Monday, March 31, 2014

Survey results, butt aid and weekend adventures

Hey howdy, ya'll!  Happy last day of March.

So in case anyone was wondering how last week's survey came out, here is a sassy pie chart.  (Mmm, pie.  Huh?)

The top three responses were:

I eat healthy but don't exercise consistently with 23.19%
I exercise 5-6x per week and eat healthy most days with 21.74%
I exercise 3-4x per week and eat healthy most days with 18.84%.

Thanks so much to the 69 people who responded.  Now excuse me while the 12 year old boy in me laughs at that for a second.

Friday night we were going to go to the city and I gave the option to walk my grandparents neighborhood instead since it was closer and the Mr jumped on it.  As we were walking the 'hood, we discovered a small trail system that was part of the neighborhood.  Despite my spankin' new white shoes, I was enticed by the water bridge made of rocks and pretended I was Sarah going over the rocks Ludo called at the bog of eternal stench.  (Extra points for those who didn't need to Google the reference)  Even the trees looked like part of a Jim Henson set.

We came upon an old school swing and if I were 150 lbs lighter and filming a Massengil commercial, I would be tempted to swing on it.  But then I looked up and knew I would break that branch fo' sho'.  So happy swinging to the next kid who comes upon it and adults, don't think about it.

Saturday we were iced in so no road trips for us even though we really wanted to get out of town.  But it was basically a miserable day and not conducive to making it home alive.

Sunday it was time to refill old Mother Hubbard's cupboards so we headed off to Trader Joe's when they opened and got our schtuffs then on to Tar-zhay.  When we got to the final grocery store and we're ready to check out and in line to get our stuff bagged by my favorite bagger, Fred.  He's probably in his late 60's and he's the only one that bags properly.  I don't mind waiting so that the bagger won't put my cantaloupe on top of the bread and grapes.  Then some older lady comes over from the self scan and says "I can help you on the self scan" and while we're not jazzed, we figure since she's going to scan our stuff, we're willing to bag.

We go over and the woman scans her beef jerky and goes on break.  Um, say what?  Yeah, she totally left and left us to scan all of our grocery cart in one of those tiny scanners with our mother Earth bags that don't fit on the platform with the evil plastic bags.  Everything we scan has to be cleared with the head cashier because the recycle bags are heavier and moving and crap which throws off the scale and brings up an error that she has to clear on her remote.  By the time we're done, three people behind us in the original line have been checked out and are happily on their way home.  Never again.

For lunch I made grilled cheese and soup then it was time to walk for our workout.  A good 3 1/2 mile stroll around the historic district and enjoy the first sprouts o' spring.

We stopped by the dollar store because I wasn't ready to go home just yet and saw this knock off of that butt paste stuff.

Relief for the un-happy butt.  Please note the "unhappy" chafed red butt as the B in the title.  Awesome.

Dinner was a pork chop with non-Jack Daniels sauce and parisian carrots.

What did you do this weekend?

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  1. That last blast of winter really messed with our Saturday but I am hoping we can get out of town this coming weekend because I have felt cooped up all winter. Still we made it a pretty good weekend overall and yesterday's walk was really great. I like getting in more walks like that and couldn't spend it with anyone better!

    1. Yeah Mother Nature has been quite to PMSer this season. I know everyone thinks it's over but I think she has one last pint o' piss n' vinegar in her. Yesterday's walk was really good. I wish my feet would mold to these shoes already, the pain is not fun.

  2. I <3 that movie!!!! I used to rent it all the time as a kid on VHS.
    I think at least once a month I rented it!
    I now have it on DVD and started watching it a couple months ago with the guy I was seeing.
    He was being obnoxious so I turned it off so it wouldn't ruin it.

    1. I can recite every word and we still quote it often. I think I would've turned it off too. I tend to remember snarky comments when downing some of my favorite things. I put together a playlist once and I still can't hear the song "I'm On Fire" by Springsteen without hearing my friend totally making fun of the song and I told her to shut it. She also ruined "Do You Really Want To Hurt Me?" by Culture Club...and "Electric Ave" by Eddy Grant. Note to self: do not play 80's music around her.

  3. I totally get extra points for that reference, helps that the dvd is in my cabinet.

    We went to the official ribbon cutting of a new park and the little guy ran around and played for like 3 hours. I didn't even think of sunscreen (I wore a jacket all day, so it wasn't all that warm) but came home with a bright red face. I bet there will be a lot of kids at school today that are burnt too. Just my public service reminder for the day, wear sunscreen even if you think you don't need it. Then Sat. night I went to see Divergence by myself (no sitter, and hubby didn't want to go anyway) and ran into a friend there so I didn't have to sit alone after all.

    Then Sunday was shopping, chores and the season finale of Walking Dead.

    1. Points granted! There are some great DVD extras on that bad boy if you've got the BluRay.

      Did you like Divergence? It looks good. Glad you didn't have to sit alone!

    2. As always - it wasn't as good as the book. I did like it though, but if I hadn't read the book I think I may have been a little lost. A bunch of my students said that they did not like the movie though. Kind of a mixed review for you.

  4. I missed your survey! Had I taken it you would have had an un-amusing number and missed out on some giggles.
    Whatever happened to the Massengil commercials?? I guess it is the men's turn since now we have erectile disfunction overload.
    I recovered from rushing to complete a 5 mile hike to make it to another appointment on time. The balls of my feet felt like they had been beaten with a mallet. It was raining though, so we took our kids to the Muppet movie.

    1. You know, I asked the same thing after I wrote that! "Where o where have the douche commercials gone?" There was a special kind of embarrassment one felt when sitting in the room with a dude of any relation when the field and swing commercials came on. But you're right, the erectile dysfunction are the new overload of choice. Maybe men feel the same when they come on "do they wonder if I need this? Stop judging me! I can stand at attention on!"

      Ugh, there's nothing worse than that feeling of the balls of your feet feeling ripped up after a big hike. Hope the Muppet movie was good. I thought the first one with Jason Segal did the series justice.

  5. I worked on Saturday morning, then came home to the news that my very dear friend, Diane, passed away from cancer. She had breast cancer and then developed brain cancer (not mets) and cancer in the lining of her brain. She was an amazing woman and left such a mark on my heart. I've never met someone who truly embraced each day and had a heart full of gratitude to God each and every day. Her daughter said she probably wouldn't make it through the weekend and she did not. She said her mom was singing with the angels now. Hard weekend for sure.

    1. So sorry for your loss. Even when you're kind of expecting it, it doesn't make it any easier. (((HUGS)))


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