Friday, March 1, 2013

End of February Food Journal Friday

Is it Friday yet?  Oh hey, it is!!  That never happens.  It's also the start of a new know, just in case you weren't aware.  Apparently my calendar doesn't know because it lists February 29th.  Two leap years in a row eh?  Let's just throw out the it a sign of the apocalypse?  

I'm blaming that weird rant on the headache I've been nursing so we'll get straight to the eats.

We'll pretend that I didn't have a huge brain fart Sunday and forget to take a pic of dinner.  Okay, so I did.  In your mind, envision 2 lovely small chicken quesadillas- one with taco sauce and one with bbq sauce and of course TJ's chipotle cheddar potatoes.  Calories:  543

Monday was the night I kidnapped the Mr so that there is homemade "take out."  Maple Sriracha Shrimp over cous cous "fried rice."  (Recipe coming soon)  Calories:  473

Tuesday was Mahi fish taco with arugula and broccoli slaw and fiesta lime potato slices.  Calories: 535

Wednesday was TJ's tempura shrimp with 1 tbsp cocktail sauce and a side of brussels.  Calories:  543

Thursday was ricotta stuffed shells with chicken bolognese sauce and the last of our lite garlic bread.  That stuff has been in the freezer for like 8 months and we used to get a box once a month!  Calories:  787

I haven't made plans just yet for the weekend but I'm going to make sure we do something because boredom drove us to almost choking each other last weekend.

Got any plans for the weekend?  Eat anything especially yummy this week?

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  1. Another awesome week of wonderful food. I am so lucky! Thanks baby!

  2. French toast for supper last night, but I think that was the most exciting thing on my plate all week.

    No plans for the weekend, but I'm with you. We definitely have to do something as well or risk choking each other out of boredom.

  3. For once, I have something different to report as plans for the weekend. I snagged a Groupon for tickets to a traveling exhibit of daVinci's wonderful machines, so we'll be visiting that this weekend. Other than that, probably same-old story: laze around the house saying we should do something. But maybe if we get up and get going, we'll do something else that's fun, too?

  4. Run to Utah tomorrow- Work on Sunday to get some grant work done in a quiet office. We had some great food this week- my favorite was the cajun shrimp over grits. Have a good weekend!

  5. I hope you have a great weekend! Couscous Fried Rice sounds really intriguing...

  6. Can't wait for the recipe for the shrimp over the cous cous "fried rice!" That looks yummy!


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