Monday, October 23, 2017

Surprises...good and bad

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Happy Monday all!  I hope you had a good one!

Friday night, I was feeling decent enough to see if walking on asphalt was in my future.  I probably should've stopped at mile two but pushed it to mile three and we both felt like the Tin Man sitting in the forest for decades.  We went straight to the dungeon and stretched, rolled and stuff to feel better and it seemed to work.  I thought I'd give my shins a rest since I rolled everywhere else because between rolling every day all week, releasing some spots with a softball and the huge bruise from my hot tub fall, I felt like I just couldn't take it.

Saturday morning laughed at me and said: "should've rolled the shins asshat!"  I felt pretty bad so I decided shopping for three hours on a bum foot was in order.  I shopped til I literally almost dropped.  But it wasn't all for nothing, I got two Christmas gifts so there's that, right?  When we got home, I was greeted with a package from my bestie that contained a new smelly for our abode!

It's a lemon pound cake candle and it made the house smell like I'd been baking all day.  If you like a candle that isn't too overwhelming scent wise, this is a great one!  There's nothing like getting an unexpected package!  Woohoo for surprises!  We settled in and rented Everything, Everything  (affiliate link) and it was really good.  We thought the characters had great chemistry and OMG, the main girl in it is cute as can be.  Totally didn't see the twist coming either.  Somehow I thought it'd be a good idea to just elevate and not roll after all of that shopping despite digging in with my hard spiky ball for some fascia relief so I went to bed hoping for the best.

Surprise!  A middle of the night bathroom break told me I rolled the dice and lost.  I could barely put weight on my leg again.  Sunday morning the Mr was kind enough to massage my gams and get me some relief on the calves which were tight as hell as well.  I went down and rolled for 20 minutes so we could go for a produce refuel which still has us in need of organic strawberries after stopping at FOUR grocery stores!!  If everyone is out of organic strawberries and there are crates of regular strawberries, people are voting with their wallets so you better get to widening those organic sections!  *stepping off soapbox*   Oh, we went to Home Goods too and I picked up some wrapping paper even though I went there for mini pie plates.  Am I the only one that sees some blogger recommend how much they love Home Goods and all of this cool crap they find there only to go to the one closest to them and it looks like an overstock bomb went off in the aisles??  Same thing with TJ Maxx.  I don't get it.  I must be missing something or our neighborhood is just tanking and it all starts in the stores.

We ended last night settled in for our Sunday night hot chocolate and watching Halloweentown.   (affiliate link) It's the first time seeing it since Debbie Reynolds passed so it was bittersweet for sure.  Sigh.  Love that woman.  That was about it for us.

What did you do this weekend?  What was the last surprise package you received?

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  1. Another whirlwind of a weekend but at least we got some shopping in. I was also excited to get a chance to try out the virtual reality that I'm about to purchase so that was a highlight for me as well. Thanks for waiting around with me there, I know that was pretty boring for you.

    1. I was glad you were able to test it before you got it to make sure it's the one you wanted. That's a chunk of years of bday/Cmas money you're dropping so I didn't mind waiting. Besides, you went to all of my haunts, it's the least I could do since all of your "man stores" have gone by the wayside. :-(

  2. This weekend wasn't real exciting around here. We went to a local farm for their pumpkin patch and corn maze. Turns out a hailstorm destroyed most of their pumpkins so they had bins of pumpkins instead of an actual patch. Then the corn maze only took us 10 minutes (last year was close to an hour). Disappointing all around.

    I feel the same way about TJ Maxx, but I've never been to a Home Goods. I think some people are just have better "good stuff radar" than I do.

    1. Well that stinks! There's still time, you could go to another farm this weekend!

      TJ Maxx was actually comical. We walked in and weren't even there for 30 whole seconds and I was like "yeah...I don't think so." I'm going to have to find a different location to go to and see if it's any better or if I just don't vibe with that brand since I think they're all related.

  3. I love the "Halloweentown" movies. Luckily my husband indulges me! Lol

  4. I'm so happy you like your candle!!! Nothing better than walking in to your house and smelling comforting goodness. Ahhhh....

    We have a Marshall's here that's pretty clean that I've been in I think three times total. We used to have a TJ Maxx, but that's gone. Home Goods is newly opened and I haven't been in that one yet. Went with my mom once to get her a white platter and that store was very clean and organized, but tight. I suspect this one here will go down the tubes quickly as a lot of the stores do.

    Weekend was very productive with a good balance of rest so I'm grateful for that. Got laundry done, the lawn cut, groceries done, and a goodly amount of, pitching...or rather, disposing of off of my kitchen table. I now see I have an actual table, so I'm calling that a win. LOL And I was a happy gal watching Notre Dame trounce USC Saturday night (schedule could not have worked out better for me to cut the lawn...the Mr. will appreciate that football statement. LOL)


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