Monday, December 31, 2018

Quick end of year reflection

Well, it's the last day of 2018.  That's the day we typically take time to reflect on how the year has treated us.  If you're looking for a feel-good end of year post, you should probably go to another blog because I can say with gusto that 2018 can go eff itself.  From deaths, divorces, disease, depression, and discontent... I give this year a solid

The only thing keeping it from being an F is us working on some personal stuff so I'm viewing that as a positive and I have had some good friends get me through with visits or long emails to keep my sanity.  (Debatable, I'm sure)

So 2019 will truly be a clean slate year on so many levels for me.  I'm ready to put this year to bed.  We are keeping things pretty low key to usher in the new year so hopefully, a calm start will be a zen example for the new year.

But we have kept up our "One Happy Year" project by writing down positive things that happened during our days so that even when it feels like you're shoveling emotional poo for a living, you can remember the little things that kept you sane.  Here are some of mine:

1/20- ran into JJ at expo! (My "work dad")  He scolded me for still not wearing a coat just like when we worked together!

2/2-The Mr waking me up with Groundhog Day scene on YouTube, listening to Weatherman song and I Got You, Babe, while getting ready, Prognostication with Woodsy, Willie peeing on gazebo, nice people at bookstore who talked about filming,  100's of groundhog cookies, saw movie with the locals, Gino's was yummy, Safe arrival at hotel, Lady returned my groundhog hat I dropped,

3/1-got an offer on the land and accepted/signed papers, (sad but happy it didn't sit on the market for over a year like we expected especially given what happened with the volcano a few months later)

3/31- got through eulogy,  the grandkids loading her into the hearse making sure she was safe, some of us grandkids staying behind to make sure she was tucked in safely, 2nd cousin's wife I never met telling me twice what a beautiful job I did on the eulogy and how she didn’t know her but now she felt like she did and cried because of it.  Song and license plates with her name in it to let us know she's there.

5/3- roaming LL Bean in Freeport, head in holes at Lobster Cooker, found that snowflake shirt at Life is Good for ½ off, the girl in ice cream shop dancing like no one was watching, The Mr spotted the over-water camp from Maine Cabin Masters then we watched the episode-pretty cool

6/15- the Mr bought the car he wanted at the price he wanted and I didn't have to go with him!  WOOT!

9/5- getting to be in Grandma's house with no one else there and feeling like I could say my final goodbyes.  Taking items we agreed I would get so it didn't have to be done in front of others.  I felt like she had a hand in making sure we would get that time to be there alone since she knew how I was.

Praying for a good new year for all of us full of hope, health, and happiness.

How was your year?  Any NYE plans?

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  1. My year was up and down. Lots of personal growth, but with that came the requisite pain. Had to say goodbye to a buddy who moved away and really helped me grow emotionally, so that was a bummer. I did terrible on the physical self-care front as far as food and exercise went, although I did do a lot of swimming and signed up for some personal hydro training time, so that part was a plus (even though I've had to cut back because of my work schedule). But overall, looking back I can see many improvements that I can carry into the new year, and for that I'm grateful. I stretched my wings quite a bit and made socializing a much bigger priority and I'm thrilled with how darn good that made me feel! HUGE change for me.

    As for NYE I spent 3 1/2 hours upstairs in the office going through papers, papers, and more papers! Lots of pictures and cards too so it took time to sort through what to keep and what to pitch. Looking around the room you wouldn't know I did anything in there, but I know all the ticky-tack stuff I did, so I feel good about that. Made some soup and just made deviled eggs for the hubs which he scarfed down happily. He worked today at 5am so he'll be asleep by 7:30pm tops. I got an Amazon gift card and joyfully bought a Kindle book for a new series that I didn't know about and I plan on delving in to book one tonight. I won't make it to midnight either. LOL It's still raining steadily here so we've been indoors all day, much to the dogs' chagrin.

    Happy Happy New Year!!!


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