Saturday, March 23, 2013

Weigh In

I knew from the way my legs were bloated and sausage fingers weren't allowing my rings easy access despite them spinning like loose lug nuts all week that the scale was going to show a gain.  

Up about 1 1/2.

It makes me want to say "I should've just stuffed myself with the damn stuffed cheeseburger I so triumphantly  threw in the garbage last Saturday!"  I know, I shouldn't have but hell if I was going to gain anyway, why not do it with panache?

I know...illogical.

I don't care.

It's my blog...I'll spout whatever non-sensical crap I want.


It just cements my plan for next month.  I'm not sharing it yet because I don't know all of the details yet myself but let's just say there's a small part of me that hopes it won't work because it would suck if that has to be my new reality.  Stay tuned on that front.

I'm trying not to let it affect my mood for today since I already have a previous night's irritant on my mind, the bra I need to wear today was left overnight in the washer by someone on a pretty good roll with laundry (not me), was deprived of sleep since I seem to be waking up at 5am every day and just lay there for 2 hours and now this weigh in.  I know, "choose happiness!"  "Seek rainbows!"  "Don't be a bitch when you're trying to surprise your husband with something nice!"  *HISS!*

I will say, I need to get my water in check.  I was dehydrated oh, pretty much every day last week.  I suck at it.  I'm already up half the night peeing (once or twice) then can never get back to sleep so I feel like adding more will just screw me up even more.  I guess I'll just have to make a point to chug a whole 36 ouncer between breakfast and lunch then continue with business as usual and be closer to 100 oz of water than 70 but still not feel the increase into the evenings.  Welcome to middle age.  *groan*

I think it's time we put the down comforter away for the season too.  I wake up so friggin' hot in the middle of the night (not a hot flash...I have hit that beauteous stage in life yet, thank God.  Hats (or clothes) off to ya's that are going through it all) and its all because of that comforter.  It's pretty but I'm tired of kicking it on and off.  I cringe when I hear the heat kick on.

Welp, the Mr is downstairs, I have to pretend to be all jazzed for today with a stiff neck, headache, a wet bra, sausage fingers and tree trunk legs.  Obviously you all wish you could hang out with me today when I'm in such an awesome mood.

Time for breakfast.

What has you frustrated lately?

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  1. Well you asked so here's my frustration this week. After believing I was menopausal for a year, I traveled to Tucson to conduct some training for 10 days. Upon arriving I was hit with what a friend calls a last hoorah TOM. So for 7 days now I have been begging tampons from the hotel (nothing in walking distance) or office, feeling like crap, training 6 men, and bemoaning not sleeping because of cramps, bloating and excessive concern about the hotel bedding. 4 more days here. Yippee! Thanks for asking. Can't wait to hear your new plans for April.

  2. Heading to a Griefshare meeting, hitting 2 years next Sat so I need a mental tune-up. Wishing you two tons of fun on your adventure today, can't wait to hear about it!

  3. I know what you mean about having a tiny part of you hope it doesn't work because the new reality that would create would suck.

    I was out of town from Tuesday evening until yesterday afternoon. I was good all week long (it's easy at my folks house) and still I'm up today. I could feel it in my fingers this morning too. Plus I tweaked my back and hubby's on my list.

    And now I have to go replace my phone. Then I'll have to try to make something good of my day. Maybe a nap.

  4. I'm up today as well, so I gave the scale the finger and proceeded with the rest of my morning.

    I am in peri-menopause which is just lovely, let me tell ya. The night sweats and the subsequent chills make for great sleep. *snark* And my bladder is seriously the size of a walnut, so if I'm not up throwing my covers off or closing the window because I'm freezing, I'm in the bathroom. I don't think I've had more than a 3 hour stretch of sleep in 17 years. (the age of my oldest kid) LOL

    My ribs hurt from the "pretty bra" I wore yesterday. Why oh why are underwires so sexy looking, but so friggin evil?

    But....the sun is shining today (after snow in Washington yesterday) and my kids have an event tonight which will leave the hubs and I to ourselves, so cheers to that! ~Krista

  5. What has me frustrated? When my friends are feeling frustrated, that's what! Wishing you a happier today! And a dry bra!

  6. Great blog Anele. You made me laugh and I need all of that, that I can get nowadays!
    Since hubby is taking hormone shots to slow the growth of his cancer--we both suffer from hot flashes now. I asked my Gyn. after my hysterectomy last summer how long the hot flashes would last. She just smiled and said, "Forever." So you've got that happy state to look forward to.

  7. Eight inches of snow in the spring frustrates me. I want to garden! And hike. And feel like I have energy again. And exercise, which right now is impossible. And this too shall pass.

  8. I was told by my Physiotherapist to drink more water (I was already having around 6-8 glasses a day), and was surprised at how my body reacted. I feel much better when I drink closer to 12 a day, but it's a drag. It's all I do is drink water all day! :p

  9. I like how you always have a plan to combat whatever is going on in your life/health that you don't like. You always keep it interesting too!

    I have a problem with water retention too. Nothing feels as uncomfortable as sausage fingers and tree trunk legs. Tea helps. It hydrates me better than water for some reason.

  10. Hey girl! I've been keeping up on reading and following along with your foot recovery and food adventures, but commenting from the phone is less than ideal; hence my absence. You missed me, right? LOL :-) frustration right now is the fact that I seem to be starving all the time. GRRR!!! I hate hungry girl days/weeks/whatever...


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