Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Grillin' and Not Chillin'

I know it's a little late for a weekend roundup but given I had a few pre-vacay posts done up for this week, I was taking advantage of them to attempt to chill this weekend.  

I had more red meat on vacation than I have in 6 months, so traditional burgers on the grill were out.  But we did get our grill on with some Beyond Meat brats, turkey burgers, and some teriyaki chicken kebobs.  I paired those with some fruit salad and corn on the cob on Sunday.

It was hot and rainy.  115-ish days until Fall.

We are in the middle of a butt-kicking week on the exercise front to prepare us for next month's torture fest.  Anyone who does Beachbody on Demand (BOD), may know that in mid-April Joel Freeman and Shaun T did a hybrid calendar of their LIIFT4 and Transform 20 programs.  I already had our calendars planned for April and May but saved their calendar for June because I thought if anything could hopefully burn off vacation sin, it would be this:

(Click to enlarge)

This is the hybrid torture they came up with, so this is what next month will look like for us.  We did two as a test in April and yeah...we gonna be sore.  We're going full on "before" mode measuring, taking pics, etc.  I'll go more into how we did on vacation soon, but I'm letting past me take the wheel on a few more posts since I must've sensed I'd need the break.

We binge watched the Netflix show Dead to Me with Christina Applegate which was quite good and original with every episode ending with a bombshell.  My only thing is I see season two just being irritating because you know the simple solution that would immediately resolve everything won't be done.  I hope I'm wrong but our experience the past 5 years is TV is REALLY good the first season then drops to mediocre the second season and gets sucked down a craphole any season after that.  (Side eyeing you, This is Us and others.  Though I must say, 9-1-1 has been a pleasant surprise of getting better.)

I got some flowers planted and got the tree trimmed that has been blocking our view out of the garage when he backs out that I'd been too lazy to get to the past week.  I don't know why, but I've had a very hard time getting motivated to do anything since we got back; everything seemed overwhelming, including gardening.   The Mr was kind enough to put up the curtains on the side fence, so we have privacy when we want it.  I'm still irritated that the sand between the pavers has green pollen that we can't seem to get out, you know...when it's not coming out in chunks.  That's right that polymeric sand that was supposed to harden into concrete is soft and therefore we can't seal it.  I knew going with my instinct not to seal it when we got it done was a good one.  I have to imagine that I'm going to have to dig out all of it at some point and redo it ourselves.  Not something I can even think about right now since we have to get our hose bib replaced and stain the concrete pad since it looks like crap.  New windows have to happen this year as well so we need to clean the bedrooms so we can get a quote, submit to the HOA to get held up for 2 months before approval for the window company to say they're backed up two months before they can get to us so we should be looking at winter.   *twitch*

Speaking of twitches, the Mr about blew a gasket after dealing with our former cable company for the last time.  It takes a lot for that man to be driven to cursing and screaming at someone over the phone, but yeah, they managed to do it after our video service being out since Saturday.  It was an issue we dealt with before vacation and should've been an easy fix and all the out of the country call center people know to do is tell you to reboot and send a signal.  You've done this 6x...7th time isn't going to be a charm.  So we're now Sony Vue customers.  I'm trying to find a good station that will give me what Music Choice did, but I'm not ashamed to admit some tears were shed.  That is what is on 80% of the time because I hate TV and how I find new music.  Spotify and Pandora suck.  I'm going to be a mess until I get my groove with something and don't have to use three damn remotes to operate everything.  Yep, totally need another vacation.

How did you spend Memorial Day weekend?

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  1. We have our family reunion each Memorial Day weekend. My four bros and their families converged in Indy for 4 days of golf, games laughter and celebration. We are all together only once a year due to being spread out over 4 states. We relish the time, so good for the soul.

  2. That was some good food and a great way to kick off grilling season. Glad we kicked butt on the exercise too.

  3. I hope you both enjoy Vue! It was so worth it when I cut out cable and switched to that service.

  4. Oh look at that - you pressed the magical rant button in my brain. TV companies, windows, oh my.

    Not a lot going on here this past weekend. We were going to head out for a mini-vacation yesterday, but after checking the weather we had to postpone b/c it's going to be super cold everywhere we want to go. So it will warm up some tomorrow and we will dress warm and head out then.

  5. We laid low this weekend and didn't do any grilling or cavorting anywhere. Just went to a couple of stores and hung out with the pooches. We did work on a couple of small projects around the house, but nothing major. It was nice to just slow down and let the weekend come as it may.


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