Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Hump Day ramblings

Howdy do all!  Let's get over the hump and slide on into the weekend, shall we?

When choosing cardio for last night, I decided to give Shaun T 25 Cardio a try again.  The last time we did that was when I really screwed up my legs but I also wasn't doing massages, foam rolling and any physical therapy so I hope that will allow me to get some harder cardio in less time in from time to time.  I like that in 25 minutes, it's done and that particular one goes by pretty quick.

It turned out to be a Hawaiian kind of night.  Dinner was BBQ kalua pork sliders on King's Hawaiian dinner rolls and a side of brussels.

We got hit with a bit of spring snow yesterday so I figured when spring gives you snow, make snow cones.

I knew it would probably be the last real snow cone we'd probably have until December.  The rest would have to be made with our Hawaiian shave ice machine over the summer.  Real snow is the closest thing you'll get to real shave ice made in Hawaii, not the snow cone crap we have on the mainland.  Pffft.

It was also movie night.  We rented Wolf of Wall Street and Delivery Man with Vince Vaughn.  Wolf of Wall Street was the longest movie in the history of the world.  Wow, the real guy it was based on was a flaming douche.  Movies like that really tick me off when you know other people got screwed over by a greedy, money hungry anus like that.

We saved the comedy for last and knowing Vince was in it, I would have to put on my waders.  He can be funny but he's basically the same manure shoveling guy in every movie.  I was pleasantly surprised that we didn't see "that guy" for long.  It was a really cute and heartwarming movie.  I may have even shed a few tears and it's not even that time of the month.  It far exceeded expectations and after Wolf of Wall Street, I was glad.

Tonight is a Fitness Blender strength video.  I am really loving these workouts.  They are pushing us further than our wussy on our own free weight sessions.  So even though I know I'm going to be seriously sore, it's that good sore you look forward to...kind of.

What cardio and/or strength are you loving lately?

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  1. That workout is no joke. I am shaky all over after that and the fact that it is only 25 minutes is good because I probably could not sustain that kind of intensity for much longer than that.

    I enjoyed the movie night but I do feel that the Wolf of Wall Street could have been edited down a bit. It really seemed to drag on and it was kind of obvious what was going to happen. Delivery Man was surprisingly good and it did not drag on thankfully.

    1. It's no joke for sure. I'm thankful that right now my only casualty seem to be my ankles but I'll zap 'em with the ultrasound and hope for the best. I hate that gross phlegmy feeling you get about 3/4 in. I notice HE doesn't do the entire workout. Pet peeve.

      I think WoWS could've been edited by 1/3 and been pretty effective. I couldn't believe how much I liked Delivery Man. Definitely the way to end the night...well, morning by the time we got to bed.

  2. I finally broke out the Leslie Sansone video I've had sitting on my shelf forever. I had heard she was annoyingly perky so I was a bit reluctant, it was a pleasant surprise to find out that she actually doesn't irritate me at all.

    1. She can be annoyingly perky but not Denise Austin perky so anything below that is good with me. The 30 Day workout she has is really great. If you'd ever told me I would like her stuff and it would burn as many calories as it does, I would've called ya crazy! Glad you like it!

  3. All I can say about Wolf of Wall Street is: YES. You are so right. It did seem to drag on forever and ever and that guy really is a total douche.

    1. Oh man, they so could've cut out quite a bit of that movie and gotten the point across. Make that version the directors cut or something for people who don't have lives they don't want to waste. I looked the real guy up online before we watched it so I recognized him as the guy who introduced Leo at the end for the pen thing. I desperately wanted to flick him between the eyes.


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