Friday, November 4, 2016

What I'm Reading This Week #44

We made it to Friday!!

It's been a long week so let's get straight to...

20 Health & Fitness Gadgets That Actually Work  (Totally intrigued by FitnessGenes)

Chemicals in Household Products Cost $340 Billion a Year in Health Costs  (Wow!  We're trying to go natural wherever we can including household cleaners)

11 Easy Diet Tweaks 1 Woman Made to Look Less Bloated and Feel Better  (Good tips)

In Defense Of Steady-State Cardio  (Interesting perspective on this and HIIT)

An Important Reminder to Not Judge People by Their Appearances — Especially at the Gym  (THIS!  A million times this!!)

9 Things You Should Know About Working Out If You’re Trying To Lose Weight  (We actually haven't used our HRM's since coming back from Hawaii.  Partly because I'm gimpy and haven't been able to do high intensity workouts but it's actually been nice to not have to focus on that)

Americans Are Dying Faster. Millennials, Too  (Well this sucks)

The Best Ways to Deal With a Noisy Coworker  (I do NOT miss this and if my current co-worker gets too loud I can boot him out of the room.)

Is the Food You're Eating Aging You?  (Make sure the palm oil is sustainable because regular palm oil is VERY bad for the environment)

4-Year-Old Visits Her 82-Year-Old Best Friend for Halloween  (Oh my God, my heart.  I have something in my eyes.)

Want to sleep at Graceland? Here's an inside look at new Elvis-inspired hotel  (I can't wait to stay here once the newness of the place has worn off with diehards.  A January Elvis Week is on my bucket list!)

Man Drove 600 Miles To Listen To Cubs Win With His Father At His Grave, Keeping His Promise  (Aww, what a nugget)

Did Bill Murray magic help Cubs win?  (That face.  This is why I was rooting for them.  I wanted him to be able to see that in his lifetime as well as all of my Cubbie fan friends!)

Must-watch: The 1975 x 'Star Wars' themed Halloween show  (Figures.  This was the day after our show but still, you need to see the awesomeness they pulled together!)

I have another PT session today.  I have to say, I wasn't happy with the last needling session.  She used the deeper needles and I felt absolutely NO release or increased range of motion like the first session with the low dose needles.  So I emailed her that info and she said she'd adjust the dose.  My body is already weird so it wouldn't surprise me if I needed to go with something different than everyone else does.  She was also supposed to start giving me exercises to do this time as well but maybe that'll change since I told her I got no relief last time, who knows.   I have been throwing the clamshells in there anyway because I overheard another therapist tell a patient it will take 4-6 weeks to see results from those.  Well, that's about the time I have so I'm doing them in the morning and at night every other day so as not to overload my legs.  Three sets of 15 per leg.  I wish I was as optimistic as I was after the first session but I just hope I can get rid of that damn tightness.  She did light graston on my legs, something tells me now that the cat's out of the bag the massage therapist is going to dig the hell out of my legs.  Pray for me!  :-)

What are you guys into this week?

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  1. Great articles! I recorded the Cubs parade/rally that was this morning and will watch that before bed -- more tears I'm sure. LOL I hope your session went better today and the other needles worked some magic on your legs. Have a super duper weekend!


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