Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Hump Day Poll: Inspiration and happiness

Inspiration is all around us.  From articles we read to shows we watch to people fighting the good fight, inspiration to make our lives better in some way seems endless.  In others, it seems like we're also inundated with the idea of it or at least things that hope to inspire us that it can seem like an overload.

How many articles do you see about "living your best life" or "how to finally find happiness?"  They're everywhere.  Even concepts like being "thankful, grateful and blessed" have been packaged, sold and hashtagged so much that they barely have their original meaning anymore without sounding like a sellout when you mention them now.

But are the things they're trying to sell us on to be inspired, really inspiring or is it just one person's idea of inspiration and happiness that has been regurgitated so many times that it's become the baseline for clickbait these days?

So, I'm going to you guys, yes, even you lurkers who never or rarely comment.

What really inspires you and/or makes you happy?

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1 comment:

  1. I don't know that I feel inspired necessarily by reading articles that are geared towards that, as much as I just enjoy feel-good stories. I'm not someone who believes in the anthem of "if I can do it, anybody can." Meh, not a true statement. I think for me, more than anything, when I see someone who's truly comfortable in their own skin, living life in the here and now, and not getting too worked up over all the extraneous things in society, I sit back and find that refreshing. That is something I aspire to be, so I always find it interesting when I see people living like that in quiet, unadorned fashion.


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