Wednesday, November 16, 2016

He said, she said

Another Tuesday, another chance to feel like a voodoo doll from Spencer's Gifts.  (Remember that place?)

Don't you love how your fat balloons your legs when lying against something flat?  Jerk.

Last Friday's session left me feeling crippled for 3 days with very little relief.  My legs locked back up on me and then it was time to get poked all over again.  I did tell her I got no release and how badly my ankle was yanking upward.  I told her about how the legs do NOT like the eversion exercise.  She explained that this will be growing pain time because right now, the outside of my leg takes ALL of the brunt of my weight and strengthening the inner muscles will help me eventually balance the load.  I asked if this was wise to do when I thought the goal was to try to get them to relax.  She assured me this was part of the plan.  So I guess I'll continue with the half rotation ones but I'm straight up not going to do the seated calf raises she gave me Friday.  I can do those when the other muscles are balanced and I feel comfortable adding them in but right now those are the muscles that get overloaded and I just want some damn relief first before overwhelming that area of concern.

I haven't even told the chiro she gave me those yet.  He was a little on the horrified side to hear she gave me the eversion  and toe scrunchy exercises.  He was delicately trying to say he understands she has goals but he doesn't quite understand what they'd be since she's wanting me to work the muscles that are already overloaded.  He was quite protective over me and I am appreciative of that.  He was very adamant that I tell her if I really don't want her using the deep needles.  When I questioned that she said that was what warrants the fastest results even if it hurts like a mother.  Okay, fine.  But my insurance company is being a carton of flaming @ssholes and I've already blown through the approved number and now she has to try to get me more sessions.  I can't wait for those bills to come rolling in.  *face palm*

But poking isn't my only fun, I also get graston done and while I think it feels slightly heavenly on the back of my calves, the shins do not agree.

I thought it would break up a little more but holy God the shins are hanging on like they're paid to.  I know that process takes time and it will likely be my responsibility to continue it into the future to further break down adhesions.  Yay?

I thought it was interesting at the last chiro session when he was questioning her choice in exercises that he started rambling off exercises he thought would help.  I kind of wanted to smack him a bit and say "HOW MANY times did I ask you what I could do in between visits and got wishy washy Charlie Brown answers from you!?!"  Maybe because I'm working with a PT now that he feels like he can do that but crap man if he'd given me exercises to do in the beginning I have to wonder if I could be cured by now instead of 5 months in with more ahead of me.  I love the guy and am glad he has my best interest at heart but yeah, sometimes the vagueness (from both of them) makes me want to ram my head through a wall.

Have you ever been caught between two doctors?  Have you ever been given vague instructions by a doctor?

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  1. I hate watching you get ping ponged between opposing doctor's but maybe they'll find the sweet spot in between that leads to your recovery.

  2. It's a hard place to be caught. You are paying two experts to fix you, and they are disagreeing. It would be nice if he had given you some exercises to start with. I wonder why he didn't since he seems to have opinions now.

  3. I went through this with a couple of doctors with contradictory information and it was awful. Definitely felt like a ping pong ball, and not knowing who to listen to. Good grief, your poor shins!! That looks so painful and I can't imagine her doing it AGAIN while you're still bruised up! Ouch!!


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