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Monday, December 11, 2017

When Winging It Paid Off

Despite having basically 3 months to plan our long weekend in the Detroit area, I didn't.  I was too busy and I think I sat down two days before at midnight and planned the addresses of places I knew were close to the hotel area in Dearborn.  I knew I wanted to see downtown Detroit but no time to really research due to my schedule.  So the morning of Greenfield Nights, I pulled up "things to do in Detroit" and the Eastern Market came up as a favorite.  I'm always down for a good market but having never been to Detroit or knowing the area, we said we'd scope it out first to see if we were going to have to wander aimlessly to find parking, if it was a madhouse, etc. 

It is one of the oldest markets in the United States (est. 1891) and it has a massive layout.

If you want a quick idea of what they're about, click here.

We hit the first weekend in December so the holiday vendors were out in full force.  The poinsettias at this vendor were absolutely stunning and reasonably priced.

Of course, you had lots of wreaths, greens and even a tree lot out back where many people were getting their trees for the season.

I took a particular interest in the Charlie Brown trees and this guy in between the sheds was selling ones with birch bases which I fell in love with.  Or you could buy and plant a live one that would stay Charlie Brown size for a year or two.

We shared some mulled cider as we walked and I got the warm squishees inside from all of the holiday spirit.  Everyone seemed to be in a good mood and ready to make merry.  There are tons of vendors for fresh produce, baked goods, gifts, and locally sourced items.

Kid Rock Kitchen Commons is relatively new and it's a community kitchen where events can be held.

There are some great food trucks on site as well and the smells wafting from all of them make you wish you had three stomachs like a cow.

We got a mini chess pie from a local bakery because...chess pie.  But I also had to go back for that Charlie Brown tree to sit on our porch.

Ain't that birch purty!?  The guy said he has repeat customers every year who said they last until anywhere between January and March which is pretty darn good considering you can't really water them.

Honestly, I would make a return trip to Detroit for this market alone and at holiday time it really seems to shine.  Parking was $5 in the lots closest to it, there's an ATM on site and be ready because some vendors are cash only.  The market is year round so if you're going to be within 1-2 hours away, I highly recommend taking a gander.  Here is the market schedule so you can plan your trip and some FAQ's.

Have you ever been to Eastern Market?  What's the best indoor/outdoor market you've been to?

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  1. I was really impressed. The vendors cover just about everything in terms of food and you can sample things at a lot of them, which is my favorite Saturday past-time of course. I have not seen trees like that for sale ever, so I feel like we got a unique thing for our area and it has already gotten some compliments from guests to our house, so it paid for itself in my book!

  2. That sounds really great! I love the Charlie Brown Christmas tree, I would have had to go back for it too.

    The best market I ever went to was in Portugal. It was this little town I visited when I traveled there with my parents. I'd never seen a market like it before - everything from fish that had been swimming that morning, to fresh flowers, to cheap imported trinkets, to local goods, fresh bread and produce. It was amazing. I know it wasn't really that unusual, but there is nothing like that around here.

  3. What a delightful trip you had! Love the tree and all the bells and whistles the place had. I haven't gone to too many markets, but I'm told the one in Beloit is a huge hit with people.


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