Monday, May 6, 2019

Product Review: Pure Wave Deep Tissue Massager

I have a small group of friends that have known each other for over 15 years from a weight loss board back in the day.  We've sporadically kept in touch, and one of them mentioned she couldn't live without her Pure Wave.  I had no clue what she was talking about and looked it up and saw this:

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I wrote her back and said, "you have no idea how hard I'm trying not to say something sexual right now."  Don't act like you weren't thinking it too but this thing is no joke and would blast your genitals back to 1995.

I added it to my wishlist before my grandpa's wife did her Christmas shopping because it's $125 and I would likely not treat myself to something like that.  Plus I didn't view it as a necessity, and if I was going to try it, I wanted it to be on someone else's dime.  I even put a note on the Amazon wishlist "this is for my screwed up legs, not to diddle myself" which she got a huge kick out of and probably was one of the reasons she bought it.  (See, lines like that scare away potential sponsors which is why I have to stick to $.03 from Amazon for purchased items through affiliate links.  But hey, I'd rather be me!)

I digress.

After she left, I plugged it in to charge it up.  It has a stand that holds all of the attachments, but I knew I'd be partial to the more thumb looking one so it could get knots in my calves.  When I fired it up, I was floored.  That baby has some POWER.  I now understood why my friend said she couldn't live without it.  When you hit a knot, it will practically shoot you to the ceiling because it's in a spot you didn't even know you had one!  It doesn't hurt but it's almost jarring, and if you hold it over the spot, you can feel it eventually release or at least break up a good bit.  It's perfect for getting the sides of your knees both above and below to help release your IT band if you do a lot of squats and leg work.  You know how you get those fascia knots on your quads after leg day?  BLASTED!  It might not get rid of them completely, but it breaks them up to the point that it releases a good bit of the connective tissue it's holding on to so you don't have pain or get cramps.  It's perfect for getting knots on the sensitive inner thighs.  I do sumo squats, and a lot of my PT uses the inner thighs, and they get overloaded, and I will feel them twitch and tense.  I can put it anywhere on my thighs and get almost instant relief.

The handle is long and slightly curved so you can reach over your shoulder to get that area between your shoulder blades where we all tend to carry stress.  My mom used it there and was almost instantly hooked.  I think she may ask for one for Christmas from her this year!  She said it got rid of knots even her massage therapist couldn't get.  You can reach around to get your lower back, booty, hamstrings, basically anywhere.  The dial makes the power adjustable from very light taps to jackhammer pounding.  (We affectionately call it the jackhammer.)  There is also a vibration setting, and you can use some of the other attachments and use it on your face.  It's great for tension in the forehead, by the jawline if you're a clencher (though I use the jackhammer setting for that) and if you have sinus problems People pay copays for a chiropractor to do the same thing.  For the cost of this one thing, that I didn't even pay for, I haven't been back to the chiropractor in 4 months!  (I think the consistent rolling of my shins has something to do with it too.)  That means, for me, three chiro visits for leg problems would've paid for this.  The awesome part is there's a 90-day return policy so you can find out pretty quickly if it's for you or not and it's basically risk-free.

It was so much needed that we packed it up and took it to Vermont with us over the holidays.  I will never travel without it again.  If you have back pain, sciatica, plantar fasciitis, sore, tight muscles after workouts, get cramps or Charlie horses, and yes, even scar tissue, this can help.  I need to use it a little more religiously for my scar tissue in my arm, but when I do use it, the pain relief is almost immediate.  Just 5 minutes in my trouble spots and I have range of motion and grip strength back.

I seriously think everyone should own one of these.  We all have stuff from the little aches and pains to the big, quality of life pains that can be made so much better with this tool.  This may be the last physical therapy/pain management tool I'll ever need!

Do you have a Pure Wave?  How would you use this if you had one?

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  1. Now I haven't seen or heard of this kind. I have a similar one, but it's actually too strong and hurts when it hits the bone because it bounces. I like it for certain spots, but it's a bit cumbersome to use. I may look into this because I'm currently struggling with actual bone pain between my shoulder blades and heat doesn't do anything since it's not muscle. Thanks for the tip!


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