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Thursday, December 14, 2017

Sharing our Christmas cheer

Since I've asked you to share your Christmas cheer (deadline is Sunday), I thought I'd share ours.

Our tree hasn't changed in 20 years so it always looks the same but we like it that way.

We are suckers for the red, white and green lights and I can get lost just staring at them with the lights off.

I know they are making reproductions of ceramic trees now but I was more than happy to get this antique at a little shop because I'm all about authenticity.  The mantel is pretty traditional with a kind of woodland feel complete with fresh greens and decorative snowshoes.  I took vintage bulbs and painted them with clear glitter and string them on bakers twine and of course, red and white stockings.

The armoire is my woodland vintage feel with birch, deer, bottlebrush tree, Currier and Ives two-horse open sleigh tray, some vintage ornaments in a lantern and of course, Grandma's gumdrop tree.

We had two new additions this year.  One of them was this small tree.  A friend of mine was closing his store and had this small tree they used in their window display.  I thought it would be the perfect size for holding our travel ornaments.

I don't like to put them on our main tree because I like a uniform look but this lets us display our travel ornaments in their own way and I put it on a lazy susan to be able to spin it...gently.

The second new addition is these vintage snowshoes from Vermont I got on eBay.  They weren't too expensive in comparison to some I've seen and I really wanted a pair.  I sewed some little white balls onto these mittens I bought probably 15 years ago to use as silverware holders.  I tacked them together and made a pine cone cluster to hang off of it.

I just love the cozy feel it greets you with.

I bought this tree shelf last year from Pottery Barn kids pretty close to Christmas since it went on sale for almost 50% off.  I filled it with some vintage spice jars I gussied up and little odds and ends like a vintage songbook, ski and snowshoe ornaments and a baby snowman mug I had no idea what to do with but fits in nicely and a little jar of Christmas Nougats.

Once again, Sunday (17th) is the cut off to share a picture of your Christmas/holiday decor to be featured in a post next week.  You can either Facebook message me or send an email to mrs{at}successalongtheweigh{dot}com.

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  1. I really love the way our house looks at Christmas time and wouldn't change a thing. Our tree always looks great and I agree that it is mesmerizing with the lights on and in the otherwise darkened room - the perfect way to relax at this time of year. Can't wait to see everyone else's pics so get them in here!

  2. Absolutely beautiful!! Everything is done so tastefully and with such love and care. Awesome job!!!


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