Friday, May 10, 2019

What I'm Reading This Week #19

Hello hello, you lovely people!  It's finally Friday and I bet you're just itching to hop on into the weekend!  Happy early Mothers Day to all of you mama's of humans, furbabies, or are like a mother to someone out there.

Let's get right to...

Are You Doing Too Much Emotional Labor?  (Aren't we all to some degree?)

6 Things You Didn’t Know a Physical Therapist Could Help With  (Definitely worth noting.  Post partum and later life incontinence don't have to be a thing, ya know!)

18 Anti-Inflammatory Foods to Eat to Reduce Pain  (Eating most of them but a few to add to the list.)

5 Estate Planning Questions Everyone Should Ask   (I've got two words for you:  Survivorship Deed.  Even if you don't do a will for whatever reason, this is a MUST if you are married.)

10 Things You’re Not Buying at Home Depot—but Should  (Um, I've yet to see comforters in Home Depot, anyone else?)

The Best Upper-Body Workout for People With Shoulder Pain  (For the Mr)

Healthy Road Trip Snacks to Get You Through Even the Longest of Drives  (A few good suggestions but some I'll pass on.)

30 Cheap Beach Vacations for Travelers on a Budget   (For those who like their toes in the sand.)

11 Things Disney Park Guests Aren’t Allowed to Do  (Take heed if you're going to see da mouse.)

Inside 'Sesame Street' And Its Mission To Raise Resilient Kids  (Sigh, remember when Sesame Street was your main form of entertainment?   Grover til I die.)

Jameela Jamil Gets Real About Why She’s So ‘Aggressive’ About Body Positivity  (While I gave up on The Good Place, I dig how passionate she is about being so vocal and calling out people and companies!)

We're road tripping this weekend and don't worry, we've already celebrated our mamas.  ;-)

Whatchu up to this weekend?

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  1. I've had some kind of horrible stomach thing going on all week, so it's been a painful one to say the least. I need to cut the lawn when I get home from work as the hubs has worked 68 hours this week and has to work a full shift tomorrow as well, poor guy. Tomorrow I have a meeting, then will go grocery shopping right afterwards, then do the laundry, so then Sunday will be free as a bird. Have a wonderful weekend!


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