Monday, November 21, 2016

Taking a time out to make merry

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Y' has been a weekend.

Last Thursday I went to the chiro and he was happy with the progress I've made.  I told him that I would trade him baked goodies for an ultrasound since they were going to graston me the next day.  He smiled and said he'd feel around to determine if that was a good idea but I didn't need to bring goodies for treatment.  He did ultrasound me and gasped in delight when he saw I brought the goodies with me.  He declared "I'm not sharing!"  HA!

Friday I went to my PT appointment and it was pretty good.  I had her feel the legs and determine what she thought.  She said it's feeling much looser up top.  I don't know that the chiro would agree with that and I know he wants full release before he'll consider me over this and I agree.  But obviously she feels something I don't.  She did say the bottom was tight as heck though so she got to needling..,including one right where Gage cut Jud in that horrible scene from Pet Sematary .   (affiliate link) That felt delightful.  Then I flipped over and she needled the front and then it was time to get grastoned and just as I'd told the chiro the day before that she doesn't go that deep, she really went for it.  My shins looked like I'd been whacked by that skater.  Then I got a new PT exercise to add to the mix.  A hip exercise!  (Been waiting for that)  So I squat a little then pretend I have a bowl of water on my head and move without tilting to the side.  I did that Saturday morning and by mid-day I was locked so bad nothing would really help.  It's going to suck getting through the soreness of this one.  I had to use my massagey thingy  (affiliate link) on my legs for 45 minutes before I could walk Sunday.  That was a treat.  It might have to be the norm until my legs can take it on a regular basis.  What I looked up said to expect it for 1-2 weeks.  Yay.

So in the midst of both of us on the mental edge, I declared that we would splurge by having a serving of what I made with our usual Sunday hot chocolate and watch our first Christmas movie of the season.  (We are WAY late on that, we've usually got 2-3 under our belts by this time.)  I told him due to all of his hard work, it was his choice and he chose Home Alone.   (affiliate link) I didn't know he chose it because he had a little gift for me up his sleeve...

You bet your sweet bippy I'm going to color in it too.  I may just color in it on Christmas Day too!

We needed that time to relax and reconnect instead of continue to drive ourselves crazy.  Today I will be Mach 5 with my hair on fire (points if you got the reference) but last night we needed to breathe and not be so militant.

We got our grocery shopping done and now it's time to move on with the hectic week feeling a little more refreshed and ready to roll.

What did you guys do this weekend?

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  1. I am glad we took some time out to actually enjoy the season. It was nice and the movie was perfect! Not just because I had a gift in mind either, I was really in the mood for it and it delivered, as always!

  2. Wow, what a weekend you had! I'm so glad you gave yourselves some downtime and relaxed together. It was much needed, and well deserved!

    Weekend was insane, including today. Worked around the house on Saturday, changing out cabinets and redoing things in the kitchen (not in my plans for the day, but it all started with a roll of plastic wrap, and I was off.) Sunday, drove out to mom's to meet a resale lady who bought some furniture. I was SO relieved to have a big chunk of that gone. Worked on laundry and grocery list for today for "last minute" items. Hardee har har. How last minute items turned into $140+ this morning is still sputtering my brain! AND, I thought I was so slick getting there before 8am since most sane people are either working or NOT grocery shopping at that time. W-R-O-N-G. Apparently we're all nuts because I had to park in the second row! It took an hour in the store (well stocked with nice people...I even told an older couple to go ahead of me since I had more items than they did to check out), then I had to get home to unload it all, get the dogs and get a drive in to the bank and to drop something off before I had to head out to the far west suburbs for my uncle. That trip had my heart in my throat and I needed to breathe my way out of a full blown panic attack. He wanted something particular for lunch (which just happened to be 14 miles round trip farther from his place...almost into Chicago!)and that turned out to be a bust. He didn't like it, I didn't like it, and I ended up throwing mine lunch away. Sooooo not worth the 2 hour trip just to get there. But we had a nice visit and I told him I'll be back in a few weeks with presents from Santa and back to the original place he loves his food from, along with his favorite dessert. So drove home (about an hour and a half) stopped off to get a gift card, grabbed the pooches and went to get gas (just got gas on Saturday but two trips to the burbs in two days and I was just about out -- and have to go again tomorrow! ARGH!!) Oh yeah, and I had an energy shot drink thingy and for some stupid reason did not think it had caffeine. Well what I read was "sugar free" not "caffeine free". As the hubs pointed out, it actually has the equivalent of a cup of coffee -- and it contained two servings, so that's two cups of coffee. For most people, tis fine. For me, who does not drink caffeine regularly at all...not good. I'm a shaky mess and feel like I might vomit. I think I'm going to stare sightlessly at the tv screen tonight and just listen to the white noise crashing in my brain, before starting all over again tomorrow, when I go out to another suburb to visit my mom's friend who has a new apartment and then to lunch at a little Irish Pub she wants to take me to in her neighborhood. What I wouldn't give to have a pint (or ten) but alas, I'll have a long drive home so tis not possible. =o)

  3. Saturday was all chores and such, Sunday was a drive up to my folks'. Today has been lots of errands, picking up "goodies" from stores I don't normally have access to. I feel like all I've done all day is spend money. But, other than a trip to Goodwill after 6 (b/c after 6 is 30% off everything) I'm done. Tomorrow is a visit to the Airplane museum and some family time. Then Wednesday morning the trip home, and, unfortunately, a grocery run that I didn't have time for before I left on Sunday.

    I'm doing your dressing, and trying your mashed potatoes from your videos. I've never heard of doing mashed potatoes with cream cheese before, so I'm pretty curious how it will turn out.


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