Thursday, March 14, 2013

Doctor! Doctor!

Just to clarify, you should read the title ala Thompson Twins version of Doctor! Doctor! and not Robert Palmer's Doctor, Doctor (Give Me the News)

Yes, I saw the Thompson Twins in concert as a child...I may or may not have been wearing a silver sequined tube top....and jelly shoes.  But that's not the point.

I was checking my calendar and realized I have quite a few doctors appointments coming up in the next two weeks.  The Mr and I are getting physicals next week.  He was reminded after a visit last week that last year we never returned for physicals after having some stupid consultation with a doctor we've seen for well over 10 years.  Because I was denied out of town treatment by her when I was sick in San Francisco three years ago, I figured I'd better get it done so I'm not considered a "new" patient.  Red tape blows.  Back in the day, you could go six years without seeing your doctor, call in and say you have the creeping crud and they'd call in a prescription.  I know she's going to go over last years bloodwork where all she told me was we need to talk about my cholesterol.  If she tries to put me on meds, she'll be cut off before she even gets it out of her mouth.  I don't have diabetes, high blood pressure and a good resting heart rate and putting myself at risk for the other side effects from cholesterol meds is not an option for me.  I've been eating my chia, oatmeal and other natural cholesterol lowering foods so I will continue with that and know with more weight loss will help get it down.  I'm not a "throw a pill at it" kind of person and if it was dangerously high I have to imagine she would've said "you need to get on meds or die" and since that didn't thanks.

Then two days later I have my follow up with my chiro, Johnny Angel.  It'll have been a month since I've seen him.  He said I'm diligent with my exercises and stretches, which I am and cleared me for all exercise based on pain.  Like an asshat, I did some Power 90, which is pretty tame in the impact department and my muscles hated me for days and we decided to do our recovery half week off.  I felt so much better and because I felt better, I forgot myself and did some jumping jacks during one of my favorite Turbo Fire moves and my foot said "no mas por favor!"  It was sore for a few days following.  I got really frustrated with it and cried like a dork.   We walked for a LONG time Saturday and some on Sunday and thankfully I was only a little sore.  Tuesday I did this killer rowing circuit that puts direct pressure from the straps on the area where the affected muscles come together.  Thankfully I had no soreness from it, so that's very encouraging.  I'm doing my balance board 5-6x week so I'm building up the strength there too.  It's all so tedious but I have to be vigilant about it all.  I'll be interested to see what he says.  I think I may only have one appointment left with him after that.

Then the following week I have my annual gynie appointment.  The Mr will come with me and I'll wait far too long to get in...actually maybe I'll call ahead and see how far behind she's running this year before making the trek across town.  I don't mind that she's late because she's the best gynie in town and it means she actually takes her time with patients and she'll do the same with me.  I'll just have to remember to take Gas-X because you know how it is when they give you the "scoot" command those veggies you had for lunch try to rear up on you.  Or your gut growls because you didn't want to eat veggies or anything before your appointment.  I know it's never happened but I don't want "farter" to be written on my chart.

I got a postcard reminder that I need to go to the eye doctor.  Oy!  I suppose I should do that too at some point.

How often do you go to the doctor?  If you don't, why?

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  1. I think it will be good to get the physicals out of the way finally and you should definitely make an eye appointment soon. I am so happy about the progress your foot has made. Johnny Angel promised you it would be ready for the trip and it looks like you are well on your way already. That is why it's important to actually listen to your doctor and I am so proud of how diligent you've been with your PT.

  2. You have a lot going in the next 2 weeks. I see the doc 2x a year. In December for my physical and asthma check. Then in June for my girlie visit and asthma check. Hopefully that's all I see her for! I LOVE her, but I don't want to see her too often, lol!

  3. Usually every winter I end up with some crud or another that needs to be treated with antibiotics. Fortunately they don't have a physical requirement, but I don't think they will do out of town treatment either. I see my "lady doctor" once a year, but I need to go back in April for some blood work follow up from last fall. I have a dentist appointment next week for the first time in several years - my old dentist retired and time just got away from me finding a new one. My son has an appt with his asthma specialist the same day. Then this summer I'll get my eyes checked as soon as 366 days have passed so my insurance will pick it up. So for someone who really dislikes waiting in doctor's offices, that's a lot.

    I'm so glad your foot is healing and on it's way to allowing you to fully enjoy your trip.

  4. I need to go to a doctor for physicals...been avoiding..just started trying to praying i get to see my gynie a lot:D...yes I have been sucked into the baby freak out every time i think about it...but yeah whatever,...will cross it when it

  5. Things seem to be different in Canada. Every doctor that I have ever seen seems to discourage annual physicals. I see my General Practioner when I need to, when I have a health concern or require a precription renewal, and do not see any specialists. To see a specialist you need a recommendation from your GP. They don't take regular patients over the long term unless you have a cronic health condition. However, there is usually very little fear if you do go long times between visits that you will be dropped by the doctor and you are never treated as a new patient, unless you really are a new patient.

    I went two years without seeing one and then this last year has required a few visits due to a car accident and a viral respitory infection that turned bacterial and migrated into my sinuses and eyes. Otherwise it is a PAP test every two years and a prescription renewal for birth control. During that visit I'll usually ask for a standard blood panel to be run, just to confirm that there are no issues going undetected and can be seen with a simple blood test.

  6. I'm way overdue for an eye exam. I need new contacts, so it will have to be done soon. So expensive, but so necessary....

  7. I avoid the doctor. Avoid, avoid, avoid! I have been sick all week and it hasn't even occurred to me to go. I am a big weenie. I hope your appointments go well!

  8. I was terrible about going to the doctor for a long time, but I finally went last September and just saw him last month. I have blood work next Tuesday and will go see him about 2 weeks after that. I see my gyne every year (only because of my pills, otherwise I know I'd put that one off), my dentist every 3 months, and finally hooked up with an excellent eye doctor and will happily see her yearly. This year I've done the primary doc, a mammogram, the dentist, and new contacts and glasses from the eye doc. It's the most I've done in years! =o)


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