Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Hump Day Poll: Post Holiday Edition

Well, it's over. 

The smiles, the chaos, the holiday music filling the air (not around here though), the groans, the yawns of feigned happiness as you drink your coffee trying to wake up while kids or grand kids tear through the presents like Tasmanian devils.  Many of us are back to work today wondering where the heck it all went just as we do when the holidays fall during the week.

So take this moment to reflect on the holiday you celebrated (if you did) and answer the following:

1)  What was your favorite gift this year?  (Don't worry, your family/friends can't see!)

2)  What was your favorite spiritual gift?

3)  What will you miss about the season?

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  1. Yawning is right! Boy, it was hard to get up and moving this morning. LOL My answers:

    Favorite gift: My Weather Tech floor mats!! I cannot wait to vacuum out the car so I can put these babies in and not have to deal with shifting and sliding all over the floor with salt all over the edges where the mats weren't covering the floor.

    Spiritual gift: The joy of knowing I have friends who know me so well (and love me anyway) and gave me gifts, either in words or tangible gifts that showed just how well they do know me. Very humbled by that.

    What I'll miss about the season: This was the nicest holiday season I've had in a long while and I'll miss the mental relaxation I had about it all. I was done ahead of time, I knew when to say no to things that were just too much (and oddly, felt no guilt about it), and stayed in the moment more than I usually do. I had no expectations, and the peace I got from that was very eye-opening, which allowed me to really appreciate the wonderful moments I had.

  2. My mom got me an instant pot and I'm looking forward to experimenting with it. My son's dad got me my favorite present though and it comes with a backstory...

    When I was a senior in high school one of my first "big" purchases was a leather bomber jacket. I saved up from my part time job to buy it, and loved that thing and wore it clear through college and wore it nearly to shreds. I still wore it anyway, but then one day at work someone spilled floor cleaning chemicals on it and ruined it completely. I was so upset, I cried and ranted and railed. I never found out who did it, and never really got over it. I've been keeping my eye out at thrift stores ever since (20+ years now) to find the right 80s vintage bomber jacket and haven't ever found just the right one. So... for Christmas my son's dad (who remembers how upset I was, and knows I never got over it) found almost the exact same jacket for me on ebay. That actually may be my best spiritual gift too - the time and effort it must have taken to research and track down that exact jacket.

    This year felt really really rushed. I'm used to having more of my Christmas break before Christmas but I worked to the end of last week and my folks arrived on Sunday. I think the best part, the relaxing and rejuvenating part is still to come for me.


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