade!

    1. You need weekends from your weekends! Fingers crossed on the lawn as well as the med stuff and hope you get some answers!


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