Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Boom Booms: Yay or Nay?

For my American readers, today and tomorrow are likely to be full of big booms and sparklers.  

As someone who has always been sensitive to loud noises, I've never liked the stuff that comes along with 4th of July celebrations.  The explosive, bass reverb from those massive bomb-like flashes, the finale where the object seems to be to make every dog in a 20-mile radius want to run away to seek shelter to the loud fire trucks in the parades.  Matter of fact, I remember sitting on the lawn of our house in 2nd grade which was on a parade route, ears plugged and tears streaming down my face as 20 fire trucks went by with their incessant horn honking and sirens blaring.  (Funnily, I was in some parades in a firetruck as a clown for a few years as a teenager.  The firetruck was vintage so I wasn't blasted into next year.)

As an adult,  I take myself out of the audible torture to watch a channel that streams fireworks from all over the city from the comfort of my living room with no crowds or heat to contend with but I know I'm probably in the minority.

Do you like loud fireworks and being in the masses?  Pulling over on a road not too far from the action to watch from afar?  Does your town broadcast any and you watch them from inside?  Or are you not interested in the festivities at all even if you are still respectful of the holiday?

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  1. I used to love shooting them off as a kid and stuff but there is just too much trouble you can get in doing that yourself nowadays. I now cringe when I hear other people setting off ones that are over people's homes. I guess I am with the sanctioned fireworks crowd now. Happy 4th everyone!

  2. I don't enjoy parades or crowds, so I'm content to sit on my back deck and see them from the town next door, but with the bugs out there, I usually am inside watching our local fireworks show, which happens to be the largest in IL. When the hubs and I were younger we used to do big fireworks displays and that was a lot of fun. But nowadays one of our dogs is very nervous about any loud noises (garbage trucks used to send him into a tailspin) so we keep the house closed up and the tv turned up to block out what we can from outside.

  3. I love professional firework shows, not crazy about crowds though so it depends on the situation as to whether we go or not However I hate that many of our neighbors in our development shoot off their own rockets. 1) I'm always certain their ineptitude will result in my house being on fire; 2) it scare the heck out of my dog; 3) it goes on until all hours and 4) the next day there is firework trash all over the yard and pool screen.

  4. Love fireworks. Hate crowds. We live across from the village municipal complex so we don't have to leave our yard to see most of the local fireworks.


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