Friday, March 28, 2014

Last kick in the mattress and what I'm reading this week

Happy Friday you sassy people!

Boy, Thursday got interesting.  Our old mattress was picked up last Wednesday and the manager we spoke with said once they received it back, they would credit our credit card.  That's never a quick process but within a week should be plenty of time.  It had been 7 business days so the Mr called.  The manager who had been jerking us around was on vacation (again?  Wow, he was on vacation a few weeks ago too.  Must be nice!) so the Mr talked to a lady in the department we'd dealt with too and asked where the credit was.

"Oh, you have to come in with your receipt for us to credit back your card."
"He never said that.  He told us when you got the mattress back that it would be credited"
She started laughing and said that sounded like him and how silly he is.

If this had been me?  I would've RAGED on her asking how funny it would be if SHE was still dealing with this nightmare one month later??  So he hung up and called me and kind of nervously laughed and said "welllll..." He tried to summon the courage to tell me the above exchange and likely held the phone away from his ear so his hair wouldn't blow back from my guttural screeching on the other end.  I have never been so mad.  Well, I have but not in a long time.  The guy has basically lied to us through every step of the process.  The Mr was going to take a half day so we could drive across town and be done with it.  Then he said screw it and called the manager of the store.  After doing some checking, she went against policy and did the credit over the phone and will send us the receipt so we didn't have to make the drive.

The lesson you should all take from this?  Always buy your mattress from a place that specializes in mattresses.  Most of them price match so they can even meet and beat a bulk store price if they carry the same model.

But enough of that, let's get to...

Beware of These 4 Food Label Claims  (Good things to know!)

Biscoff Chocolate Chunk Ice Cream  (When I crank up the ice cream maker for the season, this is one of the first ones I'm making!)

20 Ways to Get Happy (Almost) Instantly!   (I like to hold a puppy but these are good too)

Exercising On an Empty Stomach: The Surprising Benefits  (I don't know if I buy this or not but I can't exercise with anything in my stomach without feeling like I'm going to erp)

Idina Menzel and John Travolta Are ‘Buddies’ Despite Oscar Name Debacle  (This makes me love Travolta even more)

Fuel Up: The Highest Sources of Vegan Protein  (If you need to shake up your diet)

Heartbreaking final goodbye between giraffe and zoo worker with cancer  (*insert quivering lip here*)

37 Things You’ll Regret When You’re Old  (These.  All of 'em)

The 9 Emotional Stages of Spring Cleaning  (Yeah...that's about right)

You Will Never Want To Do Drugs After Seeing The Faces Of Addiction  (Share this on your social media.  It could save someone's life)

These are the movie quotes everyone gets wrong  (Oh man, guilty.  *shame*)

Neat trick instantly turns happy songs into sad songs and vice versa  (courtesy of the Mr)

If You're Not Following This Rule, You're Strength Training the Wrong Way  (Great tip and will definitely do this from now on)

Kevin Bacon Danced Up A Magical ‘Footloose’ Entrance For Jimmy Fallon  (I hated Footloose but this is pretty epic)

14 Reasons Adults Are Better Than Kids   (I laughed so hard and have watched this so many times.  So wrong, I know.  Don't care.)

Until I'm able to see the weather map for tomorrow, I have no friggin' clue what our weekend holds.  Boo!

Anything on tap for your weekend?

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  1. I am sooo looking forward to when we can confirm that the credit has gone through. I will just feel at that point like we are finally out from under this bad mistake we made and just about all of it will have been erased. The mattress we ended up with is working out great now and I so wish we had just gone there first.

    1. Me too. I will be so glad when this is officially done and we can move on from it all. Such a load o' poo.

  2. The last one on the 20 ways to get happy article says things are always ok. What a load of hooey. Some of the others are good ideas though.

    No idea as to weekend plans, but I don't see it being a good one at all.

    1. Sounds like someone is going through a lot right now? Every situation may not turn out the way we want or even fair but in the end every day we wake up is a good one so in that sense, it is okay in comparison to the alternative. ;-)

      If you need to talk, shoot me a message! ((HUGS))

  3. I think I might have to go see that Bad Words movie when it comes out. Otherwise my weekend plans involve working. Always working. Damn poverty.

    1. I cannot WAIT for the movie to come out! I never laughed so hard at a movie trailer. I love how unPC it is (I need a PC break...ugh) YOU need a break too...take a hooky day.

  4. You had me at: Biscoff Chocolate Chunk Ice Cream!! I'm making this for our 4th of July Soiree, so I don't eat it all. Biscoff cookies are so good. It's funny, I didn't even discover them until I started on my journey to lose weight. And the Biscoff Spread, or Speculous (for Trader Joe'ers) is to die for. I try to shove it far back in my cupboard, or I stick my finger in that jar way too often.

    1. Oh I know, that stuff looks like HEAVEN! I'm making a batch and putting some in my grandparents freezer or I'd be eating a quart over splitting a pint. I love the Biscoff crunchy. I put a tbsp on a banana on occasion and it's so good. I write the weight on the jar after each use to discourage anyone dipping in secret. ;-)

  5. Today was my half day because I work tomorrow morning so I took one of the pooches to the vet for his dental appt. Dropped him off at 7am and was able to pick him up at 4pm. He's groggy, but did get the vet said. Our other pooch is sniffing all over him--she's curious where he has been all day! Then I took a course on ICD-10 coding (blech) and another seminar on diets/glycemic index stuff-- very interesting and learned a lot about how much research has changed over the years. While Finnegan was at the dentist, Elsie got a long car ride as I ran errands to the post office and pharmacy. It was "girl time". =o) Since I got my errands done today, I'm in good shape for the weekend. I did the dishes and shredded a bunch of 2013 papers and have a load of laundry going. If I can finish one more load tonight, I'll be super happy! My hope is to get in a good nap one of the two days because I've been dragging all week. We're going to try the Home and Garden show next weekend so I'm excited for that--snagged some free tickets!


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