Monday, November 14, 2016 rat bastard

How on Earth is it Monday again?  Oy.

Poor Monday

I had a long working weekend with no end in sight so I'm afraid that time off is going to be a luxury.  I just have to keep telling myself next month I will be in a different state ringing in my Christmas in peace.  I actually got so overwhelmed Saturday night I had a panic attack of spinning room variety.  There is no relief whether the eyes are shut or open but open is worse.  So I sat there trying to calm down and it wasn't helping.  Then I remembered something I saw on the tv show Bull about how if you count out of sequence, it confuses the brain.  You can see the star of the show Michael Weatherly talk about it here to explain it a little better.  But yeah, it totally saved me and I'm keeping that in my back pocket for the future!

I have to also give the Mr props because he is totally editing like a champ at every video I throw at him.  Right now I have a backlog of videos I have to write copy for, do voiceovers and then go through editing with him for the final cut.  I wish I could pay him a salary commiserate to the work he's been doing to make the baking channel a success for me.  Each video logs in a combined amount of 7-8 hours from me prepping, filming and then him editing, me doing copy and voice work and then editing and rendering and prepping for print and blog posts to go with it.  So basically a whole work day involved in each video.  He only complained early on when I kind of threw it at him but now he says it's almost like a relaxation video for him as he edits.  I hope he means that.  I hope to have him show me how to edit sometime but he does it so well and I feel like it puts both things we went to school for into play so it truly is a team effort.  So, thank you Mr.  You're the best!

I will say though that we had a really great moment Friday.  I needed to skip my at home PT because that woman totally killed my muscles and I was a hobbling mess.  I started up the heating pad and laid in bed and the Mr came in and I flipped on the TV real quick so the last time I turned it on wasn't the juju stuck on it.  I flipped channels and we found some blooper show on TruTV and before we knew it, two hours had passed and we were laughing and getting sucked into the next half hour show of bloopers.  It was much needed.  You know how just being in bed with your honey watching mindless tv at a time that isn't bedtime is just sometimes exactly what you need?

We had Sunday brunch and then I made another recipe and we had to take back something at Walmart.  I bought dishes for Christmas and of course they were defective.  So I had to re-order them and hope for the best.  So I get to find out Wednesday if they're going to work for us or not.  I will keep re-ordering until they get it right because I'm not giving up on them!  They carried them in store for the past 3 years and of course don't this year.  >:-(

We got in our upper body strength and PT exercises/stretches.  I got a little work done and now I'm checking in with y'all.  Can you believe next Thursday is Thanksgiving???  WTH man!?  It's going too fast!  I thought it was just Halloween?  Seems like just yesterday I was standing in the freezing rain waiting to meet George Daniel and locking up my legs!  At this rate, I'll be worm food soon.

What did you do this weekend?  I hope SOMEONE got to relax and enjoy it!

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  1. Nothing like waking up to smoke alarms to start your Monday morning eh? Lesson learned. Next time I go to turn on the heater for the first time in the season I'll have to remember to vacuum all the dust off the burners first!

  2. I'm a weirdo of epic proportions because I tend to view Mondays as a fresh start to the week where all of the previous week's b.s. is behind me now. I'm a

    I am so sorry to hear you had a bad panic attack. Those are just the worst and I'm so glad you found a coping mechanism to help get you through it. No doubt you were entirely drained afterwards, and the ripple effects stick with you a while, but you got through it, and for that I am so glad. I hear you about Thanksgiving too -- I cannot believe it's next week already! I shopped for it yesterday (and saved $9 on my turkey -yippee!) and just need to buy the fresh stuff. Few things knock me out more than grocery shopping and it was a 2 hour excursion. The hubs had taken the dogs on a drive and was home to bring all the bags in and unload them, which helped tremendously. Now I need to figure out what I'm making for dinners this week....

  3. I had a busy weekend too. Seems like a lot of that going around. It's not going to lighten up any time soon either. I'm just hoping the weekend after Thanksgiving I'll have some downtime.

    Your videos are just amazing. When I watch them I'm always amazed at just how well they are put together. I didn't know it took that much time, but I can't say I'm at all surprised.

    I have a small favor to ask... I want to make your dressing recipe with the sourdough and wheat bread but can't find the copy I printed and can't seem to find it here. Would you be willing to post a link to it?

    1. Aww, thanks!

      The video version is coming soon! :)


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