Monday, October 30, 2017

"You owe me restitution!"

Happy Monday everyone!  I hope you had a great weekend.

It was quite low key here at Hackey's House o' Crud.  Yep, come midday Friday I knew I was screwed.  Sleeping apart, keeping our distance, spraying every knob, handle, faucet, toothpaste tube, putting tea tree oil in my diffuser, chewing up a garlic clove 3x a day were not enough to save me.  I was pretty sure I was in the clear and knew if I didn't feel anything by Friday I'd be good because that would've been the three day incubation period from the time he got sick which was three days from the time he was infected.  (We're both fairly certain it was the super germy VR demo.  I told him to wipe down the headpiece with the wipes they had right there but weren't using but did he listen?  Noooooooo!  H'ed look like an old fart if he did that.  *flicks him in the forehead*)

So needless to say, the Halloween candy that we bought for ourselves has to be postponed because why bother if you can only taste it 10% power?  I would like to hunt down whatever d-bag decided it'd be a good idea to infect others and shake him Sally style

Needless to say our ice cream gathering with mom got postponed again but that didn't mean we still couldn't get some so we said screw it and went ourselves.  I got mint so I could feel like I was able to taste a little something.  I felt bad we had to move it back twice in a week.  At this point, it'll probably be waiting until Thanksgiving.

I went down and did my PT and rolling so I wouldn't back track on that and while it was 45 minutes of that stuff, I wasn't going to push cardio or weights.  It was probably my worst day so I was going to go easy.  The Mr took 3 days off last week to rest.  For dinner I made, grilled cheese and soup.

I added a little kick to my tomato soup...

It gave a nice kick to my won ton soup the night before but didn't quite get me as runny in the tomato soup.  Oh well.  I've drank more hot tea than I knew I could handle.  I'm still keeping up with the garlic eating because even if it helps cut my sick time, I'll consider it worth it.  I'm just ready for the sore throat to be over.  The feeling of swallowing a cheese grater is never fun.

What did you guys do this weekend?

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  1. Only thing worse than being sick is passing it on to you. We'll make it worth the wait for the Halloween candy when we can both fully taste. October sure is a long month, isn't it?

  2. Oh the season! Mom came home from Iowa last Sunday and had had a nasty cold ever since. My little and I carved pumpkins Friday night and went to my friends Halloween display. Saturday was lunch at a friend's house and dominoes. Then off to a Chicago style pizza joint and a trip back to the Halloween display. Shopping, grass cutting, laundry Sunday followed by dinner at an amazing Brat Haus with another friend. I'm in charge of my neighbor's dog so over there 4 times a day to let the pup out. Packing up my son's birthday box to ship out. Crazy busy weekend. I never cooked once. Loved ones of friends are dropping like flies. Do flies drop? So sad.
    Have a great week!

  3. Typical weekend junk, plus I had some friends over Saturday night and then gave a swimming lesson and carved pumpkins yesterday.

    I have that gravel in my chest feeling, woke up coughing. Ugh. I keep hoping it's allergies, but since the weather turned cold and the pollen counts are super low...

  4. I'm so sorry you guys were down for the count all weekend. That just stinks and having a sore throat is the WORST! Not a fun way to ring in Halloween. =0(

    My weekend was part resting and part getting things done, although I always beat myself up for not doing more. But I can see that I did make some headway so I need to focus on that. I told the hubs one day he was going to come home and I'd have a dumpster out front. LOL I just don't want stuff anymore. I said I could just throw everything away and start over and I'd be perfectly fine with that. He slowly backed away like I was a lunatic. ROFL


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