Monday, March 24, 2014

Walking weekend

I FINALLY got my new walking shoes.  (affiliate link)  (An online shoe store dropped the ball so I got them through Amazon with my two day shipping Prime service.)  I knew I wanted to start breaking them in so when we go on summer vacay, they would be well worn in with my insoles and such.  I really sucked rocks on getting in walks last week consistently so I wanted to make up by trying to walk 3 miles around the city.  I need to get my leg muscles used to walking and a stroll around the hood ain't gonna cut it.  So the Mr put on his new shoes and we got on our way.  Of course at some point we had to stop along the weigh way to enjoy the water just a little since it was warm and a slight breeze that night.

Our new "shoebies" as my Grandma would say
We saw some nice things as we walked our almost 3 mile route...

...and we saw some downright crappy things.  Yes, those are shopping carts.
There's a clean up project going on and I hope those are the first things removed.  Blech.  In the end, we walked just shy of 3 miles and I was really struggling to keep my feet from pronating in these shoes.  I need to up my insole height to four to compensate.  I do notice a better sense of ankle support over the Brooks Adrenaline and I got a wide (though not the widest) so the toebox is big enough.  There is that new shoe "clod" sound with each step and I want to get rid of it before summer.  I swear I felt like Forrest in his magic shoes at times.

Saturday I woke up in hellacious pain.  The muscles on the top of my feet, especially the right, were very sore to the touch.  I knew I had overcompensated and worst still, I didn't stretch or do my ankle massage when we were done so I was paying for it dearly.  But I had to get back on the horse and we headed to the local mall and probably got in 3 miles over the course of the day.  I felt a little better by the end of the day but by night, we were both hobbling like we needed new hips.

Sunday, we started going through some stuff in the basement and I didn't have it in me to do some big workout down there.  I figured let's keep it up and walk again and hit the three miles.  This time we didn't have the weather on our side.  It was barely above freezing and it was breezy.  Luckily we came upon an open house in its last 7 minutes.

I think I'm in love, even with the Amityville eyes...

That room was one of my favorite in that 1800's home.  It was on the 2nd floor where the master was and I could totally live there.  I loved the sink in the bathroom too.

We did a good job and hit our 3 miles.  (I mapped it to make sure in addition to our FitBit)

On the way home, I knew I had about 200 extra calories to spare so we stopped by Dairy Queen and grabbed a chocolate kiddie cone.  Here are my favorite parts of eating my 170 calorie kiddie cone.

Delicious!  And just enough to give you the taste of it without going batchit on it.  (But don't think I wasn't tempted to do a dip cone.  Le sigh)

For dinner we had kalua pork nachos.  

It was a good weekend and lots of activity.  We need to keep it up and we'll be doing some trails too to get some hills under our belts as well.

Oh yeah, did you know it's been 30 years since the brain, princess, athlete, basket case and criminal gathered in detention?  To commemorate this iconic movie, the Mr and I will be watching The Breakfast Club tonight.  (affiliate link) 

What did you do this weekend?

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  1. It was a great weekend. I am glad we got plenty of walking in and we've definitely varied our walks in places so that we're ready for anything come vacay time. It will be good for us to keep this up as part of our training so that we can do some serious walking!

    1. Yeah, I think my feet are ready for a break today for sure! Matter of fact, my feet are throbbing as I type so I think maybe a little ultrasound, rolling out the IT band and possibly a hot bath are in order later. I don't want to overwhelm them and do more harm than good. Such a balancing act. :-\

  2. We went to the zoo on Friday, hid in the house from the cold wind on Saturday and napped and watched tv, and went to the pool on Sunday. Nothing wild and crazy, but lots of family time.

    Today it's back to school for me. As thankful as I am to have a job to go to, I really could have used another few days off.

    I hope your feet feel better by tonight after you work them a little.

  3. How do you like the FitBit? Is it pretty easy to use? Does it seem accurate? I used the Body Bugg religiously several years ago and loved it. I bought the most recent version and am not a big fan. I'm going to look into a FitBit.

    1. I am very grateful that a friend gave us the FitBit because they weren't using it. If I had actually paid money for it, I wouldn't be very happy. We can have it charging and it'll register steps despite the fact it was never touched. When we drive, it registers steps even though it never moved (we keep it in the console). So we have to basically see how many steps it has on it before we start so we can deduct them the second we stop because it will continue to register steps (averaging 150+) after we take it off. So I would say accuracy is not its strong suit. Ours is a few years old though so I can't speak for any newer models. I'd definitely check Amazon or other places you can find reviews before making the investment.


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