Friday, May 24, 2019

What I'm Reading This Week #21

We made it to Friday!  This was a long one.  The Mr came back to a shizzshow at work which will quickly suck the zen out of any vacation mode you were in.  I came back to a note from my new(ish) gynie recommended by my old gynie that she was shutting her doors because old gynie swooped in and talked her into the same teaching position that took old gynie away from me.  Yeah, I only need birth control and my appointment was in 3 weeks.  *cue frantic researching/calling and finally nailing someone down only 2 1/2 weeks later than my previous appointment that left me drained*  On the upside, it'll give me 2 1/2 extra weeks to hopefully get more vacation weight off of the permanent keg I'm sporting.

But enough about our vacation mellow sucking lives, let's get to...

A Common Preservative in Cheese and Bread Could Negatively Affect Our Metabolism, Study Finds  (Courtesy of the Mr and he was happy to hear none of our bread or cheese had it.)

Healthy Smoothies Require WAY Less Fruit Than You're Probably Using  (Make sure you're not going nutso on raw flaxseed)

When, Exactly, to Schedule Your Workouts  (Beh.  As long as you do them, it doesn't matter when but yes, this does make sense and I've found it to be true for me personally.)

50 Ways To Live On Your Own Terms  (Tell everyone else to blow it out their @ss?)

It Doesn't Matter When You Eat  (It's different for everyone.)

A Cluttered House Is a Cluttered Mind  (So true.  Everywhere I look I get overwhelmed and feel like the only answer is a dumpster and shaking your house out like an old rug.)

It Can’t Rain All the Time: How The Crow Captured the Angst of a Generation  (I was obsessed with this movie when it came out.  RIP Brandon and no, it should never be rebooted.  A man lost his life making it and it's his legacy.)

I Thought I Understood Facebook. Then My Dad Died   (Don't assume you know how people use it.)

How to Document Your Child’s Life Without Plastering It All over Social Media  (The internet is forever, no matter how much you think you've locked it down.  I've seen SO many inappropriate shares from people that I had to hide them for good.)

12 Vacations That Get Cheaper in Summer   (My guess is because they are humid, stink boxes by then except Colorado.)

Dog Won't Let Postman Deliver Mail — Unless He Plays Soccer With Him  (He's pretty good!)

Memorial Day weekend is upon us and I know the Mr needs it for sure.  I got some flowers planted yesterday and will plant the rest of them out front today since perennials have made it abundantly clear they refuse to come back in that bed.  Now, I just have to remember to water them.

Anyone got any plans?

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  1. Nice long weekend! Enjoy everybody!

  2. I took today off (first time I think I've ever taken a day off to extend a holiday weekend!) and the dogs are already at the groomer's, the Italian beef is on the stove to make a sandwich for my uncle, and I'll be driving out to see him when the dogs are done to celebrate Memorial Day with him and thank him for his service. The poor hubs has to work again tomorrow (68, 66, and 66 hours the past three weeks)so I will do the house cleaning and laundry and errands tomorrow. He wants to go grocery shopping, so we'll do that on Sunday. Other than that, lying low and trying to get some rest in here and there -- and definitely the hubs needs rest.
    Enjoy the holiday weekend!


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