Tuesday, December 18, 2018

YOUR holiday spirit shines through!

This post is all about sharing your holiday spirit!  It is always one of my favorite posts of the year because I love seeing what you guys share even if it's the same thing as the year before.  No matter what holiday you celebrate, if it's a tree or a table setting, here's how your fellow SATW friends are decking their halls!

Christine kicks us off with her beautiful Christmas decor.

I love how festive it all is, there are presents in anticipation of the big day, and I'm waiting to see if the Mr picks up on something in one of the pics.  ;-)

Vickie got crafty in the name of being an awesome grandma!

She decorated her grandson's bedroom door to look like a gingerbread house!  Like I told her, I would love this as an adult, but I probably would've exploded red and green confetti as a kid!  Can you believe 99% of it she bought at the dollar store for $16!?!

Dawn is ready to show off her beautiful tree...

I love how it's flooded with beautiful light and that sweet vintage light up Santa under the retro radio.  She's got 110 ornaments on that baby!!  Lots of sweet memories, I'm sure.

Let's hop over to Sherri's house with this beautiful panoramic shot...

(Click to enlarge)
I love the homey nook with the snowmen and white lights that contrast with the beautiful multi-colored tree in front of the window!  I can imagine being curled up with the lights off and a nice cup of hot cocoa!

Finally, we're ending our tour with Donna, my red truck lady!

I love her homespun country Christmas touches from her vintage red trucks to the bears waiting to join in on the holiday fun.  Throw some logs on the fire (or flip the switch), and we're ready for an old-fashioned Christmas!

We've got a few new additions to the Christmas decor this year.

Last year's clearance items of the North Pole Post and Festive Fir Boughs came out.  I usually hang our Christmas cards on the banister and last year I did ribbon and clipped them to it, but I didn't have it in me this year  The mailbox seemed like a cute way to display a few at a time.   The two ornaments in the greens by the deer are from the Mr's mom.  She was trying to pawn off give us ornaments no one else wanted so I threw her a bone and took those two since I like vintage ornaments.  The Mr also took some small pewter train ornaments that she tried to say she bought for him as a kid but we both know his dad was the train lover.  They're small enough they won't take up room though.   I put a mix of greens in the fir boughs box (with fir, of course) just after Thanksgiving, so that means they're already a crispy mess.  The blue church was made by my grandma.  She did it in ceramics class just like her mother before her did and I always remember it sitting on a bed of angel hair so people wouldn't touch it.  (Angel hair is glass and will cut you like a mutha.)  When we were getting mail for her husband a few months ago, I snatched it since I knew that whole "take what you want" day wasn't going to happen before Christmas, and I had already checked with my mom to see if I could have it.  The light inside still works, but there's no switch so I'll only light it on Christmas Eve.

Thanks so much to those who participated this year!  I love seeing your holiday spirit shine through.

What's the one item in your home (other than a tree or menorah) that is a must every holiday season?

(Mine is probably a tie between grandma's gumdrop tree that I inherited about 5 years ago and the white nativity scene from Christmas Around the World that my mom got me when I got engaged.)

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  1. This is my favorite post to look forward to and all of you did not disappoint - especially Christine and that Star Wars awesomeness! Merry Christmas everybody!

  2. Love this post!!! Thank you to everyone who shared their decorations and to The Mrs for posting them for us to see. Merry Christmas!!

  3. These are really great! Maybe next year I'll get my butt in gear and send a picture. I'm already on my second tree this year. Last year I had great luck with a small cut tree that came already in a base so I did the same thing this year. It didn't work so well. It started dripping needles on the way home from the store and didn't stop. I finally gave up this weekend and threw it out and set up my artificial tree instead.

    A stocking for the kid is an absolute must, as is the "Santa key". It's this giant key that actually goes to ... something, maybe. It's on a red bead string and we hang it on the doorknob on Christmas Eve.

  4. Sentimental is a collection of vintage plastic reindeer. Acquired by me is my light up pink flamingo lawn ornament with santa hat and scarf. When I lived in Florida is was always under the lighted palm trees!

  5. I must have a locally made Christmas wreath on my door and a nutcracker that was bought for my first Christmas in the home that I bought. It was one of the first decorations bought specifically for the house.

  6. These are absolutely lovely!! People are so creative and it's so neat to see the beautiful personal displays. Thanks so much for sharing these awesome posts!!

  7. Thanks for sharing, I love seeing others' deco!
    Kid is home so I want to say Merry Christmas to you two before I get too wrapped up in the gala. I love starting my day with you!


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