Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Hump Day Poll: May Day, May Day!

Every May 1st, I immediately think "May Day is Lei Day in Hawaii."  I'm making sure you all get virtually lei'd today!

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Our anniversary is coming up soon, and it got me thinking about how I chose my wedding date.  I am not a person who likes the heat, so summer weddings were instantly out because these arms weren't going to be sleeveless.  Fall would've been my ideal time, but even then it could be unpredictable for color reasons and sometimes summer hanging on way longer than it should.   While a holiday-esque wedding early in December would've been nice too, but we had people coming in from out of town and wouldn't want to make them potentially drive in weather.

Mid-spring it would be and hope for the April showers to be over with (they weren't) and I picked the actual day because...wait for it...I would be on the "happy week" of my cycle.  Because my first gynie was a moron, he didn't tell me that I could SKIP MY DAMN PERIOD for such an occasion!  It wasn't until the year after I got married I mentioned it to his wife, my new awesome gynecologist, that she laughed hysterically at his buffoonery and let me in on the secret.


So here is today's poll.

For those of you who are or have been married, how did you choose your wedding date?

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  1. I wanted to get married on July 4th (a Saturday that year, easy to remember, and fireworks "just for us" right?) but the minister was busy that Saturday. And the next. So we just took the next available Saturday. I didn't worry too much about my cycle because when I was on the pill I knew that by Saturday I was either completely done or just had light spotting left. But... after seeing Sixteen Candles you better believe I did give it some thought and check the calendar and choose a Saturday date for more than just my guests' convenience.

  2. My husband and I had lived together a while before getting married so we were aiming for low key and convenient: Dad's house on a Saturday in July which was a slow month for hubby at work. But my now Father-in-law had committed to work a swim meet on the day we chose and wasn't going to come if we kept that day, even though we gave him several months notice and he had no ties to the meet beyond the fact that hubby's younger siblings used to swim in that meet. Used to. But he wasn't going to budge so we had to move it. A sign of things to come.

    Let me say, though, over the years I've decided he isn't selfish, just inflexible. I think he's on the spectrum, which makes family gatherings interesting.

  3. Mine was pretty simple. It's my husband's birthday. LOL I thought Sept would be a nice month in San Diego and he said how about my birthday and I said works for me. =o)


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