Thursday, March 6, 2014

Because it's us

We got up yesterday at 7am.  The window for the mattress delivery was 8am-12pm and you know the second you aren't ready at 8am is when they'll be there.  So we stripped the old mattress of the sheets and bedspread, gave it a quick vacuum and bid it adieu.

When we stood back, we saw just how much the pillowtop piled up in the middle where our body imprints were on each side.


We got a call around 10ish and the guys were around the corner.  Luckily coming into our garage door makes it a straight shot upstairs so it would be fairly easy for them to remove the old and bring in the new mattress.

The delivery guys were a father son team and they moved our mattress out pretty quickly.  Moving the new one in was a little more wieldy.  By the time they were done, the father came down and was sucking wind for the signature.  "If there's any problem, just call the store and they'll fix ya right up."

So we go up to see the new addition to the family.

Ain't she purty?

She was also very hard because it's cold here right now so we knew it had to acclimate to the temperature before getting to the normal feel.  I went up about an hour later and it was softening up a bit.  Thankfully the smell wasn't bad but they suggest you air it out for a few hours before sheeting up.  About 45 minutes later the Mr wanted to go up to do the movement test when you see if you could feel the other person move in bed and I had just come down and didn't want to put the ankles through the stairs again just yet.

He comes down and he's like "so, I think they missed some stitching because there's like a little hole with separation."

Of course there is.

So he calls the store to get it all fixed up and of course the manager who would need to handle that is out but would be in today to see if they have to send someone out to repair it or if we have to get a whole new mattress and go over it with a magnifying glass again when we get it.

We seem to recall getting the wrong box spring delivered the last time we did this and because it's us, of course we have an issue with this one too.  Oy.

Ever get anything delivered that wasn't as expected?

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  1. Yep, it is exactly what would happen to us. We finally get our mattress and of course it has a defect! I am not worried about it getting fixed of course but it's just the hassle of scheduling another visit and all that.

    As for sleeping on it. 1) I cannot wait for the smell to go away, of course we'll get a new one and have to go through the foam smell all over again too. 2) I tossed and turned just as much as I did on our previous mattress. 3) I know our previous mattress had that hump in the middle but at least it kept me from feeling like I could slide into the middle, although that might have been the way our previous mattress felt when we first got it.

    I honestly slept no better than I did on our previous mattress. I know we need to give it some time to adjust and I am fine with that. I do think it has the potential to be a great mattress but I was hoping for this amazing sleep experience and, so far, I did not have that last night. But on the bright side, it also wasn't hot or anything like that so at least that doesn't appear to be an issue.

    1. I know. That happens to us every time. We get our chairs for the dining room, one is split. We get a floor lamp that took 3 weeks to find, it explodes. Etc.

      I know this week is adjustment week but right now I feel like I need one. My back hurts more now than it did with our old one and on the other side. You know how sensitive I am to smell (headaches, allergies, etc) and that is going to be fresh hell getting that out anytime this year. I feel like "am I breathing in cancer causing chemicals!?" I know at one point I was rolled onto you in the night...I miss our hump. I also felt like I was constantly going to roll off the side of the bed so you don't know how much you rely on that side piping around the bed until it's gone. (Cue Cinderella...Tom Kiefer, not the cartoon)

  2. I know you'll get used to the new mattress. Right now it's like sleeping in a hotel bed or someone else's guest bed, pretty soon it'll feel more like yours. I hope they can get you fixed up quickly so you don't have to keep worrying about it. Can you open your bedroom window to air it out, and close the door to keep the cold out of the rest of the house? Then a few hours before bed close the window and let the bedroom warm up.

    I've only had a couple things that I've ordered that have come in "weird". I ordered a HRM that came in and didn't track calories burned - WTH? when I reread the description it didn't say it did, but sure implied it.

    1. Yeah, that's what the Mr said too. I hope it feels like "ours" sooner than later. It aired out with the window open for about 10 hours yesterday and I just pulled the pad and sheets back again. My sinuses were paying the price for that stench this morning.

      OMG, I've never heard of a HRM that doesn't track calories burned! Insane!

  3. When I ordered my mattress a few years ago, the salesman warned us that if there was an rips or tears in the mattress or box spring, they wouldn't cover it under warranty. 6 box springs later, we finally had one delivered without a tear. (I should note, the delivery of those 6 box springs took the course of 3 months). Talk about a PAIN THE PATOOTIE!

    Love the little design on the mattress. Pretty!

    1. Oh man, if I was told that I'd say "uh, then you can keep your mattress!" I would've been livid and slamming them all over Yelp, any review sites I could find, etc. I slammed a high end furniture company on Yelp in their headquarters city and got our poor built bedroom furniture returned a year later. Sometimes griping gets things done no matter what the time frame! LOL

      I like the design too, looks all fancy pants! :)

  4. Looks like someone caught the mattress on something either loading it at the store or into your place and pretended they didn't tear a hole in it in the process. I hate when that kind of thing happens, when people create damage and then ignore it hoping no one else notices. I feel for you guys.

    Have you considered getting a foam topper, at least until you break in the bed a bit? I know you like firm but Sams and Costco often have them for a reasonable price and it would also help lock in the chemical smell. Then when the bed starts to soften you can remove the foam topper and enjoy the renewed feeling of firmness.

    Just a thought.

    Is it appropriate to tell you to have fun with your new bed? ;)

    1. Yeah either that or because it's right on the seam, the stitching didn't catch on that spot and being moved didn't help matters. I have NO idea why they no longer have handles on mattresses. It's highly annoying. I think a handle would've helped those guys not have to man handle it so much.

      Oh I don't like firm, I like sinky big ass pillow feeling. This feels firm to me and I hope my big butt takes care of that soon. We've tried toppers in the past and it's made the sleeping super hot and I need to be cold when I sleep. I know...picky picky. LOL But I see where you were going with that. If it doesn't soften up in a few months, I might have to.

      Please, nothing is inappropriate when it comes to bedroom humor! ;-)

  5. Some things you can do if you want to accelerate the break-in process: walk/crawl all over it in little steps; rotate the mattress more often than you usually would, and sleep all over it to avoid that middle ridge. The smell is annoying but not harmful, and it will go away (soon, hopefully). Whoever sold you the mattress didn't know their stuff if they didn't warn you about the smell and how it will feel. The mattress needs to be broken in, and your body needs to get used to the new support. It's kinda like breaking in a new pair of shoes: they feel great in the store, but once you start wearing them, you find little places where they don't feel right. Then they start conforming to your feet and feel wonderful. Good luck--enjoy that new bed! (And yes, I work for a mattress retailer, just finishing up four weeks of some of the best training I've ever gone through.)

    1. Thanks so much for the great tips! They did tell us that there would be a smell but to "just air it out for a day or two." I knew better than to think it would be all dissipated in a day or two. I'm hoping for a month at best. My biggest concern is that instead of the hump, we'll have a "well" and roll into each other like we did last night. I don't want to natural tendency to be to sleep on each other like a litter of kittens LOL You're very right, it's exactly like shoes and you can bet my butt is gonna be walking on that thing and rotating like mad. I just don't want this to realign my hips in the wrong way while I'm trying to rehab my legs. Thanks so much for the great tips! :)

    2. I hope it helps and it feels comfy SOON! The way it was described to me is you may love it at first, then hate it for awhile as your body gets accustomed to the new support. Then one day you wake up and realize hey, this darned thing feels good now. Good luck!

  6. Yeah, the couch I'm currently sitting on. The middle seat doesn't have a support bar in the back like it should so when you sit down you kind of sink into it. Sadly, neither of us schmucks actually sat on that section at all for the first month or so (he owns one part of the loveseat and I own one part of the couch and we just fell into the pattern of always sitting in the same spots). So by the time we realized it (and I figured out it wasn't just my fat @ss causing the excessive dip) it was too late to call the store. The couch is really on it's last legs after many years (the reclining mechanisms are about kaput) so we'll be bringing up my favorite couch from the basement at some point and tossing this thing to the curb--literally).

    I'm taking mom tomorrow for her surgery so I'll be up at the crack of dawn if I can even sleep. Any prayers you'd like to swing my way and Jackie Mac's way would be most welcome. =o) xoxoxo

    1. Oh man, that would suck!! Sit on every couch cushion on the next one. I know we'll be inspecting things a little closer from here on out too.

      I will send many prayers your way for a successful surgery for mama. Please update me! I'm here if you need anything.

  7. Great detective work! Several years ago I purchased brown leather furniture for about $3,000. When they came to deliver it, they told me that the legs did not come off of the furniture and they had a hard time getting it through the door. They squeezed the chair through my front door and the arm was scratched up. My husband came home from work to find the sofa leaning vertically against the side of the house while they tried to figure out how to get it in the house. They said they had "markers" to repair any scratches in the leather. My husband told them to take it all back to the store. Different workers came out that night around 11:00 p.m. and delivered different furniture. They took the legs off and the whole delivery process took about 5 minutes. I still laugh when I think about it.


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