Thursday, November 10, 2016

Christmas music and southern comfort

Well, I couldn't hold out...I've got Christmas music on.  I like to ease into it with HO: A Dan Band Xmas  (affiliate link) album because it's just so ridiculous and raunchy.  (Any Christmas song that uses the word punani is going to become a Christmas classic in our home.)  Actually I put that on as our PT music last night and we giggled and laughed through the whole thing so it made it go quicker.

I will try to go in small doses though because I don't want to burn out by the time the holiday actually rolls around.  I had plans to film a recipe yesterday but I had no natural light due to the black clouds that hung low all day despite calling for sun.  So now I get to try today but with a chiro appointment at the time of optimum light.  *grumble*  I will be interested to see if the muscles stay looser today because they did a pretty good job of it yesterday.  There were times I got tight but then I would sit with my legs on the vibration board and it seemed to be enough to shake things loose a bit.  I think I found the trick to making the booty work more efficiently for me on the clam shell.  After I lift the knee, I make sure to relax it on the hold and tense the butt cheek and that seems to help.  I guess it's all trial and error.

I also did my first full day of PT with all 4 exercises.  Luckily I can do the two new stabilization exercises while sitting and working so it won't have to be added onto what already feels like that tipping point on the other two exercises.  I pray she doesn't give me more exercises tomorrow.  I don't want to overload things.  But when we walked around the neighborhood last night, I did feel like the right muscles were firing after figuring out that when I pronated outward is when my outer muscle wanted to lock out.  So I corrected and made sure I walked in the middle of my feet until I can work up to it on my new insoles  (affiliate link) that arrived yesterday.  Before I would just put them in and walk in them like normal and if things hurt, they hurt.  She told me to wear them for 20 minutes the first day to see how I do, which I did last night while making dinner.  Then today I can increase to 40 minutes to see how I do and so on.  She said don't get to the point where things hurt and to always keep the old insoles with me to be able to trade out if need be until I'm used to them.  She said "I can tell I'm going to have to watch you because you're one of those people that will be tempted to do extra sets/reps thinking it'll speed up the process."  I laughed because that's totally how I think, especially after all this time.

Then I finally got to satisfy my craving for some southern comfort...

Some shrimp and pepper jack cheese grits make everything better.  The rare times we do have it, I always feel like I'm back at Vic's on the River in Savannah.  That was the first time I ever had Shrimp and Grits and the Mr says mine taste just like theirs.  I'd say I'm pretty close!  Man I miss that place.

When do you usually start listening to Christmas music?

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  1. Oh those grits... So friggin good!

  2. I have a hard time listening to Christmas music when it's 70 degrees outside so it'll be a while yet for me.

  3. Oh my goodness those grits look so good!!! And I have already confessed to listening to Christmas music, but I dialed it way way back so I don't burn out also. Christmas is my favorite time of year and I really want to get decorated and all the presents wrapped early so I can just breathe and enjoy the season.

  4. I've never had shrimp and grits before because they always look weird and bland (Northerner here!). But wow! Those shrimp and grits you made look REALLY good!!

    I usually wait to start listening to Christmas music until after Thanksgiving...but I'll randomly sing Christmas songs throughout the year whenever one pops into my head. It's especially goofy when I'm singing "It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas" during the middle of summer.

  5. I started listening to Gary Hoey a couple of weeks ago in the car. What that man can do with a guitar is insane! I have my Time Life Treasury CD's in the car as well, but I don't care for the one my mom gave me. I like my other one better, so I need to see if I have that in there or not. I also ran across a bunch of Christmas vinyl records that were so old but I remember so well! "Sing Along with Mitch", and "Andy Williams" are the two that stick out in my head right now. A hoot I tell you, a hoot!


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