Thursday, October 5, 2017


(The visual of that made me laugh so hard, I had to use it.  Thanks Pinterest.)

Well, things on the ankle front have not been great.  As soon as my chiro's office opened the other day, I made an appointment to try this new therapy they started about a month ago.  It's called Bemer Therapy and is used to treat athletes and their injuries to speed recovery.  Many swore they felt relief from the first session which is usually 15 minutes and then you can do a full 30 minute session.  It increases circulation, is supposed to help with sleep and even anxiety.  They were able to get an appointment for yesterday and I wanted to get ahead of it.  But let me back up a little too.  Tuesday afternoon, I felt like I could at least bear weight on my foot so I figured I'd do Walk Away the Pounds since I'd be on a padded surface and modify any moves that I knew my ankle wouldn't appreciate.  (The side steps weren't fun so I just did them slower making sure not to put my weight down when switching feet.)  By mile 2.8, my ankle started flaring and I did the cool down and knew I was done.  I put it on my vibration board  (affiliate link) to shake out any lactic acid and get blood flow moving.  I went up and started making dinner and immediately slapped a flexible ice pack  (affiliate link) around the front of my ankle to help with swelling.  Then during dinner I got a harder ice pack to sit the part of the foot responsible for the flare on it.  I knew from the second my foot hit it that cardio would be out of the question the rest of the week.

As the night went on, I morphed back into Limpy McLimperson so that was fun.  Not.  No amount of ice or heat seemed to be helping and I kept wondering where we put that awesome Canadian pain reliever I bought from the hotel for my migraine whilst in Toronto.  I got out my little jade gua shua tool to try to lengthen and "unbunge" as much of the tissue in my plantar fascia and front of the ankle as I could.  I could still feel a pretty massive knot in my calf which I know isn't helping things but it's the spot on the bottom of the foot that shoots pain into the front of the ankle that is making me basically immobile.

My appointment was at 2pm but with the need to fill out some paperwork before hand.  I wasn't quite sure what to expect but from what I read, it was just a mat you lay down on.  So it'd be like a forced nap.  What a shame.  At 1:40, I go out to the car and click my remote.  Nothing.  "You're not doing this to me you S.O.B."  My heart starts racing as I manually unlock the door.  No turn over, no nothing except a background light clicking you can hear.  The Mr started it the night before but it doesn't do anything if you don't actually drive it.  I run in and call the chiro and tell her the situation and beg for another later appointment.  She says she doesn't have any today (and the woman isn't there every day either).  I tell her I'm going to try the jump starter the hubby has for me and she said "you'll be good until 2:15pm at the latest."  Word.  Okay, so now I was going to have to put my own instructions on how to jump start my car to work.  I run back in the house, bring up the blog post.  "Red to positive- black to negative, plug it in, boost, start. Red to positive- black to negative, plug it in, boost, start.

I break into the trunk through the back seat because you know, no power to pop it open from anywhere and my hands are shaking.  I can't find the damn thing.  I grab what I think is that but it's a manual for the car the size of War and Peace.  What the hell is that doing in there?  I finally find it, as far back as it can possibly be of course and because I've never really used it myself, my shaking hands are doing a horrible job locating the plug I need, the stray cat from down the way is meowing at me and I'm like "NOT NOW FELINE!" and she runs back under our tree.  "Red to positive- black to negative, plug it in, boost, start."  I hear beeping.  This is good.  I get into the car and turn it.  Nothing.  Okay, maybe I don't have them positioned right.  Adjust.  "Red to positive- black to negative, plug it in, boost, start."  Nothing.  I keep noticing that every time I press the boost button, it's not indicating it's been boosted.  So I scream some expletives, shakily try to screw the cap back on and see some warnings on the side.  "Do not try to use if 75% charged or less."  It's 75% charged.


Now I know it's my car and since I don't drive it often due to working from home and the Mr being the one to put the miles on his car on the weekend, I know I should've made sure it was charged.  But given he bought it with the caveat that HE would keep it charged, I took him on his word.  I kind of figured he would've made sure of that when starting the car especially since there are literally cobwebs on my car.  When I was calling the chiro initially, I messaged him and said "the effing car is DEAD!"  When I checked 15 minutes later after my saga at my appointment time as I was crying on the phone to the chiro's office, he offered to come home and get me.

Do not come home.  It's not safe for your here right now.  I didn't say that but it was typed out if he pushed it.  I just sat there and cried and hyperventilated for 20 minutes because I'm tired of the pain.  If my ankle wasn't the problem, I would've jogged there and probably still missed my window by 10 minutes but would've given it a sweaty, valiant effort.  That is how bad I feel like I need this treatment, I was considering running on a bum ankle.  On the upside, the adrenaline made my pain go away for 10 minutes and my appetite go away completely from nausea.  Silver lining!

I called back later to see if she had anything this week at all through tears that I could not hold back and she said she has an opening tomorrow at 10:30am.  This is obviously good news but the bad news is my leg has two less days to benefit from that therapy before we go on a road trip that is not able to be cancelled.  The Mr teleworks tomorrow so if my car is still a big pile of Hyundai shite then I will take his car.  The lesson is obviously when you see spiderwebs on your car, it's time to take it for a run.  Oh and the day before a doctor's appointment, charge the damn jumper for your battery.  That coupled with all the work stress I was dealing with all morning to try to get done in time so I could go relax means mama wishes she drank.

Any crappy moments from your week you'd like to share?  We're all friends.

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  1. Sounds like an uber opportunity to me. No crappy moments yet.

  2. I knew I should have checked the charge on that thing. It's that time of year where the temperature swings zap all the juice from your battery. I am sorry about that. It's ready to go now and we'll keep it in a place where it stays charged from now on.

  3. I had a similar experience happen once. My car wouldn't start so I hiked all across town to get to an eye appointment. First, I went into what I thought was my eye doctor. Oops, turns out there're two eye doctors practically next door to each other. Then, when I got to mine, I was all sweaty and out of breath...I felt pretty bad for the doctor who had to see me and wished I'd just rescheduled! Ha.

  4. Definitely a crappy week. Issue with an acquaintance on Monday. Tuesday was a very long and tiring day. Yesterday I got two frantic emails from my uncle's POA about a TON of documents she needs me to find for her asap (even though she had the majority in the beginning, thus I have no copies). I, too, was a bit of a shaky mess last night as I dug through boxes and file folders for things I'd never seen before. Have definitely been using my alpha-stim like crazy! Oh yeah, and I have some kind of infection going on too and don't see my gyne until Monday late afternoon. Aces.

  5. I hear that you are trying to keep the miles off your car.

    But what you went thru was terrible. I can fully imagine how upsetting.

    Wondering if you should always drive your car to something you do once a week or so, and is a short distance.

    Something like grocery shopping.

    Or maybe your husband drives your car to work once a week, Monday for example. A set day.

    Because you are right. Cannot just start it, have to drive it.

    Then the primary plan is to drive it once a week to maintain the battery. And the backup plan is the charger. Two plans.

    )I think this would be a pain, but another option is to disconnect the battery while it is "in storage". Would not be my first choice.)

  6. You know far more about legs and feet than I do.

    I think this helps me hugely. But I guess I do not know for sure.

    I get in the bath tub every day as soon as I wake. I use the end of the bath tub, with my feet and legs submerged, to put my feet in a flexed position.

    That is also my time for checking emails, etc on my phone. So not antsy. I stay awhile.

    It seems to get my legs and feet stretched out and moving in a happy way.


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