Friday, July 19, 2019

What I'm Reading This Week #29

Happy Friday y'all!

This week went by kind of fast somehow, but I'll take it!  It was another whopper, but we've got friends coming tomorrow for a long overdue visit so that'll be nice.

Speaking of which, let's visit...

Why You Feel Groggy After a Nap — and 4 Ways to Snooze Like a Pro  (Heck, it takes me 10 minutes just to get comfortable, five to make sure the Mr isn't staring at me or something and five more to just start to relax...*alarm*..." nap" over.)

Should You Use a Personal Loan or a Home Equity Loan to Remodel Your Home?  (Good tips)

'Hospital Diversion' Is Perfectly Legal and Putting People at Risk. Here's What You Need to Know  (Well, this is terrifying!)

Do You Need Wedding Insurance?  (Given what my friend is going through and the number of deposits she's NOT getting back from unfeeling douche nozzles, my answer would be yes.)

The 20 Things No One Tells You About Owning a Home  (When it rains it pours, and you're never really "done.")

Do You Sit Too Much? Sedentary Lifestyle, Health Impacts, and Solutions  (Word to your mutha)

Bad Real Estate Lessons You've Learned From Watching HGTV  (The only things I've ever taken from HGTV shows are 1) de-personalize your space when you're going to sell and that's true because I get weirded out when I see people's kids plastered all over the walls at open houses.  2) ALWAYS flush the toilet after you turn off the water until the tank is empty and BAG the bottom of the toilet if you're removing or replacing it during renos.  That second one served us well!)

How to Keep Home Improvement Projects From Busting Your Budget  (That reminds me, I need to buy that cut out saw for the drywall project.)

Bath & Body Works Just Dropped Its Fall 2019 Candle Collection, and We're Freaking Out  (OMG!!  Pumpkin Peanut Brittle!  Pumpkin Pecan Waffle!  Sugared Snickerdoodle!  Salted Butterscotch!  I just wish I burned candles more.  Do they have votives?  LOL)

The Legend of The Blair Witch Project  (I remember when this came out.  The fake website and hype around it to promote the movie was the first of its kind.  It was amazing to be part of all of that and trying to find clues and analyze it before it came out.  It also shows that the best psychological thrillers don't have to show a dang thing, your mind is the horror show.)

For any Cure fans  (If you're a fan, here's their AMAZING set at Glastonbury!)

Always Makes Me Smile (When I need a good laugh and a reminder of who I want to be in 20 years, I always look to Grandma Fancy.  Because nothing makes people more uncomfortable than a granny and sexual innuendo.)

I need to get a grocery list together and get as much prep work done as possible for tomorrow.  Thankfully, the house stayed pretty company ready after our window man visit Tuesday, so we just had to do some touch-ups today.  It's supposed to be disgusting hot, so I might be grilling indoors which kind of sucks.  This is the second time I've planned a cookout, and the weather looks to derail it.  Pffft. 

What are y'all into this weekend?  Stay frosty!

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  1. The week did fly by and I am not complaining. You managed to find some great links as usual. Have a great weekend everyone!

  2. It's been 20 years already since Blair Witch??? I remember seeing that and being absolutely terrified of being lost and alone in the woods. But the worst scare was in the basement at the end....who goes down in a dark basement??? NOT me! Stay cool and enjoy your company this weekend!

    1. I know, right!? The basement scene was TERRIFYING especially seeing him in the corner and her blood curdling screams. It was genius and back in a time where people could appreciate character building and patience to a good build up. Enjoy your weekend as well!

  3. I started my weekend with cutting the lawn while donning my Windex-laden hat with nary a gnat in site on this super steamy day...and got it all done, including 4 strips of field out to the street (you know, for the dogs)and all in 58 minutes! I couldn't believe it! Insert bootie poppin' dance here. =o) I go to the doc for my ultrasound results this afternoon, then can come home and chill while the heat index goes up to 111 degrees today. I *think* the hubs will not have to work tomorrow so that would be two weekends in a row, which he'll be thrilled with. It's going to be super hot (today is the worst day in seven years they said) so we'll be indoors aside from errands and grocery shopping. The plumber is coming on Monday morning to look at our leaky toilet. We want to replace it with a tall one so I'll be chatting with him about that when he comes. So I'll be cleaning out the bathroom this weekend too. lol

    Have a super weekend and a rollicking good time with your friends and cookout!

    1. That's awesome you got that done so fast before the heat set in! Glad to hear the hubby may have another weekend off, they've been working him like a dog. Enjoy cleaning the throne!

  4. This whole summer has just flown by and I am not amused. I know everyone is waiting for the temps to go back down to something reasonable, but I am not looking forward to going back to work. It's been so long since I've checked in with you. I read every day, but I've been on my Chromebook so I can't respond and I've been forgetful about getting on my laptop.

    Let's see... so far this summer a couple of mini-trips with the kiddo, one minor and one major road trip with the folks (Mt. Rushmore & surrounding SD sites). Came home from the longer trip to a dead fridge (fortunately almost empty) and the news that Lowe's can't deliver a new one until August 1st (they are the only ones that deliver this far out at all so they're really the only game in town - the joys of life in a small town). The house projects I had planned for the summer have been put off long enough that now they are next summer's problem (major bathroom renovation - my only shower so I'm dreading it) and I'm in a time crunch for the usual decluttering deep cleaning summer projects. Plus next week is more time out of town for annual medical appointments (mammogram for me, asthma and eyes for the boy).

    It sounds like the summer has been pretty tough for you, and I feel awful for your friend. I can't even imagine what she's going through. I hope her fiance is supportive. I'm excited for you to finish your basement project, it's going to be such a better space for you guys. I hope the windows project goes well. I was lucky to find a local company that was willing to do my windows one at a time over the last 5 years or so. I was down to only 3 left, and found out that the husband's health has declined and they are not in the business anymore. The guy that they recommended did one of the 3 and I'm not as happy with his work - but at least I only have 2 left now.

    I hope you find some relaxation time soon.

    1. It sounds like you've packed a lot of adventure in there! That's awesome! Sorry you came home to a dead fridge though...BOO. How was SD? Was it crowded? Did you see any wildlife? I'm glad you got most of the windows replaced before the dude who does a lesser job took over. (That's cool they did that for you, too!)

      Yes, my friend is still going through it. Confirmed another cancer and nothing to do but keep them comfortable. Breaks my heart. I've recommended therapy because everything she's had to go through will eventually pour out in one way or another. Hoping for a better rest of the summer for all of us.

    2. My area of the state is statistically a low income area. Almost no-one has the money to do major renovations (like replacing windows) all at once, so doing many smaller jobs is actually a much better business model in this area.

      There wasn't as much wildlife in SD as in Yellowstone last summer. We did see some buffalo (including some babies, so cute), elk and deer. We got so lucky that the weather was in the 80s the whole time we were there. There were a lot of people (I never realized how much "stuff" there is to do in the area), there were construction delays, there were lots and lots of motorcycles and sports cars. The Black Hills are beautiful and people enjoy driving the roads. If I were driving it as a daily commute it would have made me crazy, but since we weren't in a hurry the delays were ok and it's not like city rush hour. There were a lot of people at Mt. Rushmore and the Crazy Horse monument, but these are places built to handle crowds so I never really felt overwhelmed.


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