Friday, July 12, 2019

What I'm Reading This Week #28

Happy Friday peeps.  Sorry if there are any typos, I forgot to run it past my editor.

Just gonna say it...this week can suck it.  My friend decided to cancel her wedding because it became nothing but a source of stress for her.  Either her mom may be too sick to travel to it or will have just died and she said there was no way that she could stand up in front of everyone and not lose it.  So they will get married on their honeymoon alone.  My heart is so broken for this situation.  I really think she should've given it a week because there was a miraculous corner turned of tumor shrinkage and they are going to resume chemo next week and monitor her vitals.  I just don't want her to get to her would have been wedding date, her mom is still here and she ended up cancelling for nothing.  But, what's done is done.  She has waited so long for this day.  We would talk about our weddings in 7th grade so this has been a long time waiting for her big day.  She's my age and it's her first marriage.  I looked at her Pinterest wedding boards yesterday and cried.  So much time and thought put into them all now for nothing.  I so wish she lived close to me because we both could use a big hug.  Now it's on to cancelling our trip.  We added on Savannah, Charleston, and Virginia after her wedding.  Since there's no reason to go down there, the South in hurricane and 90+ degree season does not sound appealing.

I've spent the past two days before I got that news looking for vacation rentals for this weekend anywhere but here.  Life kind of sucker punched us with a few people seeming to be put out with the Mr's new reality and how it would affect them. 'Scuzi??  I thought a self-imposed restraining order might do the trick especially since he's worked OT this week and is getting off of work early today.  Even though I had a place ready to click "reserve" on, I refrained.  It would likely have been crowded, hotter than forecasted and I'm sure the Mr would be even more anxious not having the weekend to clean up since the window dudes are coming to do an estimate Tuesday.  So, I will do the right thing and throw myself into the crap that needs done around here and try to say fungool to everyone else that stuck a burr far up both of our butts. I seriously do not even want to get out of bed today for fear of what's waiting on us.

But enough of our crap, let's jump into...

If You Exercise Regularly and Still Have Belly Fat, This Could Be Why, According to 3 Experts  (So basically, you're effed?)

30 Amazing Cleaning Hacks You’ll Wish You Knew Sooner  (Most of these are awesome, but #15 makes me a little nervous.)

How Much Cardio vs. Strength Training Should I Do?   (Good guidelines!)

One Lifestyle Change Helped This Woman Reverse Her Hair Loss   (So true...but how to tackle it?)

This Weight Loss Technique Works 8 Times Faster  (I need to put this into practice.  Who remembers vision boards?)

Weight Loss Maintainers Ritualize a Time of Day for Exercise  (It's true!)

Stop Trying To Be Happy  (This is so true.)

When Family (or Any Relationship) Hurts  (Sigh)

The Family Road Trip  (A fun look back from road trips past.)

Most Adorable Moment At Disney World   (Seriously the cutest thing you will see this week.  I bawled at how adorable it was and the reactions of the employees especially when she met her "twin" are too much.)

We still have so much to do in the basement and the bedroom, there will be no shortage of things to keep us busy if we buckle down.  The weekend will blast by in a flash, I'm sure.  Thankfully, we have a gathering with friends next weekend to look forward to!

Any work and/or mischief on tap for the weekend?

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  1. Wow, hope the crapfest ends for you soon! We have a family reunions on my mom's side held on my cousin's Farm. All 27 cousins, their kids, and their grandkids are coming! This is going to be so fun! Our parents always had us kids together. I feel bad for my kids because I didn't live near my siblings when my kids were growing up oh, so they don't understand that cousins are your first friends. I hope you have a fantastic weekend

  2. Sadly I think you're right about how I would have reacted to a weekend getaway. I looked around this morning before reading this post and was like, ugh, we have a lot to do to get ready for next week. But I like where you're going with the idea of getting out of town soon. We will have to do something. We've not had any road trips this summer... Since driving to Montana/Wyoming and back was technically spring.

  3. I so hope you have an irritant-free weekend where you can just work on house stuff and avoid humanity, and have time to sort through all that's happened this week as you clean. It might inspire you to get rid of things! LOL When I get good and mad I find that is the perfect time for me to start decluttering because I'm in "purge" mode and it feels darn good to get off the fence on things I've held on to.
    The hubs *might* not have to work tomorrow so I'd be thrilled for him if he didn't because it'd be his first two days off in a row in about 3 months. We cut the lawn yesterday because it was the "coolest" day of the week and there was no humidity with a nice breeze. Now that chore is done for the weekend and I'm SO happy because it's going to be in the 90's and humid for the next week to 10 days. I lead a meeting tomorrow morning, then will work on the house, especially emptying out my corner kitchen cabinet and my office area for when the window guys come. I'm hoping they'll come during vacation time so I don't have to rearrange schedules. It's a toss up if I'll open the blinds or not with the heat or if we'll hunker down like we're in a foxhole.


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