Monday, March 3, 2014

Touchy touchy, Jimmy and Jared

It was a touchy weekend.  I have really screwed my legs and they were coming off a week of lower impact exercise, foam rolling, arch rolling and yoga/stretching.  So with the impending storm, we had a short window Saturday morning to get our groceries for the week.  I popped some ibuprofen and we got lunch at a chicken food truck and decided to shop some of my favorite mom and pop shops in the area.  This was about the time the meds wore off and by the time we were done, I was limping.  But a good shot of mental meds was walking into one of the shops and the owner saying how awesome the banana bread was that I made for them for Christmas.  Yay!

So doing much else for the day or for the weekend wasn't in the cards.

We got some snow, though not nearly as much as they "predicted."  I usually subtract 2-4" of snow for a storm.  Since I couldn't go out in it, I wasn't quite as excited.  Snowshoeing is probably in the bag for me this season.  I know we're never really in the clear until mid April so I'm not going to hop on the "this is the last storm" bandwagon everyone else is on.  I just enjoy the white and know it won't be long until it's rainy and gray and then skip to so hot I don't even want to go outside and sweating in farmers markets from the humidity at 8am, then we'll get back to my favorite season of autumn.

We did watch Jimmy Fallon do the Polar Plunge in Chicago and laughed our butts off.

I think that pic about says it all.  I felt for him x100 because when we swam under a waterfall on Maui, the water was so cold it literally re-calibrated our hearts to the point we couldn't breathe right for a few minutes and that water was 50 degrees. His water was 32 degrees and 10 degrees air temp.  But he did it for Special Olympics so good for him!

We did tune in to the Oscars which is not something we do.  I usually wait until the next day to judge people in their ball gowns and tuxes in my limp bra and reindeer pajamas.  (You think I'm kidding, I'm typing in them right now and yes I typed it BEFORE Jimmy Kimmel jumped through the TV in those old people's living rooms, so there.)

I think the reason I had to tune in is because anyone who is a former My So-Called Lifer, (affiliate link) never really thought they'd see dreamy but not the brightest bulb in the package Jordan Catalano at the Oscars much less winning for an amazing character he portrayed.  So it was imperative to watch just so I could scream, tear up and be a little bit proud.

I was beyond thrilled he was the first award as well.  Thank you for not making me wait for it!  (And everyone else whose speeches got cut short, blame him.  HA!)

I also thought Jim Carrey looked really good.

Side note:  How do you know when you are with your "soulmate?"  When they announce the animated movie "The Wind Rises" and you both giggle and make a fart noise at the same time.

Because of my legs delicate state right now, we're forced into an active recovery week.  We'll be doing strength three days this week and Walk Away the Pounds for two.  I have to keep it low impact as I look to recover as quickly as possible.

What did you do this weekend?  Did you watch the Oscars?

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  1. Another weekend that went by so fast. Had a good time though and we got some much needed rest. Sometimes you have to heal up a bit after all the beatings we take thru the week. It was neat to watch the Oscars. This has to be the first time I recognized a majority of the people in the "in memoriam" section. I remember when I was a kid maybe recognizing one person if anything but that changes when you get older and it is not cool!

    1. I know, WTH? It did go by pretty quick but at least you're teleworking today. Yes, I think our bodies have gone through a lot over the past few weeks and whether I like it or not, we need this recovery period. The in memoriam was the hardest one yet. I don't usually cry during them but as you know, I was a waterfall.

  2. I'm not an awards show fan, so no Oscars for me. The weekend flew by again, I just can't believe how fast time is moving these days. Only 11 more weeks until summer vacation - how did that happen?

    1. I didn't watch any other award shows this year but wanted to tune in to these especially since we didn't have anything planned anyway. It was worth it to see celebs snarf down pizza mid ceremony. Time is moving incredibly the point it's almost scary.

  3. My t.v. doesn't get ABC, so no Oscars for me. But I am going to look up the "In Memorium" so I can see my dear Harold Ramis in the mix. (is it morbid that I do like the in memorium?)

    Jared Leto looks odd in the glamour shot you posted. Like his clothes are too tight and he needs to walk like a robot in them (I think it's just the way he's standing but it's funny nevertheless).

    This weekend? Nothing too exciting. Grocery shopping, house tidying, and some major sewing.

  4. We always had a big Oscar party when the kids were little- this year it was just dh and me. So I felt awful all day, stumbled on the stairs again, and spent part of it crying into my tea. Literally. But- it was a nice night and I'm very happy for him! :) Let your body heal.

  5. I just left a whole message and the screen said "page cannot be displayed" and wouldn't let me publish it. This computer needs to be punted off my foot....


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