Friday, December 7, 2018

What I'm Reading This Week #49

Happy Friday all!

How has the first full week of December treated you?  Are you getting your holiday decorations out or maybe getting your fresh cut tree this weekend?  As you'll see by the links, I've had holidays on the brain and have been laughing at some SNL Christmas classics.  I've got to get my Christmas boxes together for my out of towners and ready to ship soon, so I'm not rushing around last minute.  

But enough of all of that, let's rush into...

Sick Of Feeling Full & Bloated? These Are Our Favorite Detox Soups  (You know so you can get ready for round two in a few weeks.)

11 Things You Stress Most About During The Holidays  (#1 is why I'm always done by November 1st)

3 No-Bake Holiday Cookie-Flavored Energy Balls  (*runs to the kitchen to make gingerbread ones*)

How To Have 31 Days Of Healthy, Happy Holidays  (Some great ideas even past the holidays)

Top 25 Natural Appetite Suppressants (Just in time for the holidays)

7 Fastest Ways to Recover From Holiday Overspending  (Good strategies to keep in mind)

Exactly How To Use Exercise To Stay Balanced This Holiday Season  (Don't forget to exercise ON the holiday.  You won't feel like doing it, but you'll be so glad you did!)

9 Ways to Make Money From Holiday Gifts You Don't Want  (Trust me, it's better than having them sit there taking up space you don't have.)

Freeze and bake fruit pie: the fastest way to fresh-baked  (Pre-make and freeze those pies now for a happier holiday later!)

SNL Dysfunctional Family Christmas Album  (Man, do I miss Phil Hartman)

Stefon on the Holidays' Hottest Tips  (LOVE Stefon!  Fun fact, John Mulaney who would write Stefon with Bill would later switch out some lines so that Bill would read them live for the first time.  You can usually spot them when you see him break.)

It's always a good time for this classic with Terri and Margaret Jo (No one can beat his balls.)

We're going to try to find some holiday mischief to get into this weekend, watch some Christmas movies and bake some cookies for others because tis the season!

What's on your plate this weekend?

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  1. Holiday mischief, I like the sound of that! Have a great weekend everybody - sounds like we will!

  2. Have a great weekend!! We will be getting into a little holiday mischief ourselves - love this time of year. And I will be taking pics of my decorations to send you by Monday!!

  3. I had a meeting this morning, then grocery shopped and with my crazy coupons, early specials, etc, I saved $86!! It was an expensive bill and I got some presents in there as well, but that was a fun trip! Paid bills, did some online stuff, then crashed late this afternoon. Somehow I haven't gathered the enthusiasm to do laundry yet, so that's on tomorrow's docket. =o)
    Hope you are having a fantabulous weekend!!

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