Friday, March 21, 2014

Another useless date and what I'm reading this week

It is the end of the work week y'all, can I get a what, what...a woot...or an expletive?

Yesterday was one of those useless date days I spoke about before.  It was the birthday of my 5th grade crush.  Man, he was dreamy in his 5th grade hotness.  His cubby was right above mine and when we were in between classes, he would basically put his feet on the wall behind me and straddle over me to get his stuff while I was at mine.  I think that was the first time my hormones began to froth.  He was the class clown but also super nice and was a young smoker the following year.  I always knew he had some bad boy in him.  Years later in high school, he suffered a serious accident at a bonfire and was in the hospital. My neighbors knew his family and knew I went to school with him and told me.  I hadn't seen him since my freshman year in passing but I had to visit him.  I was in the burn unit dressing room with his parents who were so happy to see someone coming to visit.  He couldn't believe his eyes.   I was horrified to find out his girlfriend didn't visit (she was a bitch anyway) and none of his friends at that point and it had been four days.  We caught up a little and I cried and told him how sorry I was.  He said he was so glad to see me, how much it meant to him that someone who hadn't talked to him regularly would come to the hospital and be so nice.  Then the nurse came in to change his bandages and he said I could stay but his hands looked like hamburger so it was up to me if I wanted to stay for that.  I opted out.  I saw him one more time after that and he was healing well.  I Facebook stalked him a few years ago and saw he's married with an adorable little girl he calls his princess and his hands show no signs of that fateful night.  His favorite songs back in the day were La Di Da Di by Slick Rick and Easy E (I had to look that up.  I'm not that funky fresh) and Oh Sheila by Ready for the World.  So Chris, put on your Slick Rick and party like it's 1985.

But enough of my useless dates, let's get to...

Flutter Your Way to Flat Abs  (These are getting done on the next vacay.  Never thought of using the bands on mah feet)

17 Things To Actually Try This Year (Instead Of Just Talking About Them)  (Pretty cool list)

16 Habits Of Highly Sensitive People  (Basically from 7 on)

15 Things I Always Wanted To Say To Customers When I Worked In Retail  (There are a few not listed that I've actually said.  Man, I couldn't work retail again!)

Limber and Lean: Easy Hamstring Stretches  (Stretch dem hammies!)

16 Things Northerners Know About Driving In The Winter  (Basically anyone who gets more than 5" of snow per year.  Big time on #10)

33 Moments In A Day In The Life Of A Hawaiian Surfing Pig  (Cute pig.  Too bad the kids look a little miserable)

A Colorful Midwestern Home Filled With Flea Market Finds  (I love the mix of modern, mid century and antiques!)

Band Performs in Hospital for SXSW Crash Victim  (I don't know who this band is but what great guys to do that!)

Oil Pulling Might Be The Next Big Thing -- Or Not  (I've pulled twice, both for 20 minutes so I don't get why people "gag" 5 minutes in.  I don't think it's some big health miracle but if it means I don't have to use those damn whitening strips and make my teeth numb, I'll give it a go!)

86 Films You Will Never Be Able To Look At The Same Way Again  (I knew most of these but in case you didn't.  I'm cool like dat)

Gym tells woman to cover up because her toned body 'intimidated' others  (Okay for real?!  I don't consider what she was wearing inappropriate and the people who complained about her are lame.  Planet Fitness' "judgment free zone" should go both ways.)

Ivan Reitman Will Not Be Directing Ghostbusters 3  (Courtesy of the Mr)

Just When You Thought You Couldn’t Love Kylie Minogue More, She Starts Teaching Sex Yoga  (Something tells me this is the "Physical" of this generation but sorry Kylie, Olivia Newton John is cuter)

Mick Fleetwood Goes His Own Way: Motoring nostalgia  (If nostalgia was a mental disorder back in the day, I'm certifiable.  Because I, like Iona of Pretty in Pink,  OD on nostaglia)

Keep your diet on track  (Tips if ya need 'em)

This Infographic Shows the Phytonutrients You Need to Stay Healthy  (I was glad to see how many of them I eat!)

Health Myth: Low-Intensity Workouts Burn the Most Fat Calories  (Straight from the mouth of Mike Donavanik.  If you're newer here and missed it, here's my interview with Mike.)

Pharrell's Happy Remixed Featuring Dogs  (Sure to make you happy!)

We don't have any plans yet that I know of but I don't want to waste a weekend again like we did last weekend.  It's supposed to snow a bit and I just want to go on a road trip or something to pass some time.

Anything on tap for the weekend?

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  1. Your link to the "15 things I always wanted to say..." doesn't work and I so wanted to read that!
    I do not miss working in retail AT ALL.
    You should check out the following sites: & all of it's sister sites (listed on the page)

    1. Hmm, I just tried it and it works for me. Maybe they were down earlier? It's a pretty funny read! Ugh, retail just sucks and that was 20 years ago for me so I can't imagine how much worse people are now!

  2. I don't know why there is so much talk about a Ghostbusters 3. In my world, there was never a 2, so how can there be a 3.

    I'd actually like to see a Ghostbusters re-boot but make it darker. More like a sci-fi movie than a comedy. That's the only way I could stomach anyone even trying to touch the PERFECTION that is Ghostbusters.

    1. If I see another reboot, I'm going to scream. They should never reboot Ghostbusters...ever.

  3. I remember you telling me the story about that guy who got burned so badly. Pretty crappy of his girlfriend to not show up at all but hopefully he learned from that experience and chose a wife that is with him through thick and thin. I know I did!

    1. Yes, in the end it proved that she didn't really care for him. She was a snooty wench and I think she viewed him as her 'project.' He saw pretty quickly who his friends were(n't). I hope he did too. Thanks hon! :-)

  4. This Friday is the end of my spring break, so you get an expletive from me today. I technically still have the weekend, but I would've had that anyway so it's not really part of spring break.

    We're taking the little guy to the zoo today. It's quite a drive, but he loves it and if we wait for summer it'll just be too hot. I really hope the otters are out today, last time we went they were napping or something and I felt cheated.

    I'm sure you'll figure out something for the weekend. Enjoy!.

    1. Ugh, I'd be throwing out a couple of expletives. Has spring break moved up? When I was a kid it always seemed to be the last week in March. I saw some places were on break the beginning of the month.

      Otters are my favorite! They are so cute. There was nothing like seeing them in the wild when we were in Carmel, CA with little babies on their bellies as they floated. I would feel cheated if I didn't get to see them at the zoo as well! Enjoy the animals!

  5. Good reads! It was a crappy week at work so I was looking particularly forward to the weekend. We went to the RV show this afternoon and that was a lot of fun. I've always wanted to go, but every year something else is going on and I forget about it. This time we made it out there and did plenty of walking and hefting myself up into these campers. We really enjoyed it and saw some interesting stuff. Errands will be on tap and typical cleaning and laundry, which is fine. The hubs took the dogs for a long walk yesterday on the river path so he's good and tired after two days of good walking. My feet are very sore because I'm wearing my old running shoes that are kaput and are starting to cause blisters. My new shoes should be here in a week or so. But it sure felt nice not to wear a coat!


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