Tuesday, December 11, 2018

It Still Matters...are you up for this challenge?

Most of you know, despite having a blog, I am not a huge fan of technology.  I am of the last generation that grew up without the internet and good Lord am I thankful for that!  In childhood, you had to call someone and leave a message and when they got it, they got it.  I still live that way.  You can leave me a message but I'm going to get it on my own time.  I have no data plan on my phone because the idea of an electronic leash does not appeal to me.  Sure, I got a little crap about it at first but that doesn't prod me into paying $50/mo for no reason.  And you know what?  People adjusted!  They know that I'll call them back when I'm home.  If I used to see a message on social media, I may or may not get to it for a few hours.  If I was working I didn't want to interrupt my flow or just not in the mood for it depending on the first line, I needed to get in the right frame of mind first.  Yep, it makes me weird.  Nope, I don't plan on changing it because it works for me.

I told you that to tell you this.

Back in September, my friend's father in law passed away.  Her husband knows how we are about cell phone usage and told his wife he thinks that's awesome that we're not electronically tied down like that.  He chooses not to be on social media and encourages his wife to live in the moment more because she's a social media maven at times.  When I heard of his father's passing, I sent him a sympathy card because I have a box of cards available for every occasion.  I didn't expect to hear anything back about it.  A week later, his wife contacted me and thanked me for the card.  She said as they were talking one night, he mentioned the card,  (She was busy working overnights and never checked the mail that week.)  He chuckled as he got the card out and said that he got so many texts and emails of condolence but ours was the only physical card he received.  He said that we were really thoughtful people.  She said he couldn't text me a thank you if he wanted to because I don't have a data plan and they laughed.  I laughed too because I know it's bizarre in this day and age but I have more people tell me they want to do that too than give me a sideways look.  I've always been a card person.  I told her there is just something about receiving a card or sending a card that gives me the warm fuzzies and I hope it does to the people who get them.  She agreed and said even though she's really bad about it, she wants to be the kind of person who sends cards like I do.  I'm a total card hoarder and I do need to take pics of some and release them into the recycle bin because the storage struggle is real.  The point is, it still matters.  Not just the receiving but the giving.

So this time of year, when people are cutting back on things that stress them out, consider sending some holiday cards.  Hear me out before you say "I'm not adding one more thing to my to-do list!"  Think of how it feels for you to receive a card.  How nice is it to know that someone took the time to write a little message (or a long one!) out of their own busy schedule to let you know they were thinking of you?  To know that even if miles, months of absent conversations you meant to have or life got in the way, they wanted you to know that you were special.  Don't we all need that in this world we're living in?  They don't have to be fancy, expensive cards.  You can find cards at the dollar store or a value pack at a discount store.  The thought of going out looking for cards make you twitch?  Can you plop your butt on the couch?  😀  Order some cardstock and envelopes from Amazon (or wherever with quick shipping) print any of these or this for free!!  (Or if you're the crafty type, these are fun!)  Don't forget to pick up stamps at the grocery store because the post office is going to be nuts.  Don't do that to yourself.

Writing holiday cards can actually be a very stress relieving activity!  Make this an end of day activity after the kids are in bed.  Whatever show you were going to watch or mindless scroll of Instagram can wait.  Make a cup of tea or hot chocolate, put on some instrumental Christmas music like Beegie Adair so there are no words to distract you from your own.  Even if you only say "Happy Holidays/Merry Christmas" and sign your name, it doesn't matter.  You don't have to be a word wizard.  I usually say "Merry Christmas and all our best for a happy, healthy new year!"  If it's people I'm closer to, I'll say more.  If you want more examples, Hallmark has some suggestions.

So here's my challenge to those of you who don't normally send holiday cards.  Pick ten people to send cards to this year.  Five to the people closest to you and five to people you rarely talk to or hear from.  Grab a value pack or start printing.  Send them no later than a week from now to make sure they get there in time to be enjoyed.  Ten cards are totally doable and I know this because I send out 42 cards every year so you've got no excuse!  HA!  (For those wondering, without fail, I get 26 back.  So that's about a 60% return rate but it's not about that.)

Will you accept the challenge?  Do you usually send out holiday cards and if so, how many?

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  1. I'm totally a card person! I have actually had people send me a thank you card for a thank you card that I sent them! Hobby was a big hard person and I have a huge box of cards from him. It's just great to get mail that isn't in a windowed envelope. Have a great day

  2. Since you are the card sender in the family I get off fairly easy. But I will have you know that should anything happen to you I would keep it up in your honor. I know it is important to you and that makes it important to me too! I love getting cards as well so that is another reason why I would totally keep it going. My only gripe is that even the cards that I considered cheaper in the past have now gotten to the $4 and up range - cards are expensive!

  3. I keep two types of card boxes. Two. Too. Because it sounds like that is what you do.

    I have new cards in a hanging file bin, each with their own section. New baby, baby shower, baptism, wedding, wedding shower, first communion, confirmation, graduation, sick, condolence, congratulations, etc. Pretty much every occasion and a file full of blank cards just in case.

    I find this so handy and my kids and husband have used and used out of that box over the years also.

    And I have a couple boxes of received cards. Mostly these are new baby announcements, wedding invitations, Christmas cards that are family pictures. These are going back 35-40 years I think.

    The received cards, I weeded out a few years ago. And they went to a good cause. My daughter’s Preschool students used them for scissor/cutting practice. I recycled the envelopes and torn signature half of the card. I just gave her the picture half of the card (in gallon zip lock bags) and the kids loved them.

    And as I just wrote that, I realize if I go thru my saved received boxes and recycle all but the front side of the invite/announcement, I can greatly reduce my volume. Ditto with recycling the non important parts of the other saved ones too.

    My husband’s aunt sends a printed sheet of paper each year as her Christmas card. And it is my favorite. It is not a typed letter. Instead it is a collage of pictures with captions. She has been doing it so long that her first editions were probably cut and paste and then a trip to a photocopy store. It is our only contact with her and I appreciate it so much.

  4. I have a box of assorted cards for any occasion too. Something I got from my mom. I don't really do Christmas cards though. I'll do a card to go with a gift, but don't mail them out individually. Every year I mean to, and then the time window passes me by. Maybe this will be the year.

  5. I'm a big card person and always have been. I send out Christmas cards every year and for birthdays, get well, thank you, just because, etc. I have tons of cards to choose from, but still find myself in the greeting card section of stores to find that perfect one. LOL


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