Wednesday, July 10, 2019

It's Hump Day Poll Time!

Do you ever come across a show and you're vaguely intrigued for some reason, and before you know it, you're binge-watching all of the past episodes?  The kind of show that when you'd tell other people about it, they look at you kind of sideways and you say "look, I know.  I never thought I'd watch THAT, but it's actually good!"

For us, that show is Homestead Rescue on Discovery Channel. 

I'm fascinated by the people who have the chutzpah to live off-grid and be self-sufficient that go all in for better or worse.  I would love to do it but don't think I have what it takes to truly do every aspect, especially when it comes to killing animals for food.  I already cry when I walk by the frozen meat section and see elk and bison after our Yellowstone trip! 

Plus, I got a taste of that in kindergarten when we lived with my great grandma for a year, and she hacked off a chicken's head after we collected eggs and watching its headless body run around was something that left an impression.

(Heeeeere's Granny!!!  via

Homestead Rescue brings in a family of life long homesteaders from Alaska (the Raneys) to help people who jumped in both feet without dipping a toe in the water.  People who likely romanticized the idea of being reliant on themselves but aren't close to nailing it or even have the hammer to do so in some cases.  The dad, Marty reminds me a lot of Dog the Bounty Hunter (another show I thought I'd never watch...RIP Beth).  Marty and Dog say and do things that normal people look at each other and think "is this dude for real?" and act a little dramatic, to say the least, but entertaining none the less. 

His adult kids have good heads on their shoulders, and all have mad skills to make things that will blow you away from crap just laying around a homestead.  Their knowledge is truly remarkable, and it would be awesome to spend a month training with them to learn survival skills.  I showed the Mr the show, and he got hooked too, and it's now his new favorite show.

What's a show you thought you'd never watch but just can't help it?

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  1. No doubt Homestead Rescue is a show I never thought I would watch either but I am truly hooked. I love learning survival skills but I agree with you, I would not do so well totally off grid like that. I need, like, off grid lite.

    1. Yeah, I need some creature comforts like AC especially this time of year!!

  2. So You Think You Can Dance and The Voice. Never thought I'd watch any of those contest shows with all the pathos of the back story and the awful pre-commercial promos that tease about something that won't come until the end of the 2 hour show. Committing the 3-4 hours a week these shows required was something I didn't think I'd get into but I followed at least 2 seasons of The Voice and several more of SYTYCD. I was with them until Bieber was a guest judge and I happily let it go.

    1. Bieber will do that to a person. ;-) We used to watch The Voice too until it got so repetitive and predictable, we stopped.

  3. I got hooked on AGT a few years ago and record it every week. I've also started recording In Depth with Graham Besinger, which has had some really interesting interviews. I just watched one last night with Ray Romano. I'm also hooked on Expedition Unknown because the host Josh Gates is hilarious.


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