Monday, November 7, 2016

Weekend recap

Happy Monday all!

The weekend was pretty low key for us.  After the adventure of the previous weekend, I was in need of some down time where long term standing was concerned.  We went out to lunch Saturday and I said it was probably time to just hunker down and get ALL of the grocery shopping done in one day so we could have Sunday to do what we wanted to do and not what we needed to do.  We hit up Trader Joe's midday which is always a treat.  {dripping with sarcasm}  Because I don't like to do a yogurt refuel from them every weekend, we just bought what looks like an obscene amount of yogurt that only a yogurt commercial compares in quantity.  I hate that they redid the flow of the place again.  Now all the veggies are as soon as you walk in and because that's what a lot of people are there for, people just stand there and looky loo like they're never seen cauliflower before.  Outta the way doofs!

We ran a few errands and then headed back home and watched some DVR'd football the rest of the night before I conked out on the couch.

The next morning we woke up and I did some food prep while the Mr got the laundry going.  He was anxiously awaiting brunch.

French Toast (made with 35 cal bread), 2 eggs and 40% less fat/nitrate free bacon

We headed to Kohl's because they had a good $10 off coupon and you can earn Kohl's cash too so we picked up a mattress topper  (affiliate link) for the Christmas rental because without fail, rentals always kill my back.  I want a little cush and my blow up one just doesn't seem to be doing the job lately since it's noisy when I roll over.  Even if we only use it for the week because we can't cram it back in the bag, I think it'll be worth it.  We got a good price on it with the $10 off so I'll take it.

We, of course, ended up needing to run back to the grocery for a few items we forgot but nothing major.  Then it was time to head home and get in our strength workout.  When it was over, we were good and hungry and needed some protein.

Bacon wrapped BBQ pork chop and butternut squash risotto

Then we just got a few things done around the house before chillin' the rest of the night.  We did watch Scream Friday and I might want to watch another Halloween type flick soon since I feel somehow we missed out on doing that this year.  I'm not quite ready for Christmas specials yet.  I know...take my temperature!

What did you guys do this weekend?

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  1. I really wish this was the last time we ever had to change clocks! Daylight savings time is a complete farce! As you were.

  2. I'm with your Mr. about DST.

    Pretty boring weekend here. Next weekend won't be though so it was nice to have chance to do nothing.

  3. OMG your food always look soooo good! We had a busy weekend - but I will tell you...Christmas is definitely on my mind! Watched the new Hallmark movie Saturday night to get in the spirit. And, had my husband start bringing the bins down from the attic this morning so we start our indoor decorating this weekend....I know, I know. But I feel like there is just never enough time to do everything I want to do every holiday season. I start my shopping early like you and get that out of the way (I'm done!!), but between work and obligations and kids' stuff, I'm always just settling in to enjoy my tree...and it's Christmas. So this year I'm decorating early, going to my brother's for turkey day, and putting our tree up Thanksgiving weekend. That should leave plenty of time to enjoy the season! And I agree with The Mr. about the DST change.....

  4. I'm glad it was a laid back weekend for you guys... you need those days sometimes. Mine was about the same. Ran a couple of errands, went to a meeting, cut the lawn for the last time this year (wahoo!)and did get in a solid nap where I was knocked out cold (so rare for me). Today was the catch up day and I went to the pool for an hour, out to mom's, then to Good Will, then grocery shopping, then back home to take the dogs for a drive to the post office since they'd been cooped up all day. I am slap wore out now! We're just having leftovers from the roast I made yesterday, which sounds perfect to me.


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